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Read Play Blog is a meme about video games and books, posted every 16th of the month. Bloggers are encouraged to answer a discussion question, and recommend a video game that is similar to a book they liked. Hosted by Happy Indulgence Books & Read Me Away.

Question: What is your preferred gaming platform?

My favourite gaming platform is the playstation. While nowadays I play most of my games on the pc, the playstation is still my favorite platform, there’s just nothing better then having an actual controller in your hand.

put putAs I was younger at first I mainly played games like Freddie the Fish, Put Put and ‘Charlie de Eend’ on the computer. We had an old computer and we still had to pay for every minute internet, so the most fun thing to do on those where to play games. Eventually my sister and I got a gameboy and we both played a lot of those. I nowadays also own a gameboy colour, gamboy advance and a DS (which is dying as the tops creen won’t function anymore). Then even later on we got a nintendo, we loved the mario games, mario party and banjo kazooie. My sister and I loved playing games, whether watching to other play or playign together. And eventually we managed to convince my mom to also get us a playstation 2 with games like Dragon Ball Z, Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy. As soon as I first played Kingdom Hearts on the playstation 2 I felt a sense of wonder and fell in love with the console and the game. Kingdom Hearts became one of the first games I actually finished all the way through and while I still loved the gameboy as well ther ejust was something about the Playstation that worked for me. I liked how I could sit on the sofa, watch the screen with the nice graphics and the controller in my hands fellt very intfableuitive.

It’s a funny story how I eventually tried my first computer game after all that. For years we only played on the playstation, nintento (and later gameqube) and our gameboys. then one day a game called Fable caught my attention in a store and I convicned my mom to buy it for me. After installing the multiple cd’s I finally got to play a bit and struggled through the tutorial. Then a few days later when I started it up again I forgot all the keys again and trying to figure out how it worked, I accidently killed a character in the game and was trown out of the starting building. Frustrated I put down the game and never picked it up again. The keyboard just didn’t work for me and I just couldn’t get the hang of the controls. Eventually years later I met my boyfriend and gradually started to play more pc games. Nowadays I can play pc games without forgetting the controls or accidently killing game characters, although my first love is still the playstation.

While the playstation is my favourite gaming platform, the pc is a close second. Actually currently I more often play games on the pc then on the Playstation. I also have a controller for the pc, which I use for those games that just work better with a controller.


kingdom hearts
My recommendation this week probably won’t come as a surprise. It’s a amazing game that I replayed a few times and beside thast it’s also one of the games that started my love for the playstation: Kingdom hearts by Sqaure Enix.
I still love the game and have playing it through a few times already. While Kingdom Hearts 2 has inproved a lot of things compared to kingdom hearst 2, mainly in terms on controls and handy little extra’s, I still think Kingdom Hearts 1 will also be my favourite game in the series. I still get chills whenever I listen to music of the game, especially the opening/ending themes by Utada Hikaru. Here’s the link to the Kingdom hearts opening/ ending song called Simple and Clean.

I wonder if I ever will play Kingdom hearts 3 as I’ve been waiting for years for it and now it will probably be released on the playstation 4, which I don’t have and I wonder if I’ll ever play it all.

Currently Playing

I have been extremely busy for the past few weeks and haven’t gamed in a long time, so I have nothing to mention here 🙁

So that’s it for this month’s Read Play Blog post :). So my question to you is:

What’s your favourite gaming platform? And did you ever had any troubles transitioning to a new gaming platform?


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    • Thecombination of disney characters and the original kingdom Hearts character might seem a bit weird at first, but I thought it worked pretty well once I got used to it. There are also some world which aren’t based on disney. The story and gameplay is doen really well, the only minpoint is that nowadays it seems like they are just trying to fit too many extra games into the story, while I jjust want kingdom hearts 3!

  1. Is it sad that I never finished either Kingdom Hearts 1 or 2, simply because I couldn’t get past the final bosses when I was younger. I definitely think I’ll replay them one day in the future, but for now, I’m sticking with the PS3! I haven’t had many problems switching to different consoles because I’m awesome (HAHA), though I did wish I had a PC to play games. But the PS3 is good for me now. It’s a great machine and never lags 😀

    • Those final bosses where certainly hard to beat, I usually trained a bit more so I was a higher level and then tried again. I was so happy when I finally managed to finish Kingdom Hearts, I think it’s the first game I actually played to the end.

    • I just had to include a picture of Putt Putt I loved that game as a child, especially how you could change the colour of your car, lol. I actually played Kingdom Hearts first and only found out about Final Fantasy after that. I watched a lot of tv when I was younger and the commercial for Kingdom Hearts convinced me that had to be one of my first ps games.

  2. One of my FAVORITE games is Kingdom hearts! I have the Xbox 360 so I don’t think I’ll be playing the new one when it comes out 🙁 I played both of them and beat both of them twice! I was always a Nintendo girl but I got older I got a playstation and loved it. Now the Xbox isn’t bad but not a lot of games I want to play for it other than Minecraft and Teraria that I play with my kids. (minecraft by myself)

    My first video console I ever played was Intellivision then my parents got me Atari. Now that I think about it I don’t know if I was ever without a gaming console in my life Lol
    Michelle@Because Reading recently posted…Run by Becky Johnson Author’s SpotlightMy Profile

    • I doubt whether I’ll be playing the new one, buying a whole new console just for one game is just too expensive :(. I loved our Nintento, Banjo Kazooie was one of my favourite games and I recently replayed it on the computer. I never had an Xbox, my mom thought we had enough consoles by that time and no matter what we tries my sister and I couldn’t convince her to buy an Xbox as well, lol.

      And I just love minecraft, it’s such a fun and addictive game, I have the pc version.

  3. Kingdom Hearts! I still have to get around to playing that game, because I really love Disney and I really loved Final Fantasy X. One day, I say! When is the sequel coming out? I hope you’ll get to play it!

    As for getting used to a new console/platform, I definitely had some difficulties getting used to my Gamecube. I was so used to playing on my brother’s Playstation or my friend’s PS that a Gamecube controller felt so different to me. Don’t even get me started on how weird I found the Xbox controller, haha!

    Thanks for participating in our meme, Lola! 😀
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    • Actually I have no cleu when Kingdom Hearts 3 will be released and so far I am not sure whether I’ll ever get to play it, unless I can lend someone’s ps4 and the game. Hmm actually, that might work!

      Indeed the gamecube controller was very different from the ps one as well, although that stiull felt easier then switching to a keyboard.

  4. Lol, Putt Putt! I still quote Putt Putt goes to the Parade for some odd reason. My favorite platform is the Xbox right now, I have the 360 and One hooked up. I’m not fond of PC games because my laptop overheats and I do press the wrong thing sometimes. I love Kingdom Hearts, it’s actually one of the few games that I replayed multiple times after getting a disk based systems. I have Simple and Clean on my ipod, lol. I can’t wait until the new one finally comes out!
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    • I always have had a desktop, but my sister’s laptop overheats soemtiems as well, I think a desktop might be better for gaming then a laptop.
      I can’t remember how often I replayed Kingdom Hearts, only a few times all the way through the end, but often I would just start a new game and play until I didn’t want to anymore.

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