Bookish Resolutions Challenge: January Recap

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The 2015 Bookish Resolutions Challenge hosted by A Reader Lives A Thousand Lives and Because Reading is Better Than Real Life.

Every month on the 30th I will be doign my recap of that month. You can check out my goal post here

January Recap

  • Accept no more than 1 book with a deadlines each month. Completed this goal for January, I had no deadline books in January. So far none for February either, so I hope I can keep that up.
  • Read at least 3 (cozy) mysteries. Not doing too well with this goal yet, I haven’t read any mysteries yet, although I did grab one mystery from netgalley.
  • Read at least 3 historical romances. I haven’t read any historical romances yet either. I did buy a paperback copy of a paranormal historical romance that I am planning to read for this challenge
  • Read at least 20 review books this year. I am doing great for this goal, I only read review books this month and got 5 review books read already! And I am reading another review book now. If I continue like this I am going to reach this goal without much trouble.
  • Organize at least 30 tours with Lola’s Blog Tours than last year. I am doing good with this goal as well, so far I am organizing 6 tours this year! You can check out the tour banners below. With Lola’s Blog Tours I am usually doing work for the month ahead and as December was a slow month there weren’t any tours in January, but I am hoping I can compensate for that in a later month.

How are you doing with your (bookish) resolutions so far?

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22 responses to “Bookish Resolutions Challenge: January Recap

  1. Hey! Way to go for your challenge! You’ve really gotten a good start on your resolutions. I need to do way better this next month. I did a little better this month, but not disciplined enough.

    • Thanks! I am really happy to see what I already accomplished this month and I didn’t think I would read that many review copies in one month already.

    • Thanks! Glad to hear you’re doign pretty good as well! And indeed I like how this challenge is keeping my butt in line. I am really rocking that review goal, I almost wish I could up it. Just noticed I forgot to update it for my last book so I have read 5 of 20 reviews books already.

    • You keep making me curious with comments like that, I want to know the real title and read the book, but I guess I’ll have to wait a bit longer for that. Good luck today with writing and let’s hope you reach that goal πŸ™‚

    • Ah well let’s hope you do better next month. And while I made good progress with 3 of my resolutions, I didn’t do as well with the other two. But it’s only the start of the year, so I am hoping to make that up in later months.

    • Indeed January was a great start. And I hope I can catch up to the mysteries and historicals soon, but if I don’t get around to them for a few more months it isn’t too bad either, there’s still plenty of time.

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