Cover Reveal: Collision by Emma L. Adams

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Today is the cover reveal for Collision (Alliance #3) by Emma L. Adams. This cover reveal is organized by Lola’s Blog Tours.

CollisionCollision (Alliance #3)
by Emma L. Adams
Genre: Contemporary Fantasy
Age category: Adult
Release Date: late 2015

When Earth suddenly gains inexplicably high levels of magic, all fingers point at the Alliance.

On a distant world, where magic-fuelled forces of nature rule over humans, a disaster is sweeping the land, threatening to knock the Balance across the Multiverse out of sync. When Kay and Ada are sent there with the other Ambassadors, they’re thrown into the centre of chaos. Nature is alive, and angry.

Ada embraces the magic she still half-fears, but learning to control it proves harder than she can imagine. Kay, meanwhile, becomes more reckless than ever when testing the boundaries of his own abilities. When faced with living magic, no one is safe from its influence. Ada and Kay must choose what they’re willing to risk for the sake of saving a world that might already be doomed. Can mortals overcome the gods?

My Cover Review:
I love this cover, it’s so pretty and it really captures my attention with the stunning bright orange and yellow tints. This author her books have always such pretty covers and this one might be my favourite so far. I love the style for this series and how all the elements of the previous books in this series are again present on this one as well. The series name and which book in the series it is on top, the light source on the top and the markings on the top of the cover. Then the title takes center stage and the auhtor name on the bottom.

I think this cover is really catchy, it jumps out at you and demands you give it attention. I love the striking warm colours on this cover and the pretty nature setting on the cover. And the dark stormy sky above it, while still giving the whole cover a warm feel. I reminds me a bit of sunset or dawn. It hints of change. I like how there are no people present on the cover. It has a bit of a magical feel, which is fitting as it’s a fantasy series. I am assuming the setting is a new world where the characetrs visit during this series as the previous cover.

To summarize, I think it’s a stunning cover. The warm yellow and orange colours really catch my attention and give the cover a warm and magical feel. I like how the cover fits the theme for covers in this series, but is still different from the previous covers as well. I think this is my favourite cover in this series yet.


Emma AdamsAbout the Author:
Emma spent her childhood creating imaginary worlds to compensate for a disappointingly average reality, so it was probably inevitable that she ended up writing speculative fiction. She was born in Birmingham, UK, which she fled at the first opportunity to study English Literature at Lancaster University. In her three years at Lancaster, she hiked up mountains, skydived in Australia, and endured a traumatic episode involving a swarm of bees in the Costa Rican jungle. She also entertained her creative writing group and baffled her tutors by submitting strange fantasy tales featuring dragons and supernatural monsters to workshops. These included her first publication, a rather bleak dystopian piece, and a disturbing story about a homicidal duck (which she hopes will never see the light of day).

Now a reluctant graduate, Emma refuses to settle down and be normal. When not embarking on wild excursions and writing fantasy novels, she edits and proofreads novels for various publishing houses and reads an improbable number of books. Emma is currently working on the Alliance series, a multiple-universe adult fantasy featuring magic, monsters, cool gadgets and sarcasm. Her upper-YA urban fantasy Darkworld series is published by Curiosity Quills Press.

You can find and contact Emma here:

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What’s your favourite colour on a cover?

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14 responses to “Cover Reveal: Collision by Emma L. Adams

  1. I am SO a fan of this cover L! Like you said, I LOVE the colors the author chose to use for the book and that PREMISE! The fact that magic is invalid defiantly make me more interested in it because I love all things about magic! (As long as it doesn’t include wands and copying off of Harry Potter, then we’re good!) teehee thanks for the reveal chica! <3
    Keionda @Keionda Hearts Books recently posted…*Blushes* This is gonna be one of those posts….My Profile

    • I’ve read the first two books and I love how the author handles the magic aspect. Earth is pretty much like it is now, so little magic, but on other world there is more magic. No wands in this book, the magic comes from their hands if I remember correctly and the magic has backlash which is pretty cool. And it’s closely tied to the magic in the place they are, so it’s harder to use magic on earth than in the passages where there is more magic.
      The colours on this cover are so pretty!

    • Mysterious that’s a good way to describe it as well, all the cover sin this series have that mysterious and magical feel with stunning colours. I have read the first books and the novella and am enjoying this series so far.

  2. I like how the series and series number are right there, too. Wish all book covers had that somewhere.

    Yes, the rugged landscape and fiery colors behind the title are striking.

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