Review: Festive Drinks and Season’s Hijinks by Laura Greenwood

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Festive Drinks And Season's HijinksFestive Drinks And Season’s Hijinks (Cauldron Coffee Shop #7)
by Laura Greenwood

My Rating: 4 stars

Genre: Urban Fantasy/ Cozy Fantasy
Age Category: Adult
Type of romance: MF

Willow is determined to make Azíl’s first Christmas one to remember.

With Azíl home for his first-ever Christmas, Willow is determined to pull out all the stops and make it as perfect as she possibly can.

The tree may be decorated, and the presents might be bought, but she can’t quite shake the feeling that the Sect is hanging over their heads still, and when they are given an opportunity to change that, Willow and Azíl have to decide on the best course of action.

Even so, they won’t let it spoil their Christmas, especially one as magical as this.

Festive Drinks And Season’s Hijinks is book seven of the Cauldron Coffee Shop Series, a cozy urban fantasy featuring a coffee shop-owning witch, an ancient warlock cursed to live in a teapot, and a cheeky cat. It includes an m/f romantic subplot.

If you love cozy urban fantasy, coffee shop settings, low-stakes adventures, cat familiars, and a warm and fuzzy feeling vibe, start the Cauldron Coffee Shops series with Pumpkin Spice And All Things Nice.

My Review

After finishing book 6 in the series I happily dove right into book 7. This book follows Willow as she’s preparing for Azil’s first Christmas, she wants to make it special for him. I really enjoyed this book and coincidentally timed it so I read it around Christmas time, which was fun.

Willow and Azil spend the whole book together, which was nice after them spending some time apart in the last book. I really enjoyed seeing them spend the holidays together and seeing Azil experience a lot of holiday traditions and events for the first time. I really like these two together and this book was just so fun to read. This book has so many sweet and touching scenes with the two of them and I really liked how this book shows how close they are and how much they care about each other.

The focus is mostly on Willow and Azil and the holidays, but there is some progress on the plot line related to The Sect. I am quite curious how this development will play out in future books.

To summarize: Festive Drinks and Season’s Hijinks is a heartwarming and festive read where Willow and Azil spend a lot of time together around the holidays. There are lots of touching and sweet scenes with the two of them. It’s Azil’s first time experiencing Christmas and I liked how Willow tried to make it special for him and made sure he could experience a lot of the traditions and events around the holidays. I like reading about these two and this book was so enjoyable to read. There’s a bit about The Sect as well and I look forward to see how this development plays out in future books. I really like this series and look forward to the next one!

4 Stars


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