Product Review: Baker’s Secret Measuring Spoons

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Measuring SpoonsBaker’s Secret 5-Piece Measuring Spoon Set, Multi-Color
by Baker’s Secret

The secret to easy baking, Baker’s Secret introduces a line of baking tools that will help you prep and bake delicious treats for those you love.

– 5-pc Multi-color Measuring Spoon Set
– Easy to read measure marks
– Sizes include: 1 Tsp, 1/2 Tsp, 1/4 Tsp, 1 Tbsp, 1/2 Tbsp
– Dishwasher Safe
– Limited Lifetime Warranty

My Review:
Normally I don’t do any product reviews, but as I recently got these adorable measuring spoons from amazon and amazon asked me if I wanted to review them, I thought why not. I was lucky enough to win an amazon gift card and decided to buy these measuring spoons with them.

While I love to cook I have never owned measuring spoons or used them until now. I usually just pick a normal teaspoon or tablespoon or just add what I think is about half a teaspoon. So yes, not very precise, but most of the time that’s okay. When I saw these affordable and cute measuring spoons I decided it was time to acquire some measuring spoons.

I love how cute these measuring spoons look, I really like the design. They each have a different bright colour and they look very happy and bright. Each spoon has the measurement written on them like one tablespoon, but also includes the millilitre amount, which I thought was cool and handy. This set includes 5 different measuring spoons in the following amounts: 1/4 teaspoon, 1/2 teaspoon, 1 teaspoon, 1/2 tablespoon and 1 tablespoon, which are the measurements you usually need.

These spoons are easy to use and clean. Just scoop up the right amount and add it to whatever you’re baking. the different colours and the written measurement on it, make it easy to see which spoon you need. They also come with a small ring on which you can attach them all to keep them together easily. So far I have no complains about these, they are great measuring spoons and they look nice as well. They are made of plastic, which I like as metal spoons can make such an annoying sound sometimes. I washed mine under the sink, so not sure if they would survive the dishwasher, but amazon says they are dishwasher safe, so that’s another plus.

To summarize: These measuring spoons look nice, brightly coloured and are handy to use and clean, I haven’t tried it myself but these should be dishwasher safe too. The different colours and the written measurements make it easy to see which spoon you need and to keep them separate. They also come with a handy ring to attach them all on. This is my first set of measuring spoons and so far I really like them. The colours and how cute they look might be my favourite part and they are great measuring spoons and serve their purpose well.


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Do you own measuring spoons?


12 responses to “Product Review: Baker’s Secret Measuring Spoons

    • I never had measuring spoons before as here it’s common to use a scale to measure almost everything. Nowadays I try out a lot US recipes and those all use cups and tablespoons, so I decided it was time to finally buy a set measuring spoons.

  1. Red Iza

    I saw them too, I was very much attracted by the colors but finally prefered steel made spoons. Those measuring spoons are very handy for cooking, especially when your metric system is different from the American recipes I sometimes try to prepare. I’ll be buying some cups too soon 😉

    • I actually prefer the plastic, they are softer and don’t make noise if you bang them against something. And I just couldn’t resist these with the pretty colours ;).

      I agree they are so handy for when you mostly make US recipes and they all use those weird measurements, lol. Next time I win an amazon gift card I might look into buying some cups too, then I won’t have to convert anything anymore, although I prefer the exactness of measuring the ingredients with a scale.
      Lola recently posted…Product Review: Baker’s Secret Measuring SpoonsMy Profile

    • So far I just measured those small measurements with normal spoons or just added it till it looked good. Usually it works pretty well, but it sure is nice to have measuring spoons now. Especially as I make lots of US recipes and it’s handy not having to convert everything.
      Lola recently posted…Lola’s Kitchen: Vegetarian Pie RecipeMy Profile

    • I cook and/or bake regulary and I make a lot of US recipes, which use measuring spoons and cups and such. Most dutch recipes measure everything in grams for which I can use my kitchen scale.
      And yes I love the ring that keeps them together. I actually use the ring to hang them from a hook where we also hang our cups.
      Lola recently posted…Lola’s Kitchen: Vegetarian Pie RecipeMy Profile

    • I think they also had a white set from these, but I liked the coloured ones better. It’s handy that they are so durable and you can use the same set for years.

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