Review: Dating a Music God by Laura Greenwood and Arizona Tape

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Dating A Music GodDating A Music God (Jinx Paranormal Dating Agency #5)
by Laura Greenwood and Arizona Tape

My Rating: 3 stars

Genre: Paranormal Romance/ Mythology
Age Category: Adult
Type of romance: m/f

Can one night with a god of music lead to forever?

All Mei wants is the chance to be herself while not being treated like an international pop star, which leads her to a dating app and swiping right on a man who might be able to give her just that.

Chiguo’s life as a Heavenly King has lost its sparkle, and even music has lost some of the enjoyment it used to hold. Until he meets Mei, and falls under the spell of the enchanting singer.

Has the music god found a new muse?

Dating A Music God is a mythology-inspired paranormal m/f romance and part of the Jinx Paranormal Dating Agency series. It features a bored Chinese royal god and a famous fae musician seeking an escape.

If you enjoy light-hearted paranormal romances featuring gods from different mythologies around the world, a hint of steam, and a happy ever after at the end of every book, start the Jinx Paranormal Dating Agency series today!

My Review

I received a free copy from the author through Booksprout and voluntarily reviewed it.

Dating a Music God is the fifth book in the series and follows a xian and an Asian music god as they fall in love. The two meet on the jinx dating app and after a hot night together they both realize they want more.

I’ve been enjoying this series and had gun reading this one. It’s light and low on the drama. I liked these two together. I did feel this book hooked me a bit less than the previous ones. I think this is partly due to the one night stand trope, of which I am not a big fan. I just felt things developed quite quickly and while it all made sense and their connection was clear, it’s just not my favorite set up. I did like reading about these two and the supermarket scene was so fun! I also liked how things got resolved at the end.

The music focus in this book was interesting and I liked there were some scenes involving music and it was clear music is very important for both of them. I would’ve liked to know a bit more what Chiguo’s music god powers entailed. Or how to pronounce his name. I don’t know a lot about mythology and had hoped there would be a bit more about the Asian gods and their powers and significance, but there wasn’t as much about that. There was a note at the back of the book that one of the gods that made an appearance with five dragons will get her own book and I am curious about that one.

To summarize: This was another fun read in this series. I liked these two together and reading about them. I especially liked the supermarket scene, that one was so fun to read! I am not a fan of the one night stand trope and due to that set up I enjoyed this one a bit less than previous books. Things developed quite quickly. Their connection was clear and I did like reading about them. The wrap up at the end was well done too. I had hoped to read more about Chiguo’s music god powers as well as about the Asian gods and mythology in general, but there wasn’t as much about that as I had hoped. Overall it’s a fun series so far and I look forward to the next book!

3 Stars


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    • Like you I don’t usually like the one night stand trope. It was still a decent read, but not my favorite in the series. It was a fun pair up.

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