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FusedFused (Legacy of Magic #6)
by Lindsay Buroker
narrated by Vivienne Leheny

My Rating: 4 stars

Genre: Urban Fantasy
Age Category: Adult
Type of romance: m/f

Matti Puletasi finally has the chance to confront those who kidnapped her parents, and she’ll do it with Sarrlevi, the elf assassin she’s come to love, at her side.

But now that they know great and powerful dragons are involved with the organization, they may be in over their heads. Their opponents aren’t just kidnappers. They’re on the verge of enacting a plan they’ve been working on for decades, one that could cut off Earth from the rest of the Cosmic Realms and bring humanity to its knees.

All Matti ever wanted was to find her parents, but it may be up to her to save the world.

My Review

I really like this series and was excited to pick up this sixth book in the series. Fused was really good and in many ways feels like the last book in the series, which makes sense as the author originally planned to end the series here. I felt this book was packed full with lots of storylines that progress and get wrapped up. There was a lot going on and happening in this book, but space for some more quiet moments too. The ending was really satisfying, but there are still some threads left open, so I am eager for the last two books.

Matti knows who has kidnapped her parents and they are getting closer to finding where the organization is keeping them. Varlesh is figuring out where his kidnapped mother is as well. Most of the plot lines progress and get wrapped up nicely in this book. I enjoyed seeing Varlesh and Matti focus on finding their parents and seeing them get reunited. I really liked Matti and Varlesh as a couple and how they still banter together. They grow even closer and I liked seeing them together.

The ending is action packed and I was eager to see how it all got wrapped up. The epilogue is great and I liked seeing how things are settling down after the fight. There’s more of Val and Zav as well. And I think the couple of the next series got introduced too. I like seeing how Matti is more comfortable with her enchanting magic as it’s fun to read about. She’s been a great main character to read about and this series is great.

To summarize: This one reads a bit like the last book in the series with a lot of plot lines getting wrapped up. There are some open plot lines remaining and I am looking forward to the next 2 books. I liked seeing Matti and Varlesh finally figure out where their parents are being held and focusing on freeing them. I loved seeing them together as a couple now and how they grow even closer. There is still plenty of banter between them, which I liked. I liked seeing more of Val and Zav in this book. And the couple for the next series gets introduced. All in all this was a solid book with a satisfying ending and I look forward to the next one!

4 Stars


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