Review: Drinking Blood for Squeamish Vampires by Laura Greenwood

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Drinking Blood For Squeamish VampiresDrinking Blood For Squeamish Vampires (Obscure Academy #2)
by Laura Greenwood

My Rating: 4 stars

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Age Category: New Adult
Type of romance: MF

Bernie never thought she was a good vampire, especially as even the thought of drinking blood turns her stomach.

When she heads to a cooking class in the hope of fixing the issue, the last thing she expects is to meet another vampire who not only understands, but is willing to help her find a solution to her blood-drinking problems.

The moment he meets Bernie, Shane knows there’s something special about her, and he’s determined to make sure he helps her as much as he can, especially if that means he can capture her heart in the process.

Drinking Blood For Squeamish Vampires is a light-hearted vampire academy m/f romance set at Obscure Academy. It is Bernice and Shane’s complete story.

My Review

I am really enjoying the Obscure Academy series and happily started reading this newest book. Drinking Blood for Squeamish Vampires follows Bernie who can’t handle drinking blood. She joins a cooking class in the hope she can find a way to solve her problem and meets Shane. This series is so fun and I really enjoy it.

I liked reading about Bernie and felt bad for her with how she couldn’t easily drink blood and due to that was basically starving herself and only drinking blood when strictly necessary. I thought it was interesting to see what she and Shane tried to make her able to drink blood and eventually when they figure out what’s causing the problem. I like how this series deals with supernaturals that don’t fit the stereotypical vibe, in this case a vampire that doesn’t like to drink blood. I also thought it was fun Bernie is a vegetarian.

I enjoyed reading about Bernie and found it interesting to read about her being a vampire and how she handled things. The vampires have classes at night and we get to see how the vampires fit in with life at the university and which things are different. I think there were a few slight references to other series by this author, which made me eager to pick up some of those eventually as well. I also liked seeing a bit more of her flatmates and recurring characters, Krissi makes another appearance and I liked reading about their friendship from Bernie’s point of view this time. As well as the other flatmates whose story we haven’t gotten yet. I also liked seeing Zoya again who lives in another flat and Melody.

I liked Bernie and Shane together. I liked how Shane was there for Bernie and wanted to help her with her blood drinking issue. I liked they met at the cooking classes and how there are some mentions of cooking and food and how Shane wants to become a chef. I liked seeing their romance develop and them growing closer. I thought they made for a cute couple and I liked how they handle things and communicate well with each other.

To summarize: This was another fun installment in this series. I liked reading about Bernie and it was interesting to read about her problem with drinking blood and the way she and Shane try to figure out what’s causing it. I liked seeing Bernie and Shane grow closer and I liked how supportive Shane was and wanted to help Bernie with her problem. I enjoyed reading about the side characters and seeing some of the characters from other books in this series again. It’s so interesting to read about supernaturals who don’t fit the typical vibe. I am really enjoying this series and look forward to the next book!

4 Stars


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    • I thought it was interesting with what caused her problem and how she dealt with it. They were such a sweet couple and I am really enjoying this series!

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