Review: Frailties of the Bond by Angela Brown

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Frailties of the Bond
by Angela Brown

I got a copy for review

Blurb from Goodreads: NEO – Network of Extraordinaires and Otherworldlies:

Those who answer the call from NEO play their part in maintaining balance in our ever-changing times. With power-hungry malcontents, jealous gods, and even those with misguided good intentions, the fate of our world has oft been held in the hands of unsung heroes such as those that are members of NEO.

But before NEO, these heroes and heroines had lives, loves, issues and interests that didn’t involve saving mankind.

In Frailties of the Bond, it only takes one bite to change a life…

After a hiking trip gone wrong, sixteen-year-old Luca should have been dead. Since then, he’s drifted from one school day to the next, annoyed by the looks of suspicion. When a vampire attack claimed his mother and forced his first shift into animal form, Luca set out for Texas, vengeance bound, only to discover so much more when Aimee crossed his path.

Flesh-born of vampire parents sixteen years ago, Aimee shouldn’t exist. Magic, though, made dreams come true for an undead couple desperate for a child all their own. But this magic came with a price, a cost Aimee discovered after one forbidden bite.

My review:
I got this book for review after being part of a blog tour for this book. I think the cover is one of the things that got me interested in this book. I realy liked the cover and the blurb sounded interesting. The story is interesting, but it is fairly short and felt a bit rushed due to that.

The story starts off from two different perspectives, Luca and Aimee. Also they don’t even know each other in the begin of the story. I liked the story and it kept my attention, but it was a bit short and I think due to the lenght some things felt a bit rushed or not explained well enough. There where some parts where I was a bit confused, but most parts of the story I could follow well enough.

The characters are nice, but again due to the short size I didn’t feel like I really got to know them. The two main characters Luca and Aimee are the two characters I know best at the end, but still some of their descisions felt a bit rushed and sometimes I didn’t really get why they acted in a certain way.

There isn’t really time or space for world building in this story. We get to know the basics, like vampires and shifters exists and more, but what more exactly never really get’s explained. Also a few things that happen or are mentioned aren’t really worked out and I felt like I just missed some information to really get a feel for the world.

To conclude: an enjoyable story, but due to the short size it feels a bit rushed sometimes. The pace is fast and the story kept me interested. The characters are nice, but I felt like I didn’t really got the time to really get to know them. There isn’t much world building, but the world is interesting, I really wished some things would’ve been explained a bit more. But overal it was still a nice and enjoyable read.

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