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A Daisy for the Single DadA Daisy for the Single Dad (The O’Sullivan Sisters #5)
by Sophia Quinn

My Rating: 4 stars

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Age Category: Adult
Type of romance: MF

He’s a small-town sheriff who likes to follow the rules. She’s a wayward singer who lives by the seat of her pants. But a broken taillight is about to bring them together and their lives will never be the same again…

A single father to the three kids, plus Aspire’s lawman, Levi Baker knows the only way to survive is to live by the rules and have a strict routine. There’s no time for fun when he’s trying to keep his community and beloved family safe. He gave up fun the day his wife died and he’s not about to get distracted by the ball of blonde sunshine who just burst into his life… or is he?

Daisy never planned on coming to Aspire, but when the record deal she thought was in the bag fell through and the band she trusted completely betrayed her, she fled to be with her sisters. She just needs some money—okay, a lot of money—to pay back the huge amounts of debt she racked up supporting the band while they toured the country. She’ll lay low, earn some cash and then be on her way. But life has other plans…

Daisy never meant to get pulled over by the gruff sheriff, but something about him tugged at her heartstrings. And then she met his kids. Forming a quick attachment with his surly thirteen-year-old daughter, Daisy soon finds herself drawn into the Baker’s home.

In spite of his attempts to resist her, Levi’s dark clouds are burned away by Daisy’s sunlight and her inability to stay-put is tested to the limits as she falls hard and fast for this single father and his adorable family.

But buried hurts and Daisy’s secrets can’t stay hidden forever and when rules are broken, this unlikely couple are put to the ultimate test…

My Review

I received a free copy from the author and voluntarily reviewed it.

I was excited to start this fifth book in the O’Sullivan Sisters series. This series has been so fun to read as one by one all the sisters visit the ranch and the small town of Aspire and fall in love. This book was Daisy’s story, she’s Dahlia’s twin as well as Rose’s sister and half sister to the others. Daisy always was portrayed as the wild one, who was off on tour and doing music and not very reliable. I was curious to see what would happen to her.

What struck me from the start is how different Daisy is form her sisters and it made me really appreciate how well this author writes all the characters so differently. Daisy is like a ray of sunshine, spreading happiness and joy everywhere and seeing the fun everywhere. Which was fun to read about. I also appreciated she isn’t perfect and has her flaws. The way she doesn’t want to be tied down, wants to be free and joyful, but also has her worries and fears and even loneliness. I loved seeing her slowly fall for Levi, the town Sheriff and single dad to three kids.

Levi was Daisy’s opposite in a lot of ways, super responsible and rule abiding and also a bit grumpy. This really felt like a sunshine and grumpy romance and I really enjoyed it. The way Daisy brings joy and music and fun to Levi’s house and life and makes him smile was awesome to see. They really bring out the best in another, which was awesome. I liked having Daisy slowly realize who she wants to be and what she wants. I liked the message of how dreams can change and the way she really wanted to become a better person. I liked seeing Daisy interact with Levi’s kids and the way they grew close. There are some really fun scenes with them.

It was fun to see how Daisy fit in the O’Sullivan family. The way she interacted with her two sisters that she already knew and the way they all had to deal with their absent mother and how that impacted their lives. I liked seeing them grow closer and talk with each other and try and overcome the bad parts of their past. I also liked seeing her meet her half sisters Emma and Lizzy. How she was welcomed and people cared about her and slowly she lets them. We see the stories of the other sisters slowly continue, which is great.

To summarize: This was another great romantic read in this series. I liked getting to know Daisy and really appreciate the authors skill in making all these sisters so different in personality. Daisy is a ray of sunshine and joy, but also her her flaws as she can be flaky and flighty. I really liked seeing her fall for the strict and grumpy law abiding sheriff Levi. I really liked their romance and the way they bring out the best in the other. Daisy bringing happiness and joy to Levi’s life and Levi’s influence helping Daisy figure out what she wants from her life. I liked seeing Daisy interact with the other sisters and also seeing their stories continue slowly in the background as well. This was another great read and I look forward to the next one!

4 Stars


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    • It’s a really good series and I like how the authors wrote all the main character so differently. I think you would enjoy this series. I hope you get around to picking it up eventually 🙂

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