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Graveyard ShiftGraveyard Shift (Not Dead Yet #3)
by Jenn Burke

My Rating: 4 stars

Genre: Paranormal Romantic Suspsne
Age Category: Adult
Type of romance: MM

Shifting Into High Fear

Ghost/god Wes Cooper and his not-life partner, vampire Hudson Rojas, have settled into cohabitation in an upscale part of Toronto. So what if their hoity-toity new neighbors haven’t exactly rolled out the welcome mat for the paranormal pair? Their PI business is booming, and when a suspect they’ve been tailing winds up in the morgue, it’s alongside a rash of other shifters in apparent drug-related fatalities.

Now Wes and Hudson must connect the dots between the shifter deaths and an uptick in brutal vampire attacks across the city. Throw in a surprise visit from Hudson’s niece—who may or may not be on the run from European paranormal police (who may or may not exist)—and guardianship of a teen shifter who might be the key to solving the whole mystery (if only she could recover her memory), and Wes and Hudson have never been busier…or happier.

But when a nightmare from Hudson’s past comes back to haunt him, their weird, little found family is pushed to the brink. Mucking this up would mean Hudson and Wes missing their second chance at happily-forever-afterlife…

This book is approximately 74,000 words

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My Review

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher through Netgalley and from A Novel take PR. I voluntarily reviewed it.

I am really enjoying this series so far and couldn’t wait to get my hands on a copy of book 3. This book continues the adventures of ghost/ god Wes Cooper and his partner Hudson. There is again plenty of suspense, paranormal stuff that’s going on and a bunch of twists and reveals. It kept my attention from start to finish and I really enjoyed this latest installment.

I like how in this series the book starts with a simple case, that then turns out not to be as simple as that. Then there are multiple other threads that pop up as well and by the end of the book they often all tie together in someway. This book goes that way as well, there are quite some things going on and while I expect these would tie together it takes a while before things fall on their place. I wanted to know what was going on with the shifters dying and the new vampires that seemed to pop-up everywhere. It was fun to try and piece things together and follow along as the characters revealed more clues.

There’s some death and sadness going on as usual and there are some tough things the characters have to go through, but also enough happy moments. There is a twist that seemed a little too convenient, but I did like how everything got resolved in the end. There are some twists I liked, like seeing Wes grow into his god powers. I also liked most of the new side characters we meet in this book and the new things we learn paranormal wise.

This book centers around Wes and Hudson and the tight group of friends surrounding them. I love reading about them and how they stick together and are there for one another. I like reading about these characters and seeing them all develop in each book and in most books they add another character to the group, which is fun to see. I like seeing how they all interact with one another and are there for each other.

Romance wise I was really happy how this book played out. In previous books they had some big bumps romance wise to overcome and in this book we really see Wes and Hudson as partners. They stick together and forgive each other when things don’t go according to plan. They really are there for each other in all ways. And I enjoyed seeing them be so close. The make for a great couple and this book really shows their depth of love for each other.

This book again expands on the world building too. We slowly learn what it means for Wes to be a god and how he deals with this. And there’s more about his powers too. There is also more about shifters that we learn in this book as there are some shifter side characters that are important for the plot. As well as some additional information about vampires and other paranormal creatures. I like how with every book the world expands and feels even more real. I like learning more about this world and the supernatural creatures in it.

To summarize: This is another great read in this series. I liked the suspense plot line with the issues that seem unconnected at first, but them slowly turn into one big issue. It was interesting to find out who’s behind it, although I wasn’t fully happy with the who plot twist. There are some great developments in this book, some happy and hopeful moments, but also some sad parts. I liked seeing Wes grow into his role as a god. And I also liked how Wes and Hudson really are a team in this book, there are no major obstacles when it comes to their romance and I liked seeing them together and it it’s clear how much they love each other. There are some new interesting side characters in this book and the world building gets expanded a bit as well. I really enjoy this series and reading about this tight knit group of characters and I am looking forward to the next book.

4 Stars


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  1. I’m glad the series has stayed strong for you and there is a little more revealed in this one and some twists. Their friendships established and their romance leveling out into something steady and healthy sounds great. I listened to book one, but haven’t gone back for two yet. I’ll get to it eventually.
    Enjoyed your review, Lola!
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