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I Dare You I Dare You (Barrett Boys #0.5)
by Jordan Ford

My Rating: 4 stars

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Age Category: Adult
Type of romance: MF

A friends to lovers romance… just for you.

It’s a stupid dare. Dangerous. Reckless. Just plain mean.
But it’s a dare… and Shay can’t say no to it.


Lesson #1: Never play Truth or Dare with your ex-boyfriend’s new squeeze, especially if she happens to be pure evil.

Lesson #2: If you are forced to say yes to a dare, remind yourself repeatedly that the haunted house you’re about to break into is not filled with the ghosts of Barrett’s past.

Lesson #3: If your gorgeous next-door neighbor offers you his help, don’t refuse it.

Lesson #4: If you happen to get locked in a freezing, dark cellar with said neighbor, take the chance to keep each other warm and maybe… just maybe… find the courage to tell him that he’s the guy you’ve always wanted.

I Dare You is a fun introduction to the Barrett Boys series. If you’re a fan of friends-to-lovers romance, sweet kisses and confessions by flashlight, then you’ll love Jordan Ford’s novella.

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My Review

I Dare You is a prequel novella for Jordan Ford’s new Barret Boys series. I really like this author’s books and was curious to see what this novella held and how it would serve as an introduction to this new series. This was a great read, with a sweet friends to lovers romance a bit of Christmas vibe and it makes me so excited for this new series!

I like friends to lovers romances and I thought it was a great trope for this novella length story. Nate and Shay are already great friends and both are crushing on the other and in this book it slowly moves to more when a dare runs out of hand. Shay ends up playing truth or dare at a Christmas party and the girlfriend of her ex dares her to visit the Barrett house. There are rumors the Barrett house is haunted and now she has to go there. And Nate is determined to not let her go alone.

I liked Shay and Nate. We get a feel for their personality and see a bit of their friendship and how they both want more. I liked Shay’s determination and curiosity. And Nate is great to her and has her back when she has to go to the house, he is a honest and great guy. And it was fun to see them slowly admit that they would like to be more than friends. I liked how we got a feel for both of them and there is a bit of a plot line surrounding Shay’s brother as well, which was interesting.

This novella was a great read and I love the way it works as an introduction to the series. As Shay and Nate visit the Barrett house they find hints about what happened and who the Barret Boys were. I likes this and the way it gives a hint who the Barret Boys are and it makes me curious to know more about them and find out what really happened. As Shay and Nate only find pieces they don’t know exactly what happened and there are enough strange happenings that make me curious about the whole story. It has a bit of a mystery vibe and it ends on a hopeful note wondering if the Barret Boys might return one day. This novella really has me excited and even more curious about this new series and I am looking forward to the first book in the series!

To summarize: This was a great read! It’s a great romance read with a bit of a Christmas vibe as well as a good introduction to this new series that has me even more excited for this series. I liked Shay and Nate as main characters and I like how we got a feel for their personalities. First we see them as friends who want to be more and then slowly admit that to one another. It was a sweet romance and I liked the set-up. Their visit to the Barrett house also uncovers some information and hints about what happened to the Barrett Boys which serves as a great introduction to the rest of the series and I am really looking forward to the first book!

4 Stars

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