Blogger Interview Saturday: a Daydreamer’s Thoughts

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Every Saturday I interview a blogger. This week I interview Faye from the blog A Daydreamer’s Thoughts! As soon as I asked Faye to design a banner for the Blogger Interview Saturday I knew I had to interview her.

Hello Faye! Welcome to Lola’s Reviews! I am so excited to have you on my blog today. I think you have a wonderful blog and I like chatting with you on facebook and Twitter. 

Why did you decide to start blogging? 
There were a number of contributing factors to this. The first, quite simply, is because my long-time friend Brodie had raved about blogging for a while and so I was quite curious about it. The second, I was about to start my last year of university and I realized that if I wanted to be a critic, journal writer, or any other writer, I needed a good solid portfolio which showed how committed I was while also showing an example of my writing ability. And thirdly, I had been on tumblr (and livejournal) for many years prior, but I decided I wanted something more subject based – just posting about me wasn’t quite working out! And thus, I decided to just jump the gun and go for it.

How did you come up with the name for your blog, a Daydreamers Thoughts? 
As mentioned above, I’d been blogging on tumblr and a lot of the images I’d reblog had been about daydreaming and so I just went ahead and made my name “daydreamingstar” and then when I was starting my blog, I wanted to follow along that same tradition and so it became the blog would be of my thoughts and opinions as a daydreamer; thus A Daydreamer’s Thoughts was born.

How old is your blog now? 
A couple of days ago she reached one year and four months. I actually can’t believe that. It still feels like I only started blogging the other day!

What do you enjoy most about blogging? 
Aside from the fact that it got me back into reading daily, and for branching out and reading more varieties, I love the social side of blogging. I love meeting and making new friends – like you! – via twitter, and by going to author events I would never have gone to before! I enjoy commenting on other peoples’ blogs and love conversing in the comments on my very own blog. It’s just such a great community to be a part of, you know?

What do you enjoy the least about blogging? 
I would probably say how it can sometimes feel like a job. I usually stop myself from blogging for a while when it starts to feel like that but sometimes the pressure just gets to me and I collapse a little. But then I remember that the hard-work is worth it and just get right back on that horse. Blogging may not be for everyone, but it certainly works for me!

How did you decide on this design for your blog? 
Ha, oh… that took… a while. I recently changed from Blogger to WordPress and in the move I knew I wanted a new look, something that I had designed and looked pretty awesome. I spent many hours growling at Photoshop for not working properly – i.e. programmer error, as opposed to programme error – until eventually I felt happy with the banner, etc. I’m still not over-the-moon with the design but it works with my graphics and that is all I wanted at the end of the day!

Why did you decide to start your own graphics shop (where people can request banners and buttons to be made)? 
I’ve been making banners for blogging friends for a while, I make them for me all the time and I forgot how much I actually like making them. Yeah, it’s stressful sometimes when it doesn’t go the way I envisioned but being able to see the final product in all its glory usually makes it worth it. So I thought, why not keep it going and offer my services to other bloggers. In the end it’ll help both them AND me, so why the hell not?

Thanks Faye for the interview! 

You can find Faye and her blog here:

Are you looking for a new banner or button or your blog? Check out her graphics shop. Faye has designed the button for my Blogger Interview Saturday and I really love it.

I am looking for new awesome bloggers to interview, so do you have a blog and you want me to interview you as part of my Blogger Interview Saturday? Send me an e-mail at lolabookreviews(at)gmail(dot)com


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    • Thanks Emma :). I am glad you enjoy my Blogger Interview Saturday. I really think Faye has an awesome bog design too and I love the two banners she designed for me!

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