Cover Reveal: Saven Deception by Siobhan Davis

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Today is the cover reveal for Saven: Deception (The Saven Series #1) by Siobhan Davis. This cover reveal is organized by Lola’s Blog Tours.

Saven DeceptionSaven: Deception (The Saven Series #1)
By Siobhan Davis
Genre: Science Fiction Romance
Age category: Young Adult
Release Date: December 15, 2015

I’ve fallen hard for an alien.
But he’s harboring secrets.
Massive ones that threaten the very essence of humanity.
How can I give him my heart when his race plan on taking my future?

Sadie Owens has been slowly dying inside. Bit by bit, piece by piece, day by day. Trapped in a life she hates, she relies on only one person: Herself.

Despised by her family, and betrayed by an unscrupulous government, Sadie dreams of a different life. When she is chosen to participate in the government’s new social experiment, she is ecstatic at the prospect of spending six months in Thalassic City, the shiny new city under the sea.

Immediately drawn to Logan Chandler, Sadie is captivated by the beautiful boy with the ocean-blue eyes. Logan seems to embody everything that has been forbidden, but he isn’t all he appears to be.

When Sadie finally learns the truth about why the Saven walk among us, will it be too late to save her heart and the human race?

My Cover Review:
This author her cover designer sure knows what she’s doing as all her books have gorgeous covers so far. I think this cover is eye catching, I especially like the use of colour and the background. With the water on the bottom and the misty effect al over and then the stars in the sky. All elements neatly hinting at the underwater setting and the sci-fi genre.

The models their heads on the cover convey this is about characetrs and a romance. I like the female model, but for some reason that piece of hair in her eye bothers me as it disrupts her facial expression. She is described as having that colour hair in the book as well, so I think that fits. I like the model for the guy less, he’s a bit too dark and mysterious looking and he looks older than the girl.

The font and the colours for the font are well done and I like the spacey underwater feel it gives with the blue colours and starry feel.

To summarize: I really like this cover, the colours and background really match the feel of the blurb and hint towards the genre. I like the female model, although that piece of her hair in her eye bothers me for some reason. The male model fits the feel fo the male character less, but I do think having both of their faces there is clear hint there will be romance.

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Please note that this book is currently undergoing professional editing so this is an unedited sample. The final published version will be slightly different.

The stench of stale sweat, unwashed skin, and rancid body odor assaults my nostrils and I gag. The temp in the carriage must be pushing ninety degrees and a steady line of sweat coasts down my spine, gluing my shirt to my back. A craving to crawl out of my skin hits me like a bullet to the chest.
It’s not a new sentiment. It’s an urge I feel at least once every hour.
A potent desire to be anyone but myself.
To live any life but this one.
Heat rolls off the large body pressed into me from behind and the man grunts loudly. The desire to shed my skin accelerates and I shudder uncontrollably. Everywhere I look I’m confronted by a sea of grimy, male chests in dirty, sweat encrusted work wear. Being short sucks almost all of the time, but being stuck in the middle of an overcrowded, bursting-at-the-seams subway carriage, during one of the hottest heatwaves New York has ever known, sucks butt on a stratospheric level, and has me cursing the genes that stalled my growth at five feet one.
Claustrophobia swoops in, surrounding me in an anxiety-laced cloud, and I know I’ve reaching my tipping point.
I can’t bear this a second longer.
With my lungs screaming for air, I push my way forward, shuddering as I squeeze past more disgusting, heaving forms.
I fling myself out onto the platform in the nick of time. The train eases out of the station as my legs make a break for freedom. Bounding up the stairs two at a time, I thrust my tiny frame forward, propelling my legs as fast as they can go. My entire being strains for release.

SiobhanAbout the Author:
Siobhan Davis is the author of YA science fiction romance series True Calling.
A self-diagnosed ‘teenager forever’—at least when it comes to books, music and movies; Siobhan is totally addicted to teen fiction and superhero/blockbuster movies. Siobhan loves baking, crime novels, shoes, bags, make-up, anti-wrinkle cream, anything pink, Kelly Clarkson, Katy Perry, and Robert Pattinson (definitely Team Edward).
Siobhan has forged a successful corporate career, in Human Resources, over the last twenty years.
Siobhan resides in the Garden County of Ireland with her husband and two sons.
Contact Siobhan at:

You can find and contact Siobhan here:
Google +

Sample chapters, quotes, reviews and book excerpts are all available to download from the authors website

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What do you think of this cover? Tell me about your favourite water themed cover?


14 responses to “Cover Reveal: Saven Deception by Siobhan Davis

  1. That is an eye-catching cover. I love the blue-violet color palette used and the way the models are angled. Definitely generated interest in reading the blurb and wanting to read it.

    Hmm, my favorite water cover…
    I like Virgina Kantra’s Children of the Sea covers and I can’t remember who writes them, but the Sea Monster Memoirs series are gorgeous too.
    Sophia Rose recently posted…Top Five Favorite Things About Bikers by Katie AshleyMy Profile

    • She hired a cover designer for her covers and I agree that her designer definitely knows how to make great covers. I really like the colour of her hair as well, it’s really neat and it’s a colour you don’t see as often on covers.

    • I haven’t read as many alien romances so far, only one or two series I think? I really liked this book and the aliens were pretty interesting.

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