Cover Reveal: Goodness of Fit by Missy Marciassa

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Today is the cover reveal for Goodness of Fit by Missy Marciassa.

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Goodness of Fit (Smart is the New Sexy #1)
by Missy Marciassa

Publication date: July 2014
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance

Zoe Tawn is about to finish her bachelor’s degree and start a PhD program in quantitative psychology. Yet her friends don’t think she’s quite ready to graduate: she still hasn’t played her v-card. Zoe’s friends don’t know her v-card was played years ago; she doesn’t talk about that crap. She does agree that dating would make her a more well-rounded individual, however, so she tries, and realizes the dating game isn’t for her: she’s a geek, not a flirt. Zoe decides to utilize her strengths with the mantra “Smart is the new sexy” and develops a predictive model for companionship to replace those outdated compatibility questionnaires. Her model goes viral in no time, so her friends secretly enter her profile into it. When a match comes back, it shocks them all: it’s Wesley Williams, the twentysomething CEO billionaire of Quantitative Solutions, where Zoe is doing an internship. Zoe insists the error in her model must be unacceptably high until she gets an email requesting she stop by Mr. Williams’ office at her earliest convenience…

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My Cover Review:
I think it’s a pretty cover. The image itself clearly suggests it’s contemporary romance. I like the blue colour near the bottom and the design there. The combination of colours really work good too. I do think the title and author name are a bit small and wonder if when the cover is viewed pretty small if they are still readeable.

To Conclude: It isn’t all that special, but it’s still a nice cover. I especially like the bottom part with the nice colours and the design.

About the author:
Missy Marciassa loved getting lost in novels from the time she could read, so it’s no surprise she wanted to write. Her very first “novels” were re-writing the books she read to get the endings she wanted in second grade. Missy continued to read and write through grade school and high school.

After becoming rather disillusioned with fiction after writing literary criticism as an English major in college, however, Missy focused on her enjoyment of learning about people and studied psychology. Reading fiction fell to the wayside with all the reading and writing required for college and graduate school, but once Missy became a doctoral candidate, she rediscovered her love of fiction. Then she started getting the urge to write, an urge that wouldn’t go away (she refuses to diagnose it as a compulsion). Covert Assignment is the end result of that urge.

You can fin Missy here:


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