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My Future HusbandMy Future Husband (Lyrics of Love #5)
by Melody Sweet

My Rating: 4 stars

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Age Category: New Adult
Type of romance: MF

She’s everything he wants. He’s so not her type. But could Mr. I-Don’t-Think-So actually be Mr. Perfect?

I’ve loved Kelly since the moment I saw her, but high school was a bust. She was so far out of my league it was a joke. The blue-eyed heiress to a fashion empire falling for a scruffy, nerdy guy like me was a pipe dream.

But now the tables have turned.
It’s five years later and she wants a job as my personal assistant.
She doesn’t remember me. This is my chance.
I’m going to get it right this time.
Whatever it takes, I’m going to win Kelly DeMarco’s heart.

I remember Marcus from high school—the lovesick puppy who constantly nipped at my heels. He didn’t get it back then, and he’s not getting it now.

It doesn’t matter that I think he’s funny and those embarrassing quirks of his are actually adorable. Us together wouldn’t work. We come from completely different worlds. I’m already getting major flack from my parents for taking on a “menial” job when I could be running the company with Daddy. I can only imagine what they’d say if I walked Marcus through the door.

No. Marcus and I can never be.
So how do I make my heart believe that?

My Future Husband is a standalone book in the Lyrics of Love sweet contemporary romance series. If you like adorable book boyfriends and playful romance, then you’ll love Melody Sweet’s touching novel.

This book was previously published as Troublemaker by Melissa Pearl. It has been rewritten and re-edited to this sweet romance edition. Enjoy!

My Review

I received a free copy of this book from the author and voluntarily reviewed it.

After reading My (Im)Perfect Love and getting to know Marcus a bit I was excited to start his story. Marcus has been love with Kelly since high school and now she’s back in his life when she applies as assistant at the place he works at and Marcus grabs this chance to convince her they belong together. I really liked this story, Marcus is just so sweet and funny and I loved his determination, while Kelly has to let go of the expectations placed on her to fully let him in.

While I liked the concept for this book with how Marcus was in love with her in high school, it was a bit creepy at first how obsessive he was and how he kept trying to get her to go on a date with him. Luckily most of the creepy factor is in the past and in the current time he acts a lot better. Although it still threw me off a bit how he kept pursuing Kelly even after she said no, it was obvious she didn’t fully mean it, but I thought it would be hard for him to know that and I thought it was a bit rude how he kept pursuing her after she said no. After that slightly rocky start this book got better and better. Kelly gives him a chance and their romance was great to read about and they really are great together.

I like the nice guy gets the girl type of stories. Marcus isn’t the typical love interest in romance books, he’s nice and funny and values honesty. I really grew to like him. He was just such an awesome guy and I didn’t get why Kelly didn’t see that. On the other hand I didn’t really get what he saw in Kelly and while he said he saw behind her mask I didn’t really get what made him fall in love with her. I did like how dedicated and determined he was, he really loved her and wanted to show her how good be could be. I enjoyed seeing him get his chance and Kelly slowly realizing what an amazing guy he was. One of my favorite parts was when he let Kelly know she had to choose him as well as else he couldn’t be with. It was great to see him finally realize he was worth more than how she had treated him so far. And once they overcome that I felt like their romance was stronger than ever.

While I really liked Marcus, Kelly was harder to like. Grown up surrounded with money and expectations, then havign her heart broken she is quite wary and guarded at times. She believes she has a type and Marcus isn’t her type so she could never fall for him. Her parents want her to find someone suitably rich and who looks great next to her as she will take over the family business. I actually usually enjoy this type of storyline where the main character has to break from their parents expectations and find out what they really want. In Kelly’s case it took almost the whole book for her to realize that and stand up to her parents and say no to their expectations, when she did it was awesome, but I would’ve liked to see a bit more of the struggle. Sadly for most of the book she doesn’t even try to fight their expectations and goes along with it. It made me sad to see how she acted and was treated and I was happy when she finally finds a good guy in Marcus.

There are plenty of sweet scenes in this book, I liked their first date and how Marcus made her laugh and played silly games with her. How he showed her you’re never too old to have fun and how to let go and how he sent her songs to convey his feelings. The first back and forth where he keeps asking her out and she keeps saying no didn’t really work for me, but once they start dating I enjoyed their romance. I just wish we had seen a bit more of Kelly and who she really is and having her stand up to her parents and fight for Marcus a bit earlier. They were good together and I liked seeing them make their relationship work.

While part of the series there wasn’t as much overlap in this book with the other. Chaos gets mentioned a few times and there is a bit of set-up where we meet the main character of the next book I think, but it’s not as much overlap as in some of the other books. It worked here, although I wouldn’t have minded seeing a bit more of Chaos and this time from Marcus’ point of view.

To summarize: This was another great read in this series. While Marcus came across as a bit of a creep when in high school, I did like the set-up with how he had been in love with Kelly for a while and now got the chance to show her how good they could be together. I like nice guy gets the girl type of stories like this. Marcus was awesome, he was so sweet and honest and funny. I really liked him. Kelly was a bit harder to like as she lives under the expectations of her parents and got hurt badly by her ex, it takes a while before she finally figures out what she wants from life and chooses Marcus. There are plenty of great scenes of them going on dates and even the conflict scenes where well done. I was glad to see Marcus finally stand up for himself and how Kelly finally fights for him at the end. I enjoyed this story and look forward to the next one!

4 Stars


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2 responses to “Review: My Future Husband by Melody Sweet

    • I wish that behavior wasn’t as common in books as like you said it always makes me uneasy. I wish she had just said maybe or something instead of a no she didn’t mean as it made them both seem rude with her saying something she didn’t mean while he had a chance and him persisting after she said no.

      Luckily that was only an issue in the beginning and the rest of the story was great. Marcus was just so sweet.

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