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Her Son’s Secret FatherHer Son’s Secret Father (RV Park Romance #2)
by Casey Dawes

My Rating: 4 stars

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Age Category: Adult
Type of romance: m/f

She’s ready to reveal her biggest secret to her sisters. But her ex-lover’s sudden appearance threatens her plans, her stability, and her heart.

Liz O’Sullivan has plenty of secrets. Now she’s decided to reveal the biggest one of all to her two sisters. She’s going to introduce them to the son she gave up for adoption over thirty years ago.

When her son’s father, Walter Jackson, shows up at her son’s back yard, her world turns upside down. Not only is his arrival unexpected, but she reacts to him exactly like she had when they first met. Worse, he wants to get together and catch up.

She wants to say no. She should say no. He’s a no-good, rotten scoundrel who loved her and left her. There is no reason to give him a second chance! None!

But when he asks her to coffee …

Her Son’s Secret Father is a later-in-life romantic comedy. It is the second in a well-liked series that can be read as a stand-alone.

My Review

I received an ecopy from the author through Booksprout and voluntarily reviewed it.

I really enjoyed the first book in this series and was excited when I got this one through Booksprout and started reading it. Her Son’s Secret Father is the second book in this series following three later-in-life sisters who travel together in an RV. They each get their own book and romance and this book follows Liz. Liz has kept a lot of secrets, everything from her secret son to his father as well as art and they all come to light in this book.

I liked reading about Liz, she is different than the main character from book 1 Diane, but shares some similarities as well. Liz’s life is filled with secrets as well as regrets. My favorite part was seeing her work through it all and by the end figure out the type of life she wanted. I liked reading about her and seeing how she handled things throughout the book. The ending was really well done and made me happy for her. I also liked reading about Liz’s artistic side and her process when it came to making art, there’s quite a lot of focus on art in this book and that gave this one quite the different vibe than book 1.

I liked the romance, it’s another second chance romance, but very different than the one in book 1. Liz and Walter dated a long time ago, but he went back to his wife trying to make it work for their kids, while Liz didn’t tell him she got pregnant. They both are older now, but their connection is still there. It made sense how they had to work through some things like how Walter left her and how Liz didn’t tell him about their son. I liked how patient Walter was and how he made it clear he wanted another chance. Liz on the other is nowhere as clear and could run and cold, going back and forth on whether she wanted to give their romance a try or not. It could get on my nerves a bit at times, but I did really like how it got resolved and how she eventually decides to go for it.

I also liked seeing more of the sisters together. There is plenty of Diane and Kathleen. With some hints about Kathleen past and some scenes of how Diane is still happy in love with Joe after she got her happy ending in book 1. I liked the RV theme, although there seemed to be a bit less focus on the RV in this book. Again they mostly stay at one place throughout the book this time they are in the Hudson valley, which was quite the change of scenery compared to book 1.

To summarize: I really enjoyed this book! This series is a good one so far and I like the set-up with these three sisters traveling together in an RV. Liz has a lot of secrets that all came out in this book. She also has a lot of regrets, fear and sadness she caries along that she has to work through. I liked reading about Liz and especially how she worked through things and figured out what she wanted. I also enjoyed reading about her art and artistic process. Walter seemed like a great guy and I liked how patient and clear he was, making it obvious he wanted another chance with Liz. Liz is less clear and sure and there is some back and forth as she can’t decide whether to give it another try or not, which did get on my nerves at times. I really liked the ending and how everything got resolved and I look forward to the next book!

4 Stars


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