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Any Witch WayAny Witch Way (A Witch in Wolf Wood #3)
by Lindsay Buroker
narrated by Vivienne Leheny

My Rating: 4 stars

Genre: Urban Fantasy
Age Category: Adult
Type of romance: MF

Thanks to her grandmother’s legacy, Morgen Keller has spent the summer learning about her witch heritage. She’s also spent the summer falling for the sexy werewolf next door.

As an unemployed divorcée, she never expected to find love again, but the gruff Amar has been her protector since she arrived in Bellrock. He’s fierce, loyal, strong, and he hardly ever rolls his eyes at her vegetarian ways. He’s a keeper.

There’s just one problem:

Witches and werewolves are mortal enemies.

When her mentor turns her back on her, and the coven delivers an ultimatum, Morgen must choose between her heritage and the man—the werewolf—she’s falling in love with.

My Review

After I finished the second book in this series I dove right into book 3. I’ve been enjoying this series so far. Any Witch Way continues the overarching plot lines and even seems to wrap up one of the plot lines toward the end, although I could see a way that might still continue in the next book.

The witches in Belrock aren’t happy with what Morgan did in book 2 and they are giving her an ultimatum. Morgan is trying to find a solution to make the witches realize she is not their enemy and has just been defending herself and helping her werewolf friend. I thought it made sense why some of the witches were wary of her and also liked how it becomes clear not all witches think the same. There is more about the witches in general and I liked seeing a few other witch characters. I felt this book also showed more about the extend of witches powers and there are new spells that Morgan uses. I liked that part and thought it was exciting to see more of the powers that witches have.

There’s also more about the werewolves as one of the packs is helping Morgan with her home renovations and I liked getting to know this pack a bit more. Then there is Morgan’s sister Shaun who comes to visit and I liked reading about her and seeing Morgan and Shaun interact. It did bother me at times how Morgan sometimes ignored her sisters wants and needs or made fun of them. Luckily there are also some fun scenes with them bantering together and working together.

Romance wise this book also progresses on that front. I wasn’t too happy about some romance drama that gets added. Especially when Amar shares some things he struggles with and then later it suddenly seems to be no longer an issue and I wasn’t sure why. I just didn’t feel the drama and presence of the female werewolf was very interesting. I did like the scenes toward the end when Morgan and Amar grow closer and I look forward to seeing how their romance continues.

To summarize: Another good book in this series. I liked reading more about both the witches and werewolves. There are plot lines surrounding both of them and I liked learning more about the witches and werewolves and getting to know more characters. I was interested to see how Morgan would interact with the witches and whether she could convince them she isn’t a threat to them. I also liked that Morgan’s sister Shaun visits, although there are some scenes where it bothered me how Morgan interacted with Shaun and ignored her wishes and needs. There are some great scenes where they banter together and work together. There is a bit of romance drama I didn’t care for and how suddenly some of the issues are no longer an issue toward the end, but I wasn’t sure why. I liked when Amar and Morgan grow closer and look forward to seeing where their romance goes next. I enjoy listening to this series and look forward to the next book.

4 Stars


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