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My To-Be Read List is a meme hosted by Because Reading is Better Than Real Life where at the beginning of the month visitors can choose which book I’ll be reading this month. On the first saturday of a month the poll will be up, then on the second saturday of the month I’ll announce the book that won and on the last saturday of the month I’ll post my review of the book.

Okay below are are the 3 books on which you can vote this month, all 3 are cozy mysteries. And all three are netgalley books :).

The Candidates

Kneaded to Death Kneaded to Death (A Bread Shop Mystery #1)
by Winnie Archer

Everyone swears by Yeast of Eden, the Mexican bread shop in town. But tonight, the only thing on the menu is la muerte . . .

Struggling photographer Ivy Culpepper has lots of soul-searching to do since returning to seaside Santa Linda, California. That is, until the thirty-one-year-old enters a bread making class at Yeast of Eden. Whether it’s the aroma of fresh conchas in the oven, or her instant connection with owner Olaya Dias and her sisters, Ivy just knows the missing ingredients in her life are hidden among the secrets of Olaya’s bakery . . .

But Ivy’s spirits crumble when a missing classmate is suddenly discovered dead in her car, riddled with stab wounds. Even more devastating, the prime suspects are the Dias sisters themselves. Doubting the women could commit such a crime, Ivy embarks on a murder investigation of her own to prove their innocence and seize the real killer. As she follows a deadly trail of crumbs around town, Ivy must trust her gut like never before—or someone else could be toast!

Murder at the Fortune Teller's TableMurder at the Fortune Teller’s Table (A Kelly Jackson Mystery #3)
by Janet Finsilver

Poisons, prophecies—and a peculiar past . . .

When a local woman begins searching for a couple she hasn’t seen since the 1960s, Redwood Cove Bed and Breakfast manager Kelly Jackson and the crime-solving group, the “Silver Sentinels,” are quick to help out. They’re also quick to guess that they’re in over their heads after the woman is found dead beside the body of a Greek fortune teller—and a fellow Sentinel gets attacked. As Kelly juggles work and her responsibilities at a food and wine festival in town, she and her sleuthing posse must confront a killer obsessed with old secrets . . . and solve a murder mystery more than fifty years in the making . . .

Death by Chocolate LabDeath by Chocolate Lab (Lucky Paws Petsitting Mystery #1)
by Bethany Blake

Pet sitter Daphne Templeton has a soft spot for every stray and misfit who wanders into the quaint, lakeside village of Sylvan Creek. But even Daphne doesn’t like arrogant, womanizing Steve Beamus, the controversial owner of Blue Ribbon K-9 Academy. When Steve turns up dead during a dog agility trial, Daphne can think of a long list of people with motives for homicide, and so can the police. Unfortunately, at the top of the list is Daphne’s sister, Piper—Steve’s latest wronged girlfriend.

Certain that Piper is innocent, in spite of mounting evidence to the contrary, Daphne sets out to clear her sister’s name—and find Axis, Steve’s prize-winning chocolate Labrador, who went missing the night of Steve’s death. Aided by Socrates, her taciturn basset hound, and a hyperactive one-eared Chihuahua named Artie, Daphne quickly runs afoul of Detective Jonathan Black, a handsome and enigmatic newcomer to town, who has no appreciation for Daphne’s unorthodox sleuthing.

Can a free-spirited pet sitter, armed only with a Ph.D. in Philosophy and her two incompatible dogs, find the real killer before she becomes the next victim?

Now it’s time to vote!


34 responses to “My To-Be Read List #31: poll

    • They all sounds good! So It’s nice to have some help choosing. The bread one sounds very promising, the the Fortune Teller one is the third book in a series so that one should be good too!

    • I hope that means it has a poison mystery, I am really fond of those, but don’t see them as often as I would like in cozies.

    • The dogs were part of the reason why I requested that one in the first place, so having dogs on the cover and in the blurb definitely worked.

    • Oh now I am curious which cozies you picked. I have been in a cozy mood lately, so I decided to pick cozies for this month’s theme.

      The first two books in that series were good, so I am looking forward to book 3!

    • Ah sorry it probably went into spam, just sent me a message on social media next time that happens so I can get it out. I always like pets as characters as well 🙂

    • That’s fun that dog reminds you of your own. I only now realize that all three of these have a dog on the cover. I do hope to read all three of them soon-ish.

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