Review: Alien Frog Prince by J. M. Page and Juno Wells

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Alien Frog PrinceAlien Frog Prince (Star-Crossed Tales #3)
by J. M. Page and Juno Wells

Rating: 3 stars
Genre: Science Fiction Fairytale Retelling

It’s not easy being green and unloved. Can an amphibious prince woo a socially awkward human?

A rueful royal…

Prince Zakrom feels like everyone on Granota has found their One — their beloved for life — except him. His worried parents send him to visit Earth, hoping it will distract him from his solitude. Zak finds more than a distraction: Jennifer, the lovely human at the Interstellar Embassy, is his One! But surely such a beautiful creature can’t be interested in a strange-looking alien like him.

A diplomatic dilemma…

With the Ambassador called away on urgent business, Jen’s in a panic at being left in charge of the Prince’s visit. She loves learning about alien cultures, but somehow missed the file on the Granotans and is totally unprepared. If she blunders too badly, she could cause a diplomatic incident or even trigger an attack on Earth!

A galactic gambit…

But despite her constant gaffes, the Prince doesn’t seem upset. In fact, he seems to like her… rather a lot. When he invites her to visit his planet, will this unlikely couple finally have the chance to share an enchanted Kiss that will change everything?

Alien Frog Prince is 20,000 words of sweet, clean romance, with NO swearing, graphic violence, or explicit sexual content. For a limited time, it includes an extra book: Beauty and the Space Beast at no extra charge!

My Review:
I received a free copy from the author and voluntarily reviewed it.

There’s something about this series that makes it a lot of fun to read. They aren’t the best books, but I do always enjoy reading them and look forward to the next book in the series. And Alien Frog Prince was no different. It was a quick and fun read and I enjoyed reading it. I did have some issues with the book, but overall these books are just great if you’re looking for a short and short and fun read with a happy ending.

It’s a pretty short read, which means there isn’t much time to get into depth about anything. The characters do have a bit of personality, but you don’t get to know them in more depth. The romance developed quite quickly. Because of the fated mates type of trope this did make sense, but it still felt very quickly as they fall in love in a few hours time basically. The conflict and any things that stand in their way get resolved a bit too easily. And I thought the main point of this book namely him being ugly was dealt with a bit too easily and didn’t really seem like a big deal. If I remember correctly that was part of the main plot in the original story, right?

But despite those things, it’s still a fun read. I liked how part of this was set on earth, but the other part on an alien planet named Granota and the planet seemed kinda alien too. It was nice trying to visualize how everything looked and I thought the whole concept of the Granota people changing in appearance after they kiss their fated mate was a fun twist. I did have some questions about how exactly it worked and how half Granota kids would look then, which didn’t got answered. But the focus of this book is on the two main characters getting their happy ending.

To summarize: if you’re looking for a fun and short fairytale retelling set in space I would recommend this series. I did have some issues with this book as it was pretty short and lacked some depth at parts, but overall it was still a fun book to read. I liked reading about the Granota aliens and it was interesting how their appearance changed after they kissed their fated mate. The romance moves very slowly, as the book takes place in a little under a day. And we don’t get to know as much about the characters, world and aliens as I would’ve liked to, but it was an enjoyable read. And I liked how we got enough description of the Granota planet that I could visualize how it looked.


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Have you ever read a retelling of the frog prince?

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16 responses to “Review: Alien Frog Prince by J. M. Page and Juno Wells

    • Yes exactly! This series isn’t the best out there, but it’s still very enjoyable. They are fun reads.

      I normally don’t read a lot of fairytale retellings, but I have enjoyed this series so far!

  1. You know, it says a lot about the story(ies) that despite you having issues with them, you continue to read and enjoy them. 🙂 Short books/novellas do sometimes skimp on character depth and the romance often does happen too quickly. I’m glad the author at least used the fated mate trope here. But overall, it sounds like a fun read and I’m happy you had a good time with it even if you’d have liked more. 😀
    Bookworm Brandee recently posted…Thirsty Thursday & Hungry Hearts #60 ~ Rescued by the Wolf ~ Kristal HollisMy Profile

    • They are just a lot of fun and despite my issues I enjoy reading them. The fated mate tropes did help as it made sense why the romance developed so quickly. I hope I can pick up another book in this series soon, I still have two of them for review.

  2. I’m sorry but this… “It’s not easy being green and unloved. Can an amphibious prince woo a socially awkward human?”… this has got me intrigued. It’s so corny and strange that I just have to read Zakrom’s story. Can’t say I’ve ever read a frog-alien romance before but if it pops up on Amazon for free I may give it a try.
    Kristin (Book Sniffers Anonymous) recently posted…Review: Beyond the Highland Mist by Karen Marie MoningMy Profile

    • It is corny and strange, but also a lot of fun. The whole alien frog thing was pretty interesting. I do know the author sometimes does free or discounted runs for her books. she usually announces them in her newsletter.

    • Even if they aren’t the best books out there, they are just a lot of fun to read. They aren’t too long and make for a short and entertaining read.

    • I am not sure if I’ve read the original, I do know as a kid I heard a version of it, but that one was at least translated. I don’t mind the fated mates trope, it worked here. It was a fun read even though it was pretty short.

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