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 I am so excited to be part of this blog hop! The blog hop is hosted by Libby Mercer. This blog hop is a bit different than what I normally participate in. Normally I participate in a blog hop for an author or book, but although this blog hop is organized by an author it isn’t about her book. This blog hop is all about Locations. The different locations book take you and well everyone who participates writes a post about that subject.

Where am I going to blog about?
I am not going to choose one book or place to talk about. I am going to talk about books that makes me want to be there where the story takes place, because the way the story is written makes me want to be there.


When I first read the description of this blog hop I immediately thought of the Gathering by Kelley Armstrong. I love nature and I think that where I live there isn’t enough nature. Well this book takes you to a small city surrounded by nature. the main character has grown up surrounded by nature. And I can’t help but want to live there. I think the location is a huge part of what makes me love this book so much. When I am reading it I can imagine being there, living there in that place and I love it. I often feel longing to live in a place surrounded by nature. I feel calmed by nature and I love it that a book can take me to such a such a place.

So except for books that take me to nature places I also have read a few book that really makes me want to visit the city where the book takes place. I recently finished reading Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor and I love how she describes Prague. I have never visited this city, but after reading this book I suddenly am left with this urge to visit Prague. The author describes Pargue as an old an mysertious city and I just want to visit it and see the city where this book takes place and see if the city really is that charming as the books describes it.

Another book that makes me want to visit the place where the story takes place is the Fever series by Karen Marie Moning. I have always wanted to visit Ireland, but after reading this series I really want to visit Dublin. I love how mac describes Dublin and how she comes to love the city. Now I want to visit Dublin and secretly hope to find Barrons Books & Baubles.

Actually besides these two book there aren’t many books that makes me want to visit a specific city. There aren’t that many books were a lot of attention is paid to the city it takes place and are able to invoke in me longing to visit there. Also a lot of the books I read take place in a fantasy world or the place just isn’t that important to the story.

I live in the Netherlands and most of the books I read take place in America/ the US. It makes me want to visit the country and see all these places and states were my books take place, see for myself how this country is. I really have this dream to be able to go to the Us and visit all those cities and states were my books already took me to see how this looks in real life. Unfortunately I am terrified of both ships and airplanes and have no idea how I am ever going to get there, but it still is a nice dream.

Also all the blog that participate in this blog hop are giving away a price. I am giving away one e-copy of Renhala by Amy Joy Lutchen.

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Have you read a book that took you to a different place? Do you know any books that describe a place in such a way that you really want to visit it? Tell me about it in the comment section below.

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19 responses to “Blog Hop: Girly Book Blog Hop Locations

  1. Oh, so many books make me want to travel, but one that springs to mind is Deserted Island, Dreamy Ex by Nicola Marsh because it took place on a gorgeous tropical island. I’ve always wanted to go to a remote island out in the middle of a warm sea… Someday I will! Lola, I hope you can overcome your fears so you can travel more ((hugs)). Thanks so much for participating in the hop!!

    • I haven’t read a book yet that took place on a tropical island as far as I can remember, but then I am more a forest kind of person ;). Maybe someday I can overcome my fears and travel to America. Thanks for organizing this awesome blog hop! I had fun participating and reading the other posts.

  2. Lovely post, Lola. Like you, I love to travel via books and do so whenever I can–to countries, cities, cultures. For me, location is a powerful muse, and it almost always plays a major role in my fiction. Happy hopping!

    • I love traveling via books, it is awesome. Location is important and adds to the story, although if there isn’t enough about the location in a book I don’t mind either.

  3. Thanks for the book recommendations, Lola. I have to read that one set in Prague. It sounds wonderful.

    I think the settings that have influenced me the most are from the fairy tales I read as a child. They were always kingdoms beyond other kingdoms. For some reason, that appealed to me as a place I wanted to be.

    • I think Daughter of Smoke and Bone really did an awesome job of making you feel like you are in Prague. I never have really thought about Prague, but now I want to visit it.

  4. So many. King’s dark tower series transports me to a whole other world, and I love it. But the classics do it best.

    dreammie_angel at yahoo dot com

  5. Funny. I was going to immediately say Hogwarts, and then I saw the first comment. Great answer. Oh how grand and exciting would it be to be able to visit that world?

    I love reading books that take place in NYC because I’ve never been and I’m madly curious about it. Set a book there and transport me and I’m a happy camper!

    • I actually didn’t talk about fantasy world at all in this post, I limited myself to real world places. Because there are so many books that make me want to visit a fantasy world, that this post would get really long.

      I also have never been in NYC, I don’t think I have read many books that took place there.

  6. Shannon R

    Stephen King’s always transport to whichever Maine town he is writing about. While reading IT I felt as if I were in Derry.

    • I haven’t read any books by Stephen King, but it sounds awesome that he can write in such a way that makes you feel like you are actualy there.

  7. One book took me away to Paris and I absolutely loved it. For the life of me I cannot recall the name of the book. Once I am done with this hop, I am going to go through my Amazon books and see if I can find the name however. It is funny that you want to come to America and most of us Americans probably want to go to Europe. I guess we want what we don’t have. I hope you do get to visit someday however. There are so many beautiful, fun, unique places here.

    Best wishes,

    • I indeed think that we want what we don’t have. And for me it is also that so many books take place in America that I want to know how it looks myself.

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