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Heirs of PowerHeirs of Power (The Constellation Saga #1)
by Kay MacLeod

My Rating: 4 stars

Genre: Epic Fantasy
Age Category: Adult
Type of romance: MF

Those gifted with power don’t get to choose a normal life.

Kitty Fairlow’s hunting skills come from more than years of protecting her secluded village. She inherited an ancient spirit, a secret long kept, even from her. Until now.

Grey-skinned creatures out of portals to a barren land rip Kitty away from her idyllic life. Her quest is to gather a group of heroes capable of defending their world against a race that devours life energy. Though she hasn’t prepared for this duty, she was born for it. She is a Constellation.

And she’s not the only one.

Kitty, along with a high-born dancer and snarky juggler who can’t stand each other, must find the rest of their kind soon. Because otherwise they’ll be dead before they even realise they are the last hope to save the world.

My Review

I read my first book by this author last year and really enjoyed it, while waiting for the next book in that series I decided to pick up this book. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect of it and I was afraid I might not enjoy it as much as her other series. I shouldn’t have worried as I fell in love with this story. It grabbed my attention form the first chapter and stayed a riveting read all throughout the book. I was sad when I finished it and I can’t wait to dive into book 2 as I have to know what happens next to all these characters and their world!

I really enjoyed this book. It starts off strong when Kitty and her father stumble upon a strange ritual, Kitty has no idea what’s going on. Her father tells her to go speak to the princess who will reveal more. And that’s how Kitty’s journey starts. Kitty doesn’t know who she is until the princess reveals everything. Kitty is part of a group called the Constellations who have special powers due to a spirit who shares their body and they can stop an evil race from taking over and killing their world. First they have to find the rest of the constellations and so their journey starts to find the other constellations as well as stop any minions of the evil race they come across.

This book is filled with action, cool battle scenes as well as great characters. The set-up might sound typical with an evil guy and chosen ones as you see in a lot of fantasy books, but the way the author used those tropes in this book was unique and gave the book a fresh feel. I really enjoyed following Kitty and her friends along and as their journey continues they add more characters to their group. It was awesome to learn more about their powers and see who they would meet next. There are some really unique and cool powers and it was so awesome to see what everyone could do. And there’s so much danger along the way. The evil guys follow them at every step and they land in danger and difficult situations along the way.

There are great twists and reveals. Times where the story went in a different direction than expected and some nice twists and interesting ways things developed. I kept wanting to read more as it was such an engaging read.

Kitty was a great main character, while she didn’t know what she was she quickly adapts to her new role. And it was great to see her dedication to saving her world. She also had some cool powers being The Archer. It was great seeing her grow into her powers and fit into the group. Her friendship with the other constellations was awesome too, her relationship with each of them is different. There is a bit of romance and I have a guess how that will develop, but we’ll see in future books.

The group of characters in this book is awesome. I quickly grew to like most of them. There are a few characters we haven’t seen as much about and it took me a while to warm up to Serena. although I did think her actions made sense and were realistic for her character she just wasn’t as likable sometimes. I especially liked Asher, he’s such a complex and interesting character. One of those characters who has an easy smile and seem easy going, but he’s one of the most dedicated constellations and I grew even more impressed and curious about him the more I learned. I like how he becomes friends with Kitty.

I am also very curious about the Mystic, we don’t know as much about him yet, but I really liked what we see so far. Then there’s Ellie and I like what she brings to the group. And The Swordsmen was great too, I liked the twist with that character. I liked seeing the groups grow together and how they each find their place and role. I am also impressed with how each character was different and had their own unique personality. I never was confused who was who and as they slowly add more characters to the group it gives the reader enough time to get to know each of them.

Just like in this author’s other series the action scenes were well written. You really feel like you’re in the middle of the action and I could visualize well how everything was playing out. I liked how there was a good mix of action scenes, their journey forward as well as character development. There is so much that happens in this book, but the pace was perfect for this book and it kept me engaged all the way through.

I liked the world building. we get a feel for the world building,but most of it focuses on the powers the constellations have, some background about their world and the evil race. Slowly throughout the book we learn more, but at the start there’s a bunch of information at first which helps to get started and get a good grasp on the world. There are some great developments and new information you lean along the way.

To summarize: I really enjoyed this book. It was such a great read with plenty of action, a perilous journey and awesome characters. I really liked following Kitty along as she sets off on this journey and learns more about herself and her powers. I loved all the different characters in this book and how they all come alive and have their own personality. Asher is one of my favorite characters so far, he’s such a complex and interesting character. I also like seeing how all the characters interact and the friendships they form. They really grow into a tight and efficient group. There is plenty of action in this book and I like how the author writes the action scenes, they’re easy to visualize and engaging to read. I liked the world building and how we get a feel for the world. The author puts an unique spin on common fantasy themes and it worked out well. I enjoyed learning about all the different powers the constellations had. The threat to their world was real and scary and added some danger to their journey. I liked Kitty and her dedication to saving this world. I really enjoyed this book and I can’t wait to dive into book 2!

4 Stars


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    • Yeah I just decided to pick it up as the next book in the series I wanted to read wasn’t there yet and instead I found another awesome series. I already have book 2 and can’t wait to read that one 🙂

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