Cover Reveal: Adorned (Trinity of Souls #1) by Georgeann Swiger

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Today I am part of the cover reveal for Adorned by Georgeann Swiger. So here is the cover:

I like the fiery colours, but I think the pose of the cover model is a bit strange. I like the small detail of the flowers in the air on the top of the cover. The winglike fire stripes behind her back are a bit strange. Okay now more about the book itself:

Title: Adorned (Book I in The Trinity of Souls series)
Author: Georgeann Swiger
Publisher: Entranced Publishing
Genre: YA paranormal romance
Length: 80k words
Release Date: 4 November, 2013

When seventeen-year-old Anya finds out she’s actually an angel being trained to protect humanity, she discovers that becoming an angel has nothing to do with wings and haloes. For Anya, becoming an angel has to do with death—her death.
Micah, the angelic soldier ordered to protect her until she transitions from human to angel, promises her death will be a glorious experience as long as she follows his rules. But getting Anya through this life and to the next isn’t as simple as Micah expects. His job becomes even more difficult after he unwittingly performs a miracle that exposes Anya’s hidden angelic light. 
With her secret out, Hell’s legions begin targeting her. Unfortunately, Hell’s minions are the least of Micah’s worries. He’s more concerned about the forbidden human emotions he’s developed toward Anya.  Even more troubling, is she seems to love him too. And giving in to those feelings, could mean dire consequences for them both.

The blurb confirms my idea that this is an angel book, not my favourite genre. Not sure if I will pick this up or not. I probably will wait and first read a few reviews about it, to decide whether I want to read this or not.

About the Author

Georgeann Swiger earned her degree in journalism from West Virginia University, and then spent five years as an anchor/reporter at WBOY-TV in Clarksburg, WV.  After having children, she left television news to be a stay at home mom. During that time, she discovered creative writing was more fun than writing about real life tragedy.  Imagining interesting characters and having them come to life on the page is now her passion. When she’s not writing, she works as a substitute teacher.  She lives in Reedsville, West Virginia with her husband, two kids, a beagle dog and a temperamental cat who tries to rule the house.

You can find her here:

What do you think of the cover? Like it or not? And what about the blurb? does it sound like something you would read?


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