My To-Be Read List #21: the winner

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My To-Be Read List is a meme hosted by Because Reading is Better Than Real Life where at the beginning of the month visitors can choose which book I’ll be reading this month. On the first saturday of a month the poll will be up, then on the second saturday of the month I’ll announce the book that won and on the last saturday of the month I’ll post my review of the book.

This month’s poll went differently than I had expected, I has expected Ancient Magic to get more votes and didn’t expect Reining in Murder to do so well. It’s interesting to see how many people vote for which book.

Okay so ehre are the results and how many votes each book got:
– Ancient Magic (Dragon’s Gift: The Huntress #1) by Linsey Hall – 20,00% / 4 votes
– Artificial (The Kepler Chronicles #1) by Jadah McCoy – 45,00% / 9 votes
– Reining in Murder (A Carson Stables Mystery #1) by Leigh Hearon – 35,00% /7 votes

As I had already finished my previous read and Artificial was clearly the winner I started reading that one and unfortunately DNF’d it at 14%. I am sorry as everyone was so excited for this book, but it just wasn’t the book for me. You can read my . So instead I’ll be reading the second choice: Reining in Murder. So far it seems to be a good one.>

The Second Place Winner

Reining in MurderReining in Murder (A Carson Stables Mystery #1)
by Leigh Hearon

Format: e-copy
Source: for review through netgalley
You can find Reining in Murder on Goodreads

When horse trainer Annie Carson rescues a beautiful thoroughbred from a roadside rollover, she knows the horse is lucky to be alive…unlike the driver. After rehabilitating the injured animal at her Carson Stables ranch, Annie delivers the horse to Hilda Colbert–the thoroughbred’s neurotic and controlling owner–only to find she’s been permanently put out to pasture. Two deaths in three days is unheard of in the small Olympic Peninsula county, and Annie decides to start sniffing around. She’s confident she can track down a killer…but she may not know how ruthless this killer really is…


28 responses to “My To-Be Read List #21: the winner

    • It’s always a shame when a book doesn’t work for me, but I have high hopes for Reining in Murder and am enjoying it so far :).

  1. I said it before: a book needs to find its readers. You are obviously not Artificial’s, and there is nothing wrong about that. I’m sure someone else will love it. Hope your second choice fits your tastes better.

    • Well said! And I know other people will enjoy Artificial and I am sure it’s a good book for the right readers, it just wasn’t for me. I hope I’ll enjoy the second choice 🙂

    • Guess it works out well then that I am going to be reading reining in Murder instead :). So far it’s off to a good start!

    • Don’t feel bad, it can happen. And it’s hard to 100% predict if a book will work for another person. And I think I might have liked the world building, but I couldn’t get past the aspects I didn’t like.
      Reining in Murder is enjoyable so far!
      Lola recently posted…Sunday Post #178My Profile

    • I hadn’t expected it to be that dark and gruesome, it just wasn’t a book for me. The cozy mystery sure is breath of fresh air besides that and it’s a good one so far. The focus on the animals and horses is fun!
      Lola recently posted…Sunday Post #178My Profile

  2. Ha, that is fun how your prediction was the opposite. I try to work out what people will choose for me, but I’m wrong a lot. 😉

    Bummer about your first pick. It did look pretty intense and I was curious, but not enough to keep reading a book that isn’t working. Hopefully the mystery will be better.
    Sophia Rose recently posted…Only Beloved by Mary BaloghMy Profile

    • Sometimes I get it right, but other times I predict it all wrong.

      It sure was intense, just too gruesome and dark for me sadly :(. It just wasn’t worked for me and I was dreading picking it up again after the first chapter, I tried to continue, but it just wasn’t working.

      The mystery so far is nice, I like the horses aspect, the mystery part is a bit meh though. I predict it will be a 3 star if things continue like this.
      Lola recently posted…Review: Two Down, Bun To Go by H.Y. HannaMy Profile

  3. I wasn’t around to vote for any of these and to be honest I haven’t heard of any of them. Sorry the winner wasn’t a good one but the runner up sounds like a good mystery! Hope you enjoy it:)

    • It was a shame the first place winner didn’t work for me. The current one is okay so far, I like the horses, but the mystery is a bit meh.

    • Almost finished and I am thinking it will get a 2-3 star rating depending on how I feel when I finish it. The stable and horse aspect is fun though, it’s just the rest that falls a bit flat.

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