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sunday post

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer.
It’s a chance to share News. A post to recap the past week, showcase books and things we have received and share news about what is coming up for the week on our blog.


What happened this week?
This was a busy week, I suddenly got a lot of request for tours over at Lola’s Blog Tours, so I’ve been happily working on those. So far 3 new tours went open for sign-up this week and I am working on more! It felt good to be working again. There’s a new blog tour, a book blitz and an cover reveal open for sign-up.

Beside that not much happened this week, it was still pretty warm. I played some games and got a bit of reading done. I received a copy for review of a book I am really looking forward to reading it, especially after reading a disapointing 2 star book.

On friday we went to The Hague, we bought some groceries in an asian supermarket there. There is a really big asian supermarket in The hague, close to the China town there and it’s so much fun to walk around and see things you don’t normally see in a supermarket. We even bought a rettich as long as my boyfriends forearm for only an euro (see picture below). We had no idea what to do with it, so when we got home my boyfriend had to google some recipes.
 photo SAM_8236_zpsb0eee3c3.jpg

Then we went to grab some tea and cheesecake at the best cheesecake shop in the Netherlands (as far as I know). I had a cheesecake with orange and my boyfriend went for the Death by Chocolate cake. Then we walked around thecity a bit more and bought some cupcakes for home, there’s this shop that always had the best cupcakes, but their quality seem to have diminished a bit :(. So all in all we had a fun day, it was really warm though so we where pretty tired once we got back. It was nice to have a day filled with fun though after such a busy week.

Random Picture of the Week:
 photo SAM_8230_zpsb8926fc5.jpg
This is smarties in a tea box for Lady Grey Tea (delicious tea btw). So that box was empty and I figured it should be big enough for a rat, they sorta seem okay with sitting in it for a bit and they are so adorable with their head sticking out of the box. They don’t sit still for long though.

Games I played this week:
Robocraft by Freejam.
It’s a game where you build your own robot and then play capture the hill against another team or you can just destroy all the robots of the other team, that works too. It’s still in beta. It is free to play, but you level up faster if you pay, I am not paying for it and so far it’s fun. It’s a bit simple so far and basically when you get into a higher tier you can buy higher tier leveled weapons, blocks etc and you get stronger. You don’t really unlock anything different after a while, but the higher tier equipment does look different then the lower tier upgrades. Actually the most fun thing is that you build awesome looking robots (which probably don’t do that wel in battle) and you can play it multiplayer. You can invite friends to your platoon and then when you click battle the game makes sure you’re all in the same team in the same battle. Below is a picture of the Robo I am currently playing with, it’s a sniper robo with wheels.


This week I posted about:
– Blog Tour: Swimming to Tokyo
– Cover Reveal: 1000 Stolen Moments
– Review: Revealed Part Two by SJ Pajonas

What to expect next week on the blog:
– Blog Tour: Little Death by Roe Valentine

Tours open for sign-up on Lola’s Blog Tours:
Review Opportunity: Chills: a short story collection by Sahar Sabati – sign-ups open till further notice
Review Opportunity: Flawless by Jennifer McGill – sign-ups open till further notice
Review Opportunity: Paranormal Keepers by Jen Naumann – sign-ups open till further notice
Review Opportunity: The Luthier’s Apprentice by Mayra Calvani – sign-ups open till further notice
Blog Tour: Little Death by Roe Valentine – sign-ups open till 3 August
Blog Tour: Fairytale Apocalypse (The Verge #1) by Jacqueline Patricks – sign-ups open till 21 September
Book Blitz: Promises Under the Peach Tree by Joanne Rock – sign-ups open till 1 September
Cover Reveal: The Understatement of the Year by Sarina Bowen – sign-ups open till August 18

Book Haul:
revealed part two coverRevealed Part Two: Plan D, A Failed Proposal, and Jiro’s Surprise (The Nogiku Series 0.2)
by S.J. Pajonas

Format: e-copy
Source: for review
You can find Revealed Part Two on Goodreads

Picking up the story after REVEALED Part One, Mark Sakai must now complete his mission to bring Sanaa Griffin into his employ. All the plans are in place, and he just has to execute them, but he’s paralyzed with indecision and regrets. While Sakai tries to continue with his job despite his own cowardice, Jiro relives his past failures and watches his brother succeed without him. He didn’t think his life could get any more depressing until his father surprises him with a new student. But not just any student…

REVEALED is a collection of companion short stories to REMOVED, Book ONE of the Nogiku Series. Read REVEALED first or read it later, but don’t miss this look into the other side of Sanaa’s story.

Approximately 15,000 words (Five chapters)

reunitedReunited (Nogiku series #3)
by SJ Pajonas

Format: e-copy
Source: for review
You can find Reunited on Goodreads

Book Three of the Nogiku Series — COMING August 14, 2014

Yūsei has surprises for Sanaa Itami. The long trip across the stars ends with Mark Sakai delivering bad news from orbit over their new home, and there’s no turning back or moving on. Despite all their misgivings, this is where they will have to stay.

Sanaa, Jiro, and the rest of Earth’s settlers move into a coastal town and stick to their plans to live the colonization life they dreamed of. But Sanaa’s existence won’t be kept secret from her enemies for long. Kazuo promised he would see her in another life, on another world, and he aims to keep his word. Now she will face those who want their revenge and make new enemies while dispensing with old ones on her journey across the fascinating and unfamiliar landscape of Yūsei.

REUNITED, Book THREE of the Nogiku Series, is the third book in a captivating post-apocalyptic romance series that harnesses the cultures and traditions of Japan and sweeps them into the future between Earth and a faraway land.

ante upAnte Up (A Sin City Collectors novella)
by Amanda Carlson

Format: e-copy
Source: for review
You can find Ante Up on Goodreads

Diesel Jones is a shifter who has issues with the moon, but he quickly finds that Sofia Cabrera, a clever witch who just moved in to town, is his only hope to reach his goal of becoming a Collector. When they pair up to take down an incubus, she not only saves his life, but wins his heart in the process…

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24 responses to “Sunday Post #85

    • Yeah I hope this upwards trend keep continuing, but maybe this is just a great time to organize blog tours? I once heard that a lot of books get published in September, compared to toher months.
      And visiting Asian Grocer’s is always so much fun, it’s a shame some things are so expensive though. Although that rettich was really cheap. I am always tempted to buy a lot of weird things, I also love mochi ice cream, but we couldn’t buy any as we still wanted to walk around the city a bit.

  1. I LOVE your Miffy Cup!!! It’s so cute….Now I want one Lol

    Smarties is so cute. I am not a Rat person (I like hamsters) but I have to say I love the pictures of yours. They are all adorable and look so cuddly 🙂

    We have a lot of Farmer’s Markets in our area and I never go to them, I always want to but never do. Might have to take my daughter with me she likes walking around markets like that!

    Have a great week Lola 🙂

    • I just realized my Miffy cup was actually in a picture :). My sister once bought it for my birthday, it’s such a large mug perfect for drinking tea!

      Hamster are really cute as well, before we got rats I never would’ve pegged myself as a rat person either, but after seeing some pictures of them I quikcly changed my mind. They are so cute and they just love sitting with us.

      I haven’t heard of Farmer’s Markets, I am assuming they have foreign products there? I also love seeing supermarkets/ groceries different then where I normally shop. I also love walking around supermarkets in when on vacation in other countries.

  2. I had to scroll quickly past your random picture as I have a huge phobia! So bad, I can’t even say the word! But your trip to The Hague sounds fun, I always enjoy experimenting with food. Good news about the book tours too 🙂
    Have a good week!

    • Then I would advise you to be carefull with my Sunday Posts I often post pictures of our four rats there. I love them so much, they are awesome pets.
      And yes experimenting with food is always fun, although I get annoyed when it doesn’t go well.

    • Yeah I hope this upward trend keeps going on, it’s been nice to be busy with Lola’s Blog Tours for this week!
      I alreayd am craving that cheesecake again, that shop comes up with such great flavour for cheesecake and their cheesecake is so good! I am so glad I was able to get a nice picture of Smarties, our rats often refuse to sit still for a picture and instead come to explore the camera.

    • We had no idea what it was either, but it was cheap and looked fun so we bought it. From what my boyfriend foudn on the internet it is mainly used in salads or on bread.
      I hope you get a good cheesecake soon, good cheesecake is hard to find here. And I was so happy Smarties stayed still long enough for me to take a picture of her, she’s so adorable.

    • Apparently it tastes a bit like a radish (we haven’t tasted it yet) and it is mostly used in salads or on bread from what we’ve found so far. We thought it was a funny looking veggie so we decided to buy it.

    • Yeah we where surprised at the size as well, It hardly fit in our bag XD.
      The cheesecake was delicious, I really wish it was even more close by, so I could got there more often. They always have these weird flavours of cheesecake.
      Thanks I really hope the tours keep up as well, it’s so nice to be busy doing something I love :).

  3. N’aww, your rat is adorable. x) I didn’t realise you did blog tours! Oh. I will have to check out your other blog. I’m kind of drooling over the cheesecake though. *wipes drool off laptop* seriously, Death by Chocolate Cake? That is a flavour?! OMG. I’M HUNGRY. Sad when quality changes though…it’s devestating when you can’t even rely on a cupcake to be outstanding.
    Cait @ Notebook Sisters recently posted…Are You Seeing Me? by Darren Groth || Eh, Moose?My Profile

    • I have tree more rats, but I don’t think I actually have a picture with them all, they tend to move around a lot and hate sitting still, unless they are sleeping ofcourse. They are so adorable!
      The Death by Chocolate Cake wasn’t a cheesecake though, it was a very heavy chocolate cake, my boyfriend said it tasted good. They also had a chocolate falvoured cheesecake though and one with Snickers and a different one with oreo’s.
      And that shop used to be our favourite cupcake palce, so it’s a bit sad that they changed. They only have the standard flavours nowadays and we bought cupcake that was supposed to be banana with chocolate but we could hardly taste the banana.

    • Yeah rats are so adorable, it’s a shame they won’t sit still more foten so I can photograph them.
      My mind works so weird I only realised you actually typed something in dutch was when I read Nijntje, I usually don’t realize whether I am reading english or dutch as I perceive it both as understandeable langueg.

    • Yeah same here, sometimes I just can’t think of anything new to cook, so stopping by a different supermarkt can really work. And the cheesecake was delicious :).

  4. Smarties is so very cute ! Pajonas – that reminds me I bought book #1 because of (thanks to !) your review but haven’t read it yet, I gotta move it up my list. Have a great week filled with delicious cheesecakes !

    • Thanks Iza :). I can’t wait to hear what you think of Pajonas her book that you bought :). I am currently reading book 3 and it’s so good, it’s a shame I don’t have that much time to read because I really want to know what’s going to happen.

    • My boyfriend ate some of the rettich today, he said it tastes a bit like radish, although a bit milder. As i am not a big fan of radish, I wasn’t in a hurry to try it.

      Smarties didn’t stay in that box for long, but every once in a while they sit in it for a bit.

      I just love the Nogiku series! It’s really good so far, it’s a bit slow paced, but it fits the story perfectly. It’s really original and I love the author’s writing style.

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