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Every saturday I interview a blogger. This week I interview Julie from the blog Bookaroo-Ju.

Hello Julie! 
Welcome to Lola’s Reviews! I am so excited to have you on my blog today. I really think it’s great that even though you’re an author you also have a blog where you write book reviews!
Thanks for having me; I’m excited to be here. And cheers. 😀

Why did you decide to start blogging? 
Well, most writers’ love for the written word begins with a love of reading. And I actually read as much as I write, sometimes more. Since joining Goodreads in 2011, I got into the habit of reviewing all the books I read on there. I find figuring out what works for me (or doesn’t) in a book to be good practice for figuring out the same in my own writing. And I’d reached a point where I was reading so much, and reviewing so much, I thought I may as well join the ranks of book bloggers.

How did you come up with the name for your blog, Bookaroo-Ju? 
I have no idea. I’m not patient when it comes to deciding stuff like names. I have to have my book titles figured out RIGHT AWAY or it drives me nuts. So, I literally spent a few hours messing about with word play, and Bookaroo-Ju suddenly clicked because I was looking for words with ‘book’ in them, and the game, Buck-a-roo, from my childhood popped into my head. I’d always wanted it for Christmas, and was never given it, so I guess I finally have a Bookaroo of my own. 😀

How old is your blog now?
It’s a mere babe. Only been going since March, so less than a year.

What do you enjoy most about blogging? 
Actually, I just get excited when I know peeps have stopped by, even if no comments are left. And undoubtedly, the camaraderie, sense of solidarity, and even the competition (because everyone wants to be the first to get their hands on those books, right?) are 100% the driving forces of what makes being a part of the blogging community so awesome. I’d witnessed it as an author from the sidelines. Witnessing it from within is 1000X better.

How did you decide on this design for your blog? 
LOL, I’m pretty naff at anything technical. And I did go through a few (too busy) designs and got bored (or annoyed) with them within days. And then I realized it was because they’re just not me. If you’ve seen my author blog, you’ll know how plain and simple that is. I kind of went the same route for Bookaroo-Ju, but prettied it up a little, and made an apt header that matched, and so far, I still like it. 😀

As I mentioned before you also are an author, why did you decide to also do a book blog even though you are a writer? 
Because I’m a big believer that blogs should be focused. My author blog is for my author stuff. Didn’t seem right to start bogging it down with all my book reviews. It would have lost its identity.

Is it difficult to combine writing and running a book blog? 
Nah. Book blogging is my hobby. Everyone makes time for those around work, right?

Thanks Julie for the interview!
Thanks so much for having me over, Lolita. It’s been a pleasure spending time amongst the cuteness. 😀

You can find Julie and her blog here:

Do you want to know more about Jullie her books? She writes under the name J.A. Belfield and you can find out more about her as an author here:

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