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Ballgowns & ButterfliesBallgowns & Butterflies (A Stitch in Time #1.5)
by Kelley Armstrong

My Rating:

Genre: Historical Romance/ Time Travel Romance
Age Category: Adult
Type of romance: MF

The North Yorkshire moors are always a magical place, but they’re particularly enchanting at the holidays…especially if one gets to travel back in time to a Victorian Christmas. For Bronwyn Dale, it is the stuff of dreams. Fancy-dress balls, quirky small-town traditions, even that classic one-horse open sleigh, complete with jingle bells. There’s just the tiny problem of the Butterfly Effect. How does a time-traveler make a difference without disrupting the future forever?

Note: this is a holiday novella not a full-length book

My Review

I really enjoyed A Stitch in Time and it was so much fun to return to this series for the holidays. Ballgowns & Butterflies reads like a bit of an extended epilogue, it’s mostly a chance to check in with the couple from book 1 and it has a few hints and set ups for book 2. As well as plenty of Christmas cheer. There’s also a question main character Bronwyn has to answer of how her actions in the past impact the future and how she’ll handle that.

I really enjoyed this story. It’s so fun to read. It is a nice way to spend some more time in this world and get to see how Bronwyn and William are doing as well as how they spend Christmas. I really enjoyed spending a bit more time with these characters and seeing how happy they are and how they’re handling things now as a couple. I liked the few hints and set-up for book 2 as well. And the bit of struggle Bronwyn has about her effect on the future now that she’s living in both the past and the future. I like how she handled that and the way it al got resolved at the end. I hope we see more of them in book 2.

To summarize: This is a great story to read after Stitch in Time. It’s like an extended epilogue where you get to see how Bronwyn and William are doing now. I really enjoyed spending some more time with this couple and seeing how they celebrate Christmas. It has plenty of Christmas cheer and it also addresses some time travel complications. Definitely recommend this one if you enjoyed the first book.

4 Stars


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4 responses to “Review: Ballgowns & Butterflies by Kelley Armstrong

    • I am now reading book 2 and then the Christmas story for that one. I think it’s fun the author is writing a Christmas story for each story.

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