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Finding Home With My CowboyFinding Home With My Cowboy (O’Sullivan Sisters #7)
Sophia Quinn

My Rating: 3 stars

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Age Category: Adult
Type of romance: MF

When the place you called home is the last place you want to be…

April O’Sullivan is on the run. The youngest sister in the O’Sullivan clan doesn’t know where home is anymore, but it’s definitely not with the six half-sisters she never knew existed until just before her father passed away. But now, grieving for the life she lost, she’s desperate for answers, and she’s not going back to her father’s ranch until she finds them.

There’s only one problem. April’s new family has sent someone to fetch her. And that someone was the bane of her existence in high school. Boone Donahue probably didn’t even remember the artsy geek he’d gone to school with, but April can’t forget the cocky, big shot quarterback with the charming grin and the Greek god bod. He’s the kinda guy who always gets his way—because who could say no to a charmer like Boone? Well, April can. And she will. There’s no way she’s going to let Boone drag her back to the ranch before she’s good and ready. So if that means he’s tagging along while she uncovers her family’s dirty secrets, so be it.

But when Boone’s famous charm makes her smile when she’s at her lowest, and when those broad shoulders are there for her to cry on, it’s easy to forget that he’s an unwanted reminder of home. In fact, some days it starts to feel like maybe….Boone is her home.

My Review

I received a free copy from the author and voluntarily reviewed it.

Finding Home with my Cowboy is the seventh book in the O’Sullivan Sisters series. It follow the story of the youngest sister April. I was really excited to meet the last sister and follow her story. April is lost and running away from her past, she carries a lot of shame and guilt and I felt so bad for her. Boone is the perfect match for her, he’s kind, charming, patient and has her back and makes her smile. While he offers the other sisters to check in on April and bring her home he didn’t expect to fall for her, but that’s exactly what happens.

This book had some really great parts. I liked the romance between April and Boone. Boone is so sweet and supportive for April and was always there for her. The wrap up of the series and the last few chapters where awesome with all the sisters together and the ending was so wonderful. I really liked the ending and seeing all the sisters again and the home they created here. The set up for the spin-off series about the King family is also great. I liked reading about their inn and can’t wait for the series about their family.

The part I struggled with was how it always felt April had one foot out of the door, like she was never fully in the moment. She’s getting to know her sisters and falling in love with Boone, but she’s never all in. It made sense as she’s still struggling and figuring things out, but it made it a bit hard for me to fully be in the moment and enjoy those scenes. She also feels she doesn’t belong there, so she doesn’t open her heart fully to her sisters or Boone till the end. Those last few chapters once she figured things out are awesome. I just wished there had been more of that earlier.

To summarize: This is an awesome ending to the series and I liked how it wrapped up the series. It wraps up things well and set the stage for a spin-off series that I am really excited about. The ending is well done with all the sisters being there. I really liked the romance between Boone and April. Boone is so sweet and protective of April and I liked how he sees her and sees her sunshine. I just struggled with how April always felt like she had one foot out of the door and wasn’t fully committed to being there. Some of the scenes of her getting to know her sisters and dating Boone felt a bit lacking something to me because of that. It did make sense as she has a lot of quilt and grief and some things she’s till has to work out, I just would’ve liked that to happen a bit earlier. The scenes at the end were awesome and I liked it when she was fully committed and knew where her home was and who her family is. All in all I can definitely recommend this series for people who like contemporary romance series that follow different siblings in a family. And I can’t wait for the series about the King family.

3 Stars


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    • It was a shame the heroine thought so much of leaving as it added tension to the book. Luckily the ending was good and a strong finish to this series.

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