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BetrayalsBetrayals (Cainsville #4)
by Kelley Armstrong

Rating: 5 stars

Olivia Jones knows a lot about betrayal – most of her life has been a lie. On the eve of her wedding, she discovered she was adopted – and that her biological parents were convicted serial killers.

Liv has found sanctuary in her new home of Cainsville, but she’s learned not to trust the town’s mysterious elders. So when her biker boyfriend Ricky Gallagher is linked to a series of murders, she’s reluctant to ask for their help. Meanwhile things have grown increasingly complicated with Gabriel Walsh, her boss and sometime friend. The fact that their fraught relationship is connected to an ancient myth in which they were passionate lovers doesn’t help matters, either…

As Liv fights to clear Ricky’s name, she discovers that her own life is at serious risk. Soon Ricky, Liv and Gabriel are tangled in a web of a betrayals. In order to survive, they will have to trust one another. But given their dark history, is that even possible? Or wise…?

My Review:
This review might contain some spoilers for previous books in this series.

I love this series and this book was no different. From the moment I started reading I got that feeling of contentment you have when reading a very good book. The pages easily slipped by and I didn’t want to stop reading. I love the way Kelley Armstrong writes her stories, her writing style really works for me. The story flows so well and it feels like there never is a dull moment. Every scene and every interaction has my attention. I get sucked into the story. This book left me feeling happy and content as it was such a good read and I enjoyed every page of it.

Reviews for books I love are always the hardest the write and even more so when it’s a later book in this series. Because even though this is a new book, it has the same things I’ve grown to love from the previous books. The interesting characters, the slight paranormal element and mystery mixed together in a compelling storyline, the relationships and romance between the characters and seeing how it all progresses slowly. And I almost fear that I will just be repeating myself from reviews for previous books in the series.

When I reached the last page I just wished it wasn’t so long to the next and last book in the series and at the same I don’t mind the wait as it will be something to look forward to. Yes I am very curious how this series will end. I felt that this book really read like book 4 of the 5. Things were set-up for the next book, characters changed and at the end I felt like the pieces were in place for the series finale.

Like in every book there is a bit of a mystery, the mystery and investigations always add something to these books. In this case Liv is investigating the deaths of some snake type of Fae. Then there is a broken hound they find and the two camps of Fae are tied into the mystery as well. I thought it was well done and I liked the twist at the end. I had expected a bigger Betrayal though, yes there is a betrayal, but I had expected worse with it being the title of this book and then in the book Rose hinting towards it.

One of my favorite parts of this series are the characters. Liv is such a great character to read about. She isn’t perfect, but she is a realistic and an interesting character. I like her point of view and perspective on things. I also liked seeing her relationship with Ricky and Gabriel develop. All three of them change quite a lot in this book. It really becomes obvious the focus is on these three now. They learn more about Matilda, Gwynn and Arawn and even see themselves in parts of them, but at the same time being their own personalities as well. Normally I am not a fan of reincarnation type of stories, but I thought it was handled well here. There are visions and omens and there are hints about the choice Liv has to make, but the choice stays a bit on the background in this one.

In the first 3 books it was obvious there would be a love triangle, but in my opinion it only turns into one in this book. And I don’t mind at all, I would even say it makes me a bit happy. Because I love Gabriel and Liv together and want nothing more than to see them end up together. Gah I can’t explain how much I enjoyed reading the scenes were they are together. There are some really good ones, there this scene in his apartment that just made me so happy, their interactions are so much fun to read. While their relationship would be difficult I do think these two belong together. Gabriel is a bit broken, having had a hard youth and he doesn’t think the same way as others, but that’s also the part what I like. He has such an interesting personality and unique view on things and he cares in his own way and there are some gestures he makes in this book that were just so sweet and awesome and still totally Gabriel. And the chapters from his point of view are a real treat.

And then there is Ricky, while I always liked him and even like him and Olivia together, there is something she has with Gabriel that lacks with Ricky. And I want that for Olivia. On the other hand Ricky is so considerate and nice at times I just feel bad for him. He knows he might only have her for a limited time and is okay with that. He tries to be mature and laid back about the whole thing. And then there is the ending, the way this book ends that makes me sad and so curious about the next book at the same time.

To summarize: this book was a joy to read. Reading this book just made me feel happy and content. Reading one of Armstrong her books is like coming home. I love this series and betrayals is a great fourth book. It continues themes set up in earlier books and also sets the stage for the last book. There is a mystery that is mostly solved in this book and it was an interesting one. The betrayal mentioned in the title wasn’t as bad as I had expected, although it was a nice twist. I liked seeing the characters change and develop in this book. And in this book it feels like the potential love triangle really turns into one. And I am glad about that partly as I want Liv to end up with Gabriel. The scenes where Gabriel and Liv interact are amazing to read, it makes me happy just reading about them interacting. I think Armstrong handles the love triangle really well. Both Gabriel and Ricky are good for Liv, but in different ways. Liv her relationship with both of them is very different. It’s interesting to read about. And Gabriel is such an interesting characters to read about, his view and perspective so unique. I like that we get his and Ricky his point of view a few times as well. All in all this was a great read and I can’t wait for the fifth and final book in this series to see how things will get wrapped up.


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Tell me about an author who’s writing style really works for you?

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12 responses to “Review: Betrayals by Kelley Armstrong

  1. I love it when I pick up a book and I get exactly what I anticipated because I know it’s going to be good all around. Neat how she writes a nice blend of mystery and paranormal into the world building and I like that her characters have depth, too. I hesitate over the love triangle, but I’ve liked stories with them occasionally if they are written just right. Sounds like things really come to a head and leave things at an intense moment for the next book.

    Exciting review! Thanks, Lola!

    Patricia Briggs is the author who has a writing style that makes me have no doubt that I will love any book she writes that I pick up.
    Sophia Rose recently posted…Road to Peace by Piper DavenportMy Profile

    • When I am in the mood for a really good book I often pick up a book by one of my favorite authors, like this one as I just know it’s going to be good. The love triangle is really well done here, I can’t say much more for spoilers, but in my opinion it’s very different from how it’s done in most books. She really makes the blend of mystery and paranormal work well. the world comes alive and I like the characters.

      I have a few author who’s writing style just works for me and it’s the best. I heard good things about Patricia Briggs her books, but I don’t think I’ve read any of her books so far.

  2. I love that feeling of contentment you get and how easy it is to slip right in when you read a new book in one of your favorite series. I’m actually starting to get that with the series I’m reading right now (I’m actually letting myself binge-read a bit, it’s making me happy lol). But I also get what you mean about sounding repetitive when we love the same things in each book of a series. I guess it’s not a huge problem though since most people aren’t sitting and reading through all your reviews in a row, you know? They’re probably just stumbling upon one or deciding whether to continue with the series and reading the review for the next book.

    Anyway, it does sound like you really love this series. And when you love the characters that makes it even better! Glad this one is still going so well for you!
    Kristen @ Metaphors and Moonlight recently posted…Bookish Musings: Indie & Self Published Author Appreciation PostMy Profile

  3. I finally feel like I know a little about Kelley Armstrong now since reading one of her books earlier this year. She writes so many things and seems to really have a paranormal flair. I like that this one has fae? Cainsville sounds mysterious and I know what you mean about feeling comfortable in a book, or with a particular author. That’s always the best!
    Greg recently posted…Favorite Imaginative ArtistsMy Profile

    • Yes most of her books have a paranormal and/ or mystery/ thriller/ suspense flair. The combination of both in this series really works well. I always feel comfortable picking up one of Armstrong her books and I think this series is one of her better ones.

    • It really is great to find an author/ series/ book like that where you just feel home. Most of Armstrong ger books have that for me.
      This series has a new release once a year, I managed to keep up to date with this series, but am behind on some of her other books. She sure writes a lot. The WOTO series is really good! I hope you get to finish it eventually.

  4. I read the first book in this series, but I haven’t been confident about continuing it — I just wasn’t sure about it, and to be honest, i was all love-triangled out. But i have been keeping up with reviews for it, and I have to admit, Liv and Gabriel as past-life lovers is not what I expected! Great review!
    verushka recently posted…Heartless: Blog Tour and Book ReviewMy Profile

    • The reincarnation type plot line is pretty well done in this one. I usually don’t like those type of plot lines, but it really works here. I feel like the love triangle only fully starts in this book and I think it fits the book. But I can also understand how sometimes you just have read too much of a certain trope or theme and need a bit of a break from it.

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