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Saving Her HumanSaving Her Human (Paris Harem #2)
by Tori Knightwood

My Rating: 4 stars

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Age Category: Adult
Type of romance: Reverse Harem

Two shifters sharing their mate with a human. One woman learning to love three men. When her human faces danger from unexpected sources, can she save him or will they all drown in hate?

Just as Catherine is settling into life with the three men who’ve captured her heart, their idyllic world becomes filled with impatience and regret. Doubt creeps in when Nico is accused of a heinous crime. Worse, evidence shows he’s been cheating on her.

She can’t imagine he’s capable of cheating, much less committing a terrible crime. Has she misjudged him, or is someone hell-bent on ruining their happiness? With her two shifter men by her side, she must fight for Nico before hate overwhelms the love she has worked so hard to build.

Saving Her Human is the second part of the Paris Harem trilogy, a paranormal reverse harem romance filled with suspense and heat.

My Review

Saving Her Human was a solid second book in this series. Where book 1 introduces the characters and their romance, this book further develops the reverse harem romance and delves deeper into Catherine’s relationship with her men. Besides the romance there is a side plot line with some trouble Nico runs into which leads into some danger and tension.

I liked seeing how the romance progressed in this book. Catherine grows closer to all her of her guys and is figuring out how to make it work. She also has some struggles at first on how to deepen their relationship with them at first, but that gets resolved relatively easy when some time passes and it happens naturally. I really liked the romance, how it develops and seeing more of the characters.

I liked seeing how the author handles the reverse harem aspect. I liked seeing more of the guys and how her relationship with each of them is different. It’s also nice to see them interact as a group and how the guys interact with each other. They are forming a close group and I liked that. Sometimes Catherine spends time with one or two of her guys and other times they go out or interact as a group. I liked seeing how they are together now that they dealt with most of the doubt about their unusual relationship and more fully embrace it.

Besides the romance there is a bit of suspense and tension when Nico’s boss start acting weird. Then there are mysterious notes they’re receiving. A guy who suddenly tries to become friends with them and a few other weird occasions. These mostly stay with weird occurrences till late in the book when it all gets revealed and then resolved.

To summarize: This was a nice sequel. I liked seeing Catherine’s relationship with her guys develop and how they all grow closer. I like how the guys all have their own personality and their relationship with Catherine is different too. It also was nice to see them as a group and how they deal with things and how the guys interact with each other. They really are turning into a solid group in this book. There is some issue with deepening their relationship that Catherine struggles with at first, but this gets resolved relatively quick. There’s a plot line with some suspense with a variety of weird instances that happen and someone accusing Nico, this all progressed more later in the book and then gets resolved. All in all I had fun reading this one and look forward to the next book!

4 Stars


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