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Ean’s Rare GiftEan’s Rare Gift (The Kimura Sisters Series)
by S.J. Pajonas

My Rating: 4 stars

Genre: Science Fiction Romance
Age Category: Adult
Type of romance: MF

Love can blossom in the most unexpected places, especially when the future is uncertain.

Ean Kimura has harbored a crush on Karina Varoni for years, but he never found the courage to act on it. Karina, the local café owner, is a widow living with the ghost of her late husband and struggling to move on with her life. After confessing her feelings to her sister-in-law, she finally musters the courage to ask Ean on a date, and he eagerly accepts. Despite the fear of ruining their friendship, Ean and Karina take a chance at love and their date blossoms into a magical evening.

But when a superstorm threatens their town, Ean and Karina must put their relationship on hold to help those in danger. Working together to save a group of people squatting in a nearby abandoned estate, disaster strikes, and they’re forced to flee the chaos. 

Will their love be powerful enough to survive the storm? Ean and Karina will discover the strength of their bond in this thrilling and romantic tale of courage and devotion in Ean’s Rare Gift, a companion novella to the Kimura Sisters Series.

My Review

Ean’s Rare Gift is the story of Ean and his romance. Ean is the only brother among the Kimura Sisters. This story is told in dual point of view of both Ean and Karina and I thought that worked really well here. I really enjoyed this story. Friends-to-lovers is one of my favorite tropes and I really liked how it developed here. Karina is a widow and has a crush on Ean, but isn’t sure whether he feels the same. Ean has a crush on her too, but tries to keep his distance as she’s a widow. I liked how Karina made the first move and how they got together. It was low on drama and I thought their romance had the right mix of sweet and sexy.

I really liked that we got to see Ean find his animal pair, a crow, in this book. I love crows and I thought it was awesome to see how they found each other. I had hoped to see Karina find her pair too. There are a few mentions of other animals, which is fun. And we see some of the Kimura sisters make an appearance too.

There is a big storm that hits during the book and it was a bit tough to read that part and the devastation it brought on the planet. Ean and Karina do their best to help people in need and I thought it really showed their personality and willingness to help others.

The bonus scene at the end was a nice touch to wrap it up and is another romantic encounter that turns steamy between the two when they have a nice small vacation.

To summarize: a great addition to the Kimura Sisters series. I really liked reading about Ean and Karina and I thought the dual point of view worked really well and I got a good feel for them. I really felt the romance between them and liked the friends to lovers theme. It’s low on drama and I liked seeing things progress between them. I liked reading about Ean’s pair a crow named Ume, I really liked that he had a crow for pair as I think they’re awesome animals. The storm and devastation it brings was a bit tough to read about, but it was nice to see how the characters handled things and helped people. There is a nice epilogue and bonus scene that shows a bit more of Ean and Karina and I really liked them together.

4 Stars

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  1. I love it when the series is about a family and it can be fun when there is only one sibling of the opposite gender. You remind me that I need to get on the stick and get to this series and finish the other two on my backlist of reading.

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