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Today is my stop during the blog tour for The Replacement. As soon as I got the tour invite for this book I knew I had to read, the original cover and the blurb attracted me to this book and I am glad I could be part of this blog tour as I really enjoyed this book. I’ll share some information about this book with you and my review of this book!

The Replacement
by Rachael Wade

*Contains sexually explicit content and mature subject matter, including language and elements of abuse.*

A gritty New Adult drama about a young woman’s self-destructive quest to find purpose, self-worth, and love in a broken world.

My name is Elise Duchamp. I’m twenty-three years old and I’m known as the town whore.

No, not the kind who exchanges sexual favors for money. The other kind. The kind who gives it all away for free, whenever and however she likes. I am that girl. The one everyone whispers about and the one none of the girls seem to like, because all of their boyfriends either want to sleep with me or already have. Promiscuity is my thing—the kind that slowly, violently turns my insides black, but gives me something I need.

All things considered, I’m not completely reckless. I’m safe, and contrary to popular opinion, I do have a heart. I live in a world of careless choices, and with those choices come careless people. I cannot judge them, because I am one of them. I too bow down to the altar of the self-serving. I am not a good friend. I am not and never could be anyone’s girlfriend. I’m convinced any goodness in me shriveled up and died long ago.

But I am a replacement. That is something I know how to be, and this is a story of the lengths I’d go to in order to keep it that way.

My Review:
I got a copy in exchange for an honest review

Something about the blurb grabbed my attention and I knew I had to read this book. This book didn’t disapoint. It’s an great book, with lots of hot sex, but also a great story. It’s about a girl who is broken and does bad things, but there are still people being able to see the good in her.

I really like this author’s writing style and the story flowed really well, the pacing was done and I liked the fact the author didn’t shy away from the difficult parts in the story that had to be told too. It’s a greaat story and while I didn’t have time to read a lot I still enjoyed and wanted to know what would happen next. There is a scene towards the end that felt a bit rushed and it just felt off to me in comparison to the rest of the book, but the ending was great. There was also a scene somewhere in the last half that felt a bit unnessecary and din’t really fit the feel of the rest of the book, but again these are just some small points and scenes that bugged me a bit. Overal this was a really enjoyable story!

At first I didn’t know whether to like or hate Elise, she was a likeable character, but some of those things she did. I wondered how she could live with herself, but she was realy honest about it and she didn’t know how else to be or act. As the story progessed there was a point that I really couldn’t stand what she had done, but then it starts to get better and I did like her. There are some great side character too Ryder, Jay and Natalie are all great side characters whom really came alive. I really liked these 3 and how they gave Elise a chance, a chance she really needed. Elise grows a lot during this story. This story is about her and it was great to see her grow so much.

It sounds a bit weird to talk about romance if you know the main character sleeps around with every men, but it’s there. The romance was done well, although there where a few points in their relationship I could’t stand. They both did a few things in a situation, that I think could’ve been handled better, but I understand why they did it too. Ryder is such a sweet character and he was really good for Elise.

To conclude: I really enjoyed this book, I had some difficulties decided whether to hate or like Elise at first because she does some terrible things, but she still manages to be a likeable character. There where a few scenes I didn’t like and a part that felt a bit rushed. The romance was done really well too. I really enjoyed this book and the author’s writing style and I plan on picking up more books written by this author!

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About the Author:
Rachael Wade is the Amazon bestselling author of The Preservation Series, The Resistance Trilogy, and the upcoming sci-fi series, The Keepers Trilogy. When she’s not writing, she’s busy learning French, watching too many movies, and learning how to protect animals and the environment. Visit her at and, or come chat with her on Twitter via @RachaelWade

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    • It certainly is an emotional and memorable story. I think the author handled the whole cheating thing really well, as I usually hate cheating in books, but in this book it fit the story.
      It was great how even though Elise did some bad things, there still where a few people who saw the good in her. And there where some light and hopefull moments even though the main theme was dark and gritty.
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