Review Policy

For review requests send an e-mail to: lolabookreviews(at)gmail(dot)com

I am currently accepting review request, but I am only accepting very few requests. My preference goes to books with neurodivergent characters, cozy mysteries or science fiction romance books. Either in ebook or audiobook.

I rarely participate in tours, cover reveals, guest posts, interviews and giveaways. In most cases I will only participate in your tour, interviews etc if I accept the author’s book for review or already have read it or another book by the author.

I don’t accept beta reads at the moment.

What to include/mention when you send me a review request
When you send me a review request please at least include the blurb, author name and the link to your book on Goodreads or Amazon. Based on these I will determine if I want to read and review your book. Please don’t send me your book before I have agreed to review it. If you don’t hear back from me within a week it’s usually safe to assume I am not interested in reading your book.

Also if you want me to read and review a book that’s not the first in a series, please make sure I have already read the earlier books and if I haven’t, I would appreciate it if you also provide review copies of the earlier books. I like to read a series in order.

Which genres do I accept and which not?
I accept review request for books in the following age categories:
– Middle Grade
– Young Adult
– New Adult
– Adult

I accept review request for books in the following genres:
– Fantasy
– Urban Fantasy
– Cozy Mystery
– Science-Fiction
– Romance
– Paranormal Romance
– Contemporary Romance
– Science-Fiction Romance
– Reverse Harem
– Non-fiction

I also enjoy reading books with neurodivergent main characters, so please mention that if your book has a neurodivergent character.

I also accept some request from other genres. If your book doesn’t fall in one of these genres you can still send me a review request, I am open to reading most genres. I determine whether I want to read a book based on the cover, blurb and reviews of other reviews on Goodreads.

I also read some non-fiction books. Non-fiction books I am more likely to accept are: books about book promotion/ self publishing, books about neurodivergence or self-help books.

I don’t like dark reads, so books which contain torture scenes, gruesome details or suicide aren’t for me usually. I also can’t stand reading about animal cruelty or animal violence. I don’t mind reading about dark worlds, but don’t deal well with reading about dark characters. While I still might accept your review request if it contains any of these I would appreciate a warning beforehand if your book contains those, so I know what to expect and can skip over the scene.
If you’re not sure if I would like your book, please just send me an e-mail.

Which format do I prefer?
I accept e-copies and audiobooks for review. I accept e-copies in epub format. For audiobooks, I prefer to receive audiobooks through Bookfunnel, but can also accept Audible codes for US or UK sites.

What are my reviews like?
My reviews include:
– My honest opinion, even if I get a book for review or know the author or even if I am friend with the author I will always write an honest review. I won’t bash a book or author, but I do give my opinion. Basically I tell what I did like and what I didn’t like and I always emphasize it’s my opinion.
– Title, author name and series name if applicable
– age category, genre and type of romance the book has
– The cover image of the book
– The blurb of the book, I copy the blurb from Goodreads
– A rating, how much I enjoyed the book (from 1 book= really didn’t like it till 5 books= loved it). Although I do include ratings in my review, this is only an indication of how much I liked it. The actual review described what I liked and what I didn’t like. So there still can be huge differences in how much I liked two books which got the same rating.
– Links to where to find the book on Goodreads, Amazon, B&N and Kobo depending on which sites your book is available.

I usually construct my review as follows: I start my review with a small introduction (for example why I read the book or what was good about it) and then discuss 4 elements that are important for me in a book: story, characters, romance and world building. I always end my reviews with a conclusion in which I summarize the most important good and bad points about the book.

Where do I post my reviews?
I post my review always on Goodreads, Bookbub and my blog. I usually share links to my blog posts on Facebook and twitter.

I’ll review on B&N and Kobo as well if your book is on there. I can’t review on Amazon at the moment sadly.

How soon do I read your book?
I am a mood reader, so I read whatever I am in the mood for. This can mean I start a book immediately after I got it for review or months (or years) later. If you want me to review your book before a certain date please let me know and I do my best to review it before that date.

Also I try to read all the books I get for review, but sometimes it happens that I accepted a book for review, but my taste in books changes and then later I don’t want to read that book anymore.

What do I do when I don’t like your book?
If I don’t like a book I always send an e-mail to the author to explain the situation. I will still post my review on Goodreads and my blog. If the book in question is for a blog tour stop I gladly post an excerpt during my stop instead and post the review after the blog tour has ended.

What happens when I DNF (Did Not Finish) your book?
I won’t post reviews of books I didn’t finish on my blog. I do write reviews for books I DNF on Goodreads, but I usually won’t post the full review DNF on my blog. I will sometimes post a recap post at the end of each year where I list the books I DNF’d that year and why. Reviews for books I DNF are usually shorter than reviews for books I did finish and I will always mention till what page or % I read. Also these reviews won’t be as long as normal reviews and will mostly serve as the purpose to explain why I didn’t like the book and couldn’t finish it. I don’t give rating to books I didn’t finish as I feel it’s not fair to rate a book I didn’t finish.

Thanks for reading my review policy, I really appreciate it!

This review policy is last updated 31 December 2023. This review policy is subject to change.

For a review request send an e-mail to: lolabookreviews(at)gmail(dot)com