Review: Sewn at the Crime by A.C.F. Bookens

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Sewn At The CrimeSewn At The Crime (Stitches In Crime #6)
by A.C.F. Bookens

My Rating: 4 stars

Genre: Cozy Mystery
Age Category: Adult
Type of romance: MF

Salvaging old books is one thing. Finding bones is entirely another.

Salvager Paisley Sutton has been wanting to go inside the old two-room school for years, but when she finally gains access, just before a local community group begins a full restoration, she finds far more than great old desks and vintage textbooks. Soon, she’s preoccupied with the hunt for a murderer who is trying to hold three decades of crime.

How much is the truth worth? Is it worth Paisley’s life?

My Review

I received a free copy from the author and voluntarily reviewed it.

I am so glad I discovered this author as I really enjoy both of her series so far. I was happy to be back in this series for another twisty mystery. This series follows salvager Paisley Sutton as she discovers bodies during her salvaging jobs. Often she has to delve into the past to discover what happened. This is such a fun series and I enjoy reading about Paisley and all her friends and family.

In Sewn at the Crime, Paisley stumbles upon another dead body, this time it’s the body of a teacher at a school she’s salvaging. This mystery had some interesting twists and turns and it was really interesting to see it all develop. When more information comes to light we get a better picture of what happened to the dead teacher, but why and how she died stays a mystery till the very end. I wasn’t too surprised at who the murderer was, but wasn’t sure about the how and why. The truth comes to light in a way I don’t usually see in cozies, but I thought it fit here.

Even with the mystery going on and Paisley investigating what happened there’s plenty going on in her daily life as well. It’s fun to see how her shop is doing as well as the salvage work she’s doing. Then there are new friends she makes in this book as well as time spend with her older friends and family. It’s always heartwarming to see her friends be there for her and help her out.

To summarize: This continues to be an awesome series. I like following Paisley as she solves another mystery as well as see how things go in her daily life. This mystery had some interesting twists and turns. Some reveals shine a whole new light on the situation and I enjoyed seeing how things progressed. I wasn’t too surprised at who the murderer was, but had a few questions that I wasn’t sure of till the end. It’s great to see Paisley and all her friends and how they stick together and are there for one another. I already look forward to the next one!

4 Stars


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    • The salvage work is pretty interesting to read about and not a theme I’ve seen before in a cozie. And the mystery was a good one!

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