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Lola’s Kitchen is a feature on Lola’s Reviews where I talk about all things related to food, cooking and baking. These posts can be recipe posts, tens list posts about food or recipes or more discussion type posts about food. I love cooking and spend some time in the kitchen almost every day, so I wanted to give it a place on my blog as well. The banner for this feature is designed by Michelle from Limabean Designs.

For today I don’t have a recipe post for you, today I am asking you about recipes! As it’s a new year I want to hear from you what kind of recipes you want to see this year on Lola’s Kitchen. Don’t worry I still have enough inpsiration myself as well, but I thought it would be interesting to hear about my followers. I’ll read all the comments and hopefully will try some of the recipes you recommend and maybe even feature it on the blog later this year if I like it. So let’s hear from you!

Here’s how it works

You recommend a recipe that either you think I’ll enjoy making for whatever reason, a recipe you think my followers enjoy seeing or one that you would like to see featured on my blog. Please also list your reason, as I am interested to hear why you think I should give a recipe a try or feature it. Don’t worry about recommending recipes with meat or ingredients I don’t like, just recommend one and if I decide to give it a try I’ll tweak it to fit my tastes. Unless a recipe is 100% ingredients I don’t like I usually can tweak it to my tastes. You can recommend a general recipe, like say banana bread, but you can also recommend a specific recipe and provide me with the link to where I can find the recipe. You can recommend more than one recipe. I’ll consider every recipe, might add it my pinterest boards and maybe feature it on the blog later this year. So let’s get started and recommend me a recipe!

Recommend me a recipe?


23 responses to “Lola’s Kitchen: Recommend me a Recipe!

    • Oh that’s a great idea! I’ve eaten samosas in an indian restaurant once and I really liked them. I did once make a samosa caserole, but wasn’t a fan of that recipe. I migth even have a samosa recipe on my pinterest board. Will take a look and else search for one. Thanks for the recommendation!
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      • I can’t even imagine what a samosa casserole would be like. It certainly doesn’t sound Indian.

        I must admit that I have never actually made samosas myself. But I like eating them. 🙂

        • The samosa casserole definitely was unique, lol. It was potatoes and peas and some spices and then put into an oven proof bowl with some dough around it, but there was way too little dough and it wasn’t a big success. Not enough flavour.

          I just remembered I made meat samosas with puff pastry dough once for my boyfriend, I think he liked them. Might have to try those again, but then with vega minced meat.

          I also added two new samosas recipes to my pinterest board that I found. I also like eating them, although making them always seems a bit daunting. Let’s hope I can try making them soon!
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  1. I have this split pea soup that I really love. It has large chunks of leek in it that melt in your mouth when you eat it. I don’t have a link to it online, but here it is from my Evernote!

    If you replace the water in this with vegetable stock (I buy it in those well-pack containers), it’s even tastier! This goes really well with a flatbread, biscuits, or even toast. It also freezes well for later!
    S. J. Pajonas recently posted…Writing Update – January 8, 2016My Profile

  2. I know you don’t eat meat, but I think this might be good even with some different Chinese veggies. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m planning to try it soon.

    This is another recipe I plan to try very soon. I like that it is cooked all in one dish.

    I’m trying to get DH to let me cook other things. He is very picky.
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  3. Most of my recipes have meat as a main ingredient, and I’m not sure they’d translate to vegetarian. *ponders* Have you made Turtles before? It’s a candy that’s basically: Pecans, caramel, chocolate.

    German Apple Pancakes are yummy as well. They’re pancakes that are about 1 inch thick and full of apples and cinnamon and sugar. Not a normal pancake batter, made with eggs, sugar, butter and a bit of flour. Dad has a recipe that was passed down from his dad or granddad. Not sure where it came from exactly since we aren’t German! But I found this one online that’s similar:

    If you try it, I will warn you they are addictive!
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    • I don’t think I ever tried turtles, but it sounds delicious! Pecans, caramel and chocolate are all things I like.

      And OMG that pancake looks delicious. I actually hate making normal dutch pancakes, they are very thin and so difficult to make, at leats for me. I much prefer american pancakes. Or these german pancakes, that looks doable! And I like apples and cinnamon. Yup, definitely have to give those a try!
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  4. I am in the mood for some Hungarian Goulash or Hungarian Chicken Paprikash. I’ll bet you can substitute. 🙂

    And Monkey Bread. I don’t know if you get Pillsbury Refrigerated dough products in the Netherlands, but I guess you could use a homemade dough if not.

    There! That’s my contribution. Look forward to seeing which recipes you use. No problem if you can’t use these.
    Sophia Rose recently posted…Off the Clock by Roni Loren #ReviewMy Profile

    • Thanks for the recommendations! Oh I would love to give monkey bread a try, but sadly they don’t sell those refrigerated dough products here. I’ve never even eaten biscuits. I’ll see if I can find a recipe that makes the dough from scratch, it’s probably going to take longer that way, but I would love to give it a try once.

      That chicken recipe sounds like something my boyfriend would enjoy. I’ll keep that one in mind for when we eat something with meat as sidedish. It probably woudl work with vegetarian substitutions as well.
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  5. Oh this is such a great idea. One of my favorite dinner meals is bbq chicken sandwhiches. Just two ingredients, boneless chicken breasts and bbq sauce. I cook it in a crockpot all day, and then put it on hamburger buns. I serve it with creamed potatoes and peas.

    • That sounds like an easy recipe with only two ingredients. I don’t think I ever tried BBQ sauce, will have to see if they sell it here.

  6. One of my fav dishes is chilli and this is the one I make most often

    I also love chickpea curry in a hurry and this is my instagram recipe for it. Hope the link works, if not, let me know and I’ll the recipe here instead.
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