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Wolves at the DoorWolves at the Door (Paranormal House Flippers #2)
by Lidiya Foxglove

My Rating: 4 stars

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Age Category: Adult
Type of romance: Reverse Harem

Since I walked away from my rich and royal family and became a house flipper of haunted and magical homes, life was nice and simple. Until I met Byron, the sexy ghost of an incubus… with some intriguing secrets. Now I’m in possession of one of the most dangerous magical artifacts in the world…although I’m still figuring out exactly what it does. What I do know is that I don’t want this in the hands of the corrupt magical council.

It’s not just me tangled up in this. There is also Graham, another sexy incubus who had no idea of his true origins, and the Sullivan twins, two scruffy and charming werewolf contractors. We’re planning to buy Greenwood Manor and find the next artifact before the wizard council does.

But talk about a wrench in the works. We get to Louisiana just to find a rival witch buying the old southern mansion right out from under us! I have a bit of a history with Billie Pruitt, but it seems like she might need us as much as we need this house, so me and my crew will have to find a way to work with her and keep our enemies at bay…

Paranormal House Flippers is the second book of a medium burn reverse harem trilogy!

My Review

I received a free copy of this book from the author and voluntarily reviewed it.

This is such a fun series so far. I just love the paranormal house flippers concept. In this book it’s time for another house Helena and her friends have to flip. There are some interesting developments and twists. I like reading about the house flipping and also seeing the romance progress alongside it. And the paranormal aspect. It’s a great mix.

I like how we learn more about the storyline involving these house they’re flipping and the whole box thing. It’s still not clear exactly what the box will do, but I like the hints they get here and how this book tests their dedication to this cause. As well as having another fun house they flip.

I also liked seeing the romance progress in this book. I liked getting to know the characters more and seeing their relationships deepen. The reverse harem aspect starts coming into play in this book and Helena slowly warms up to the idea. I like how this is all dealt with and also how it takes Helena a bit to accept the idea. There also was a fun scene where she talks with her brother Harris.

I really grew to like Graham more in this book, the struggle of him trying to deal with the new revelation of how he’s part demon and coming to terms of what that means for him was quite interesting and I liked seeing him interact with Helena. I also liked how we see Bryon talk with Graham and guide him a bit and the unique role he plays with being a ghost and in the middle of the whole mystery. Things also heat up with the Sullivan twins. The whole twins who fall for the same girl isn’t really something that works for me as it just feels strange to me. I did like how they knew what they wanted and how different their style and behavior was from the two incubus characters. I liked their work hard and down to earth attitude. They also genuinely seem to care about Helen.

I like how there is a chapter or two from the point of view of each of the guys as it helps get a better feel for them and what they’re going through and thinking. There are also two new side characters we meet in this book that were interesting.

While this series definitely can be read as standalone, I do notice clearly that I haven’t read two of the series by this author as they sometimes refer to events that happened there. It’s interesting how all these series take place in the same world. I might have to go back and read some of the other series eventually as well.

To summarize: this was a great sequel. I liked seeing the new house they have to flip, while at the same time the mystery/ paranormal storyline and the romance both progress. There were some interesting developments in this book story and romance wise. I liked learning more about the characters, all the 4 love interests were developed a bit more in this book. And Helena’s romance with them all progresses too and the reverse harem aspect is build more in this book. All in all this was a fun read and I enjoy this series. I look forward to book 3 and seeing what happens!

4 Stars


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2 responses to “Review: Wolves at the Door by Lidiya Foxglove

  1. The house flipping work does sound like a fun backdrop for the story. Neat that the box adds a fun mystery element. And, good that the romance starts to really progress as well as the character relationships. I prefer none twin romances, too, but I’ve read a few that had enough other good stuff to tolerate it. Glad it was a solid sequel for you.

    • The house flipping is so fun as backdrop for the story and I like how it really is a part of the story too. This sequel did well with progressing the romance and relationships. Exactly this one has enough good stuff that I tolerate the twin romance, but it’s not my preferred type of romance.

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