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Dynami’s Wrath (Pirates of Felicity #4)
by Kelly St. Clare

My Rating: 4 stars

Genre: Fantasy
Age Category: Young Adult
Type of romance: MF

Oily taint suffocates the realm.

Experiencing the taint firsthand has convinced me to join an impossible fight to save what remains of the realm. I can hardly do otherwise with the light show occurring each time I touch Caspian and Jagger.

But there’s just one problem.

Saving the realm means embarking on a quest into the Dynami Sea – a place no pirate enters because no pirate leaves.

My fathers are determined to save our new landlubber guests on Zol, whose very souls depend on our success. Jagger is set on isolating himself in my crow’s nest. And the only time Caspian smiles now is when he looks my way.

Me? I just want to secure the remaining three pieces of the weapon – and maybe figure out what this kissing business is about.

My Review

I received a free copy from the author and voluntarily reviewed it.

I am really enjoying this series so far and shortly after I received my copy of this one I started reading it as I couldn’t wait to see what Ebba-Viva and the rest of her crew would get up to in this book. At the end of book 3 they have 3 pieces of what will be the root of magic, the thing they need to save the world, and they discover the next piece is in the Dynami’s Sea. No one has ever returned from that sea, so they have no idea what to expect.

At the start of the book they’re celebrating Ebba-Viva’s birthday after which they set sail for the Dynami sea. This book was again filled with magic and adventure. And it’s filled with great characters and character development. And some great twists. Gah I love this series. There is so much going on and the whole cast of characters is so likable and interesting. With maybe the exception of Jagger, I never really liked him, although toward the end of the book I am warming up to him when we learn some thing about him. And I definitely feel bad for him what he has been gone through.

One of my favorite parts is seeing how Ebba-Viva develops throughout the series, this book has some great moments. She is really growing into a great person and finding out who she is, which is amazing to see. Her relationship with both Caspian and Jagger grows a bit deeper too. And I like how due to what she has been through in the previous books she understands them and her fathers better.

I also really like all of Ebba-Vibva’s fathers, the author has done an amazing job giving them all their own personality. And that’s saying something as most of these books have a cast of at least 10 side character which are present most of the time, but yet they all feel like real people. I almost teared up at the moment at the end with Peg-Leg I loved that part and the message and meaning behind it. I also like seeing how Ebba interacts with all of them. There is also a fun scene with Barrels and the birthday gift they all give Ebba. The only thing I am hating is the fear that not all of them are going to make it.

This book has again quite some challenges for them to get through and I liked that there are both challenges inside them, between the characters and within them they have to deal with, and outside, the immortals and dangers they face while trying to find the next piece. There are two immortals they cross path with in this book and it was great to see how it all plays out. There are also some interesting scenes with Sally.

Caspian is really struggling with what happened at the end of book 3 and Jagger’s antagonistic behavior sure isn’t helping him. I think it made sense to see him struggle and I felt bad for him. And then there is Ebba and how she helped him deal with everything a bit, but also how it didn’t solve everything in one go. And in this book we also get a glimpse of what Jagger is dealing with and going through. And while I never liked his character much, I did feel for him and think he became more interesting in this book now more of his depth is revealed. I am curious to see how this will all develop.

It’s great to see a bit more of the world get explored, quite literally in this case. As they travel to the Dynami Sea and are in new waters and encounter the immortals that live there. I enjoyed exploring this new part along with the crew of felicity and hoping they would make it though the challenges alive. I also liked the new pieces we learn about the world, magic and the creatures that inhabit it.

To summarize: another great book in this series, this is one of those series that gets better with every book. I like seeing how the plot develops, but also all the characters. Seeing Ebba-Viva develop and figure out who and what she is, is one of my favorite parts of the book. I also like how the author gives each character their own personality so even with a big cast of side characters it doesn’t get confusing and they all come to live. I like all of Ebba’s fathers and seeing how she interacts with all of them. There is a great and touching Peg-Leg scene in this book. Some awesome and touching birthday gifts. There are challenges, struggles, action, adventure and more magic. There is also some progression on the romance side of things. It was an awesome ride and I am already looking forward to book 5.

4 Stars


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