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A Blue Star RisingA Blue Star Rising (The Adventures Of Blue Faust #5)
by Cecilia Randell

My Rating: 5 stars

Genre: Portal Fantasy/ Science Fiction Romance
Age Category: New Adult
Type of romance: Reverse Harem

When the adventures are both big and small…

Blue and her guys have survived a crazed, crystal-wielding almost-mass murderer. Well, two of them in fact.

Now she faces something almost just as intimidating for her: going back to school.

On top of that, there’s apartment hunting, more language lessons, a grumpy Beast-mount, unruly cubs, and oh, yeah, she still needs to deal with her extended family.

It’s quite a list, but with the help of her husbands, she’ll be able to tackle it all, including the possibility of adding to their little family.

But when a new and deadly drug surfaces, pulling them all into another investigation and adventure, Blue will need to jump into life as a probationary agent of the Order much earlier than anticipated.

Oh, yeah, and there will be carnage. Kitty-carnage that is…

My Review

I’ve been working my way throughout this series and am really enjoying it, now that an ongoing plot line got resolved I was eager to see what A Blue Star Rising would bring. A Blue Star Rising is easily my favorite book of this series so far. In this book Blue starts school to learn more about this world as well as master her portal ability, they’re looking for an apartment, her prida (harem) is growing and they have another mystery they get involved in as people start dying as a result of a strange drug. This book had everything from a solid plot till plenty of character and romance development. There is action as well as sweet and touching scenes and I enjoyed every page.

Things have quieted down a bit at the start of this book and enjoyed seeing Blue and her guys settle down a bit and find a place to live. Blue also grows her prida (what they call her harem or family in this series) and it was great to see her relationships with all the guys develop. I also loved how much communication there is and figuring out how it’s going to work, it’s not always easy, but I enjoyed how hard to work to figure it all out. This is definitely one of my favorite reverse harem series and I love how the harem/ prida topic gets handled. I really like reading about Blue and all her guys, we also get the point of views of the guys as well which helps in getting to know them better and get more insight into them.

Besides that Blue has started school and it’s interesting to see how she handles it all. She’s learning how to master her portal ability, but also more about the different cultures and she learns how to fight as well. I liked seeing her work on her skills and how it was slow going, but also how she made progress. I liked seeing how she got involved in this newest mystery they had to solve with a strange drug that’s killing people. I liked the role she took in the investigation and how she was a crucial part of it even though her combat skills weren’t the best yet. I enjoyed seeing how Blue and her guys piece things together and how all of them helped to figure out what was going on and how they slowly got closer to figuring out who was behind it. The confrontation at the end felt realistic and tense, I liked how Blue played part in it and it made sense why everyone acted the way it did. I thought it was really well done.

I really enjoy reading about Blue, she’s such a fun character to read about and she feels very real. I like how her relationship with all of the guys is different and also like how the guys interact with each other. They’re really growing into one close family now and it’s amazing to see. I liked seeing the guys team up to do something nice for Blue and how they interact, but also how there are some tensions. It all felt realistic and I liked seeing how they worked through it all. I was excited to see Blue and Levi’s relationship progress. I felt like we didn’t get to know Felix and Jason as much up until now and thought this book really worked to get to know them better, there are some great scenes with Blue and Felix. And I am also warming up to Trevon, the unique role he has in their family and the way he cared about Blue. I liked seeing the role Mo’ata and Forest took in the harem and the way they’ve grown closer too. It’s really exciting to see it all play out and I look forward to reading the next book and seeing what happens there!

There also is more we learn about the world as well as The Order, The Ministry and the Academy, now that Blue is more involved in some of those and her guys too. I liked we got to learn more about one of the other closed worlds too. The world building is really well done and I feels easy to visualize and at the same time alien enough as well.

To summarize: I loved this latest installment of Blue’s Adventures. Things have settled down a bit after their latest adventure and they’re looking for an apartment and Blue and Forest try to get into the Academy and University receptively. I liked seeing the prida/ harem grow and the way it was all handled, with lots of communicating and figuring things out. The way it evolved feels very natural and I really enjoy seeing all the romances develop as well as the way the guys interacted with each other. I really liked getting to know the guys more and seeing them grow closer to Blue. I liked seeing Blue work on her combat skills and portal creation and the way she was part of the ongoing investigation in a drug that was killing people. The way that plot line progressed was well done and I liked seeing how they worked together to uncover more information and the role Blue played in it al. The way it was wrapped up had plenty of action and felt tense. It’s so fun reading about Blue and I really enjoyed this book. The world building gets also expanded upon and I like learning more about the worlds, things are easy to visualize, but feel alien enough too. I look forward to the next book!

5 Stars


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