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Gucci Girls Don't Date CowboysGucci Girls Don’t Date Cowboys (The O’Sullivan Sisters #2)
by Sophia Quinn

My Rating: 4 stars

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Age Category: Adult
Type of romance: MF

This city girl knows nothing about kids. She knows even less about cowboys. But when a single dad and royal pain needs help at home, this fashion diva is the only woman for the job.

It wasn’t like Lizzy wanted to wind up on the O’Sullivan ranch, heartbroken and betrayed. She certainly never planned on staying as long as she did, and her fashion job back in Chicago didn’t either. Which is why she’s no longer just a jilted bride, but an unemployed one too. But what does it matter? Everyone in the small town of Aspire already thinks she’s pathetic, and the hottie cowboy with the teasing taunts and sexy smirk makes it abundantly clear that her presence on the ranch is just a nuisance. Unless, of course, he’s kissing her senseless…

Kit didn’t mean to kiss the prissy Gucci girl, but impulse took over and now he can’t stop thinking about her. But this attraction is the last thing he needs. Being a single dad to twin five-year-olds is no picnic, but his already hectic life gets a million times more chaotic when his built-in support system sets sail on a cruise. Oh yeah, he also needs to find a new home for his family, all while working full-time and trying not to notice his boss’s gorgeous new houseguest. But when things get desperate and the only solution comes in the form of this leggy blonde, he has no choice but to accept her help—even though he knows he’s diving headfirst into danger. Experience has taught him that women like Lizzy don’t stay in Aspire. Definitely not for cowboys like him. And this time it’s not just his heart on the line…

My Review

I received a free copy from the author and voluntarily reviewed it.

Gucci Girls Don’t Date Cowboys is the second book in the O’Sullivan Sisters series. The first book followed Emma’s point of view and her love interest Nash, while this second book is about her sister Lizzy and Nash’s best friend Kit. I really enjoyed the first book and was excited to be back, especially after the glimpse we got of Lizzy at the end of book 1 and I happily started book 2.

Lizzy discovered her fiancé cheating on her and escaped to the O’Sullivan ranch where her sister Emma now lives. She loves the big city and fashion and hates the small blink-and-you-miss-it town of Aspire, but as her sister Emma is here and it’s far away from her previous life this is where she ends up. While love interest Kit is totally at home here in Aspire, he is a cowboys who works at the ranch and a single dad to two twins. He struggles taking care of them and handling everything them when his parents go away for a vacations. The two couldn’t be more different and yet there is a spark between them from the first moment they meet.

I have to admit I struggled a bit with this book at first. Lizzy isn’t the most likeable character at first, she comes across as self absorbed and is used to others taking care of her. She isn’t very likeable and I didn’t like how she could be a bit rude and judgmental about this town. She’s a complete mess when she first arrives in Aspire. I did like Kit from the start and I was hoping I would like Lizzy more as the book progressed, which luckily turned out to be the case. Lizzy’s life has fallen apart and now she has to think of what she really wants from life, with words of wisdom from her sister and Kit she slowly figures out who she wants to be and what really is important to her.

I really liked seeing Lizzy change in this book. Her growth is really great to see and I think all the more impressive with the way she starts out. She stays the same in some areas, like her love for fashion and looking pretty, but she changes a lot in other areas like how she treats other people and also what she wants from life and her whole outlook. Kit has his own struggles with handling his twins without his support network and finding a new house for his family. He doesn’t want to fall for Lizzy or get the hopes of his twins up. They both have some growing up to do and I liked seeing their journeys. I would’ve loved to see a few more of Lizzy’s inner thoughts, especially toward the end when her attitude begins to shift.

I liked the romance between Kit and Lizzy, it starts out with some banter and an impulsive kiss and then slows down and slowly grows into more. I liked reading about how Lizzy took care of the twins, there are some struggles along the way too, which were fun to read about. The twins were fun to read about and I liked seeing them interact with Kit and Lizzy. I liked seeing how they grew into a family. There is a bit of tension as Lizzy intends to go back to the city and doesn’t like Aspire, but I am glad there wasn’t too much drama and I like the way it got resolved.

I was happy to see more of Emma and Nash as well in this book. I always like it when the previous couples continue to play a part in future books. And that was definitely the case here. I liked seeing more of them and also seeing more of how Emma and Lizzy interact. There also is the set-up for the next sister and I am excited for her story!

To summarize: Gucci Girls Don’t Date Cowboys is a great second book in this series. I was happy to return back to the small town of Aspire and follow Lizzy and Kit as they find love. I liked Kit and how he took care of his two twins. Lizzy however I didn’t like from the start as she seemed self absorbed and used to others taking care of her. She also wasn’t very nice to others and even rude at times, but that made her character development all the more impressive as she grows into a likable women who takes care of others and helps them out and finds out what she really wants from life. Her romance with Kit was great to see. I liked their banter and seeing them interact and also how Lizzy interacted with his twins and how they slowly grew into a family. This is a heartwarming sweet romance story with a small town setting and I enjoyed reading it. The set up for the next book makes me curious and excited for the next one!

4 Stars


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