Cover Reveal: The Daydreamer Detective by SJ Pajonas

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Today is the cover reveal for The Daydreamer Detective by SJ Pajonas. This cover reveal is organized by Lola’s Blog Tours.

The Daydreamer DetectiveThe Daydreamer Detective (The Daydreamer Detective #1)
By SJ Pajonas
Genre: Mystery/ Cozy Mystery
Age category: Adult
Release Date: 31 march 2016

Luck? Forget it. Mei Yamagawa is fresh out of it. She’s just been downsized from her 3rd job in five years and her bank account is dry. Now, to keep her head above water, she must leave Tokyo and move back to her rural Japanese hometown. And there’s nothing worse than having to face your old rivals and ex-boyfriends as a failure while starting life over as a farm girl.

But when her best friend’s father is murdered, and her best friend is named the main suspect, Mei turns her daydreaming ways towards solving the crime. Between dates disguised as lunches with the town’s hottest bachelor chef, searching for clues, and harvesting sweet potatoes, Mei has a lot of non-paying work cut out for her.

Will she catch the killer before her bad luck turns worse? Or will she fry in the fire with the rest of her dreams of success?

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The Daydreamer Detective teaser 1

My Cover Review:
I don’t think I can adequately express how I excited I am for this book! SJ Pajonas is one of my favourite authors and a new series by her is always a good thing in my opinion, but this one is a cozy mystery which makes me even more excited and curious as I’ve been enjoying cozy mysteries a lot lately. Okay back to the topic at hand: the cover. I like this cover. The first thing I notice are the use of only a few colours, the japanese feel and the simple cartoonish/ drawn style which is common for cozy mystery books. So it hints to some of the themes like mystery, female main character and the setting in Japan.

I like how the iconic mountain Fuji is displayed on the cover as well as that red japanese style bow slightly before it, no clue how they call those things, but I like them. Then there is the soft orange tint which remind me a bit of peaches combined with the calm blue colours of the water and the sky. I think the use of so few colours really works in this cover and orange, red, blue and grey tint go well together. I also like the pose of the main character on the cover, you only see her profile so you can’t tell much about her, but I like how she’s positioned like that looking over the water, while standing in the grass and she seems ready to go investigating whatever murder has happened.

To summarize: I really like this cover! The style hints to the cozy mystery genre, the mountain and red building hint towards the setting in Japan and the orange, blue and grey colours give the cover a calm, serene and warm look. I like the pose of the main character and based on the blurb I would say the cover looks like a good fit for the book.

The Daydreamer Detective teaser 2

SJ PajonasAbout the Author:
Stephanie (S. J.) is a writer, knitter, amateur astrologer, Capricorn, and Japanophile. She loves foxes, owls, sushi, yoga pants, Evernote, and black tea. When she’s not writing, she’s thinking about writing or spending time outside, unless it’s winter. She hates winter. Someday she’ll own a house in both hemispheres so she can avoid the season entirely. She’s a mom to two great kids and lives with her husband and family outside NYC. They have no pets. Yet. When it comes to her work, expect the unexpected. She doesn’t write anything typical. Find her online at

You can find and contact SJ Pajonas here:

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What do you think of this cover?


4 responses to “Cover Reveal: The Daydreamer Detective by SJ Pajonas

    • I like it when covers hint at the genre so well and this case the setting too. I like how it clearly has a japense feel. The minimal use of colours and the colour cobmination works really well on this cover. I once learned about the colour wheel, but forgot most of it already, that’s interesting to know that’s why they contrast so well!

  1. Thank you so much, Lola, for organizing this cover reveal and for your review of the cover! That red gate is a torii gate and typically is the entrance to Shinto shrines in Japan. This one is meant to depict the famous Itsukushima Shrine that stands alone in the water and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Wikipedia has a thorough article on them!

    I’m excited to start a brand new series and I’m glad you’re excited to start reading them too! 🙂
    S. J. Pajonas recently posted…Cover Reveal for THE DAYDREAMER DETECTIVEMy Profile

    • You’re welcome! It was a joy organizing this cover for you, please let me know anytime you need a cover reveal (or anything else) for one of your books :).

      Thanks for the explanation, I know I had heard the word for those torii gates ocne, but couldn’t remember what they were called. I like them, they look pretty and they always made me think of japan. So the torii hate on this cover is the one in the water? I’ll read the wikipedia article next.

      And I can’t wait to read this book!

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