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I so excited that I could be part of the Blue Moon Blog Tour on my new blog :). I will share my review with and the author is giving away 1 e-copy of Blue Moon (scroll down for the giveaway)
Cover of blue moonBlue Moon (A Holloway Pack Story #2)
J.A. Belfield

I got a copy for review from the author

Blurb from Goodreads: Someone is watching the Holloway Pack, and this time, the female isn’t the target.
Life with a group of seven male werewolves worries Jem Stonehouse not one bit. She is engaged to the Alpha’s son Sean Holloway after all. So what has Jem’s territorial instincts on high alert?
The pack’s latest addition. Both of them.
None of the men think there’s a problem with the new girlfriends. Jem’s intuition tells her otherwise—that and a nagging suspicion the new females aren’t there to partake.
Jem believes they’ve joined in to take.
The question is … What?
As the eve of the blue moon draws ever closer, Jem’s running out of time to find the answer and outwit a thief of the worst possible kind.
A woman who believes she can’t lose.

I had some issues with the first book, but decided to give the second book a try because the blurb sounded so interesting. And I am really glad I did, in my opinion this book is much better than the first book. The plot was interesting and fast paced and there were some nice twists and turns.

The focus of this plot is really different than the first book. Instead of focusing on Jem and her getting to know the pack and her werewolf heritage, in this book Jem is integrated in the pack and a new problem arises when Jem has her suspicious of the new girlfriends of two of her pack members. There were twists I didn’t see coming and I liked where the author took the story. The pace of this book is faster too, when I picked up the book I wanted to keep reading.

While parts of the story are still a bit predictable I was also surprised a few times. And those times where moments where I thought “wow I really didn’t see that one coming”. The plot was really interesting and I wanted to keep reading to see what was going to happen.

The characters grow in this book, especially Jem. In this book she really shows her strength. There also is enough action and although I didn’t agree with all of her decisions, I liked her more in this book than in book one. One of the problems I still have with this book is that I didn’t really had a good idea of who the side characters where, I felt like we still don’t know much about their personalities. There were some side character that got more attention in this book, but there are also a few characters that I still don’t have a good idea of who they are.

The world building is built upon a bit more in this book and I liked learning more about this world. I also liked seeing more of the pack and the adventures they faced.

To conclude: I really liked this book, the plot was interesting and fast paced. I liked seeing Jem and the other characters develop and the world being developed more. I am certainly looking forward to reading the next book!


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