Netgalley November challenge recap

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So November is almost over, which means it’s the end of the Netgalley November challenge as well. When I started my feedback ratio was 43.5% and it’s now 72% so all in all I think I did great job. I read quite some Netgalley books, but also requested some more.

I noticed that I had some books on Netgalley on my shelf that I couldn’t or didn’t want to read anymore so I also send feedback for those. There was also a book that I never downloaded and was now archived so I also send feedback for that one.
I also requested a few new books from Netgalley this month, because every time I went there to give feedback for a title I just finished I couldn’t resist taking a look at the new titles.

These are the books I’ve read this month for this challenge:

– Becoming Alpha (Alpha Girl #1) by Aileen Erin – Goodreads
I ended up DNf’ing this book, it was just too cliché and couldn’t hold my attention. You can read my thoughts about this book here.

– Crossing by Stacey Wallace Benffiel – Goodreads
This one suddenly disapeared from my kindle so I sent feedback for this one, but haven’t actually read it.

– Full Blooded (Jessica McClain #1) by Amanda Carlson – Goodreads
I really enjoyed this one, you can read my review of it here on my blog.

– Mine to Tarnish (Mine #0.5) by Janeal Falor – Goodreads
Was a nice prequel, you can read my review of it here on my blog

– Ruin (Summer in Winter #1) by CJ Scott – Goodreads
Emjoyed this one, you can read my review here.

– The Rising (The Painted Maidens Trilogy #1) by Terra Harmony – Goodreads
This was another DNf for me. Interesting concept, but I got bored and thus DNF’ed it. You can read my thoughts about this one here.


10 responses to “Netgalley November challenge recap

    • Thanks :)! I am really glad I managed to up it to 72%, hoping to get it to 80% next month. It also helps that I haven’t requested that many netgalley books in total, so every book I read adds around 5% or more.

    • Thanks :). Indeed it’s a big jump, but in comparison I didn’t have to read that much books to get up my ratio with 30% because I haven’t requested that mnay books yet in total.

    • I just lowered my ratio to 69% because I got approved for Crash Into You. I am really excited I got approved for it though, because usually I don’t get approved for the more popular books, I guess upping my ratio helped!

  1. Nice work! I managed to get mine just above 50%, which is a huge improvement. I still have quite a bit of work to do, though. Most of what’s left are either books that aren’t being released FOREVER or the pile of stuff I requested when I first started blogging that I’m now less than enthralled with.

    My NetGalley November Wrap-Up.

    • I haven’t been blogging for so long (almost a year now!) so I haven’t accumualted such a huge pile of requested books yet, that certainly helps. Maybe you can give feedback to those books you don’t want to read anymore and just mention you don’t want to read them anymore?

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