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Colony On FireColony On Fire (Haven Colony #2)
Veronica Scott

My Rating: 4 stars

Genre: Science Fiction
Age Category: Adult
Type of romance: MF

When she came to Haven Two Dr. Saffia Mandell expected to grimly do her five years of medical service as the colony’s only doctor, work off her medical school debt and leave. Then she’d fallen in love, handled an epidemic and become an accepted member of the community. Now, in her second year, she faces new challenges as the tinder dry planet heads into a fire season and a mysterious food allergy threatens the local restaurant’s reputation.

Chief Ranger Micah Navonn of the Calinurra never expected to fall in love with a human woman but Saffia was a special person who captured his heart and now means everything to him. Not all of his people are as enthusiastic about the situation and his efforts to handle the politics are getting complicated. Add to that an infestation by insects from another world, causing portions of the forest to die off and his plate is full.

When the jet stream shifts course and the fires rage, will the colonists and the Calinurra set aside their differences? With Saffia’s life hanging in the balance, can Micah arrive in time to save her and the colonists in jeopardy?

Life on Haven Two never lets up…

This is the sequel to COLONY UNDER SIEGE: INTERSTELLAR VIRUS, which told the story of Saffia’s first year at the colony, but can be read as a standalone. The story is set in my Sectors scifi universe.

My Review

I read this book as a buddy read with Sophia and really enjoyed it. Colony on Fire follows the same couple as Colony Under Siege and I really enjoyed returning to Haven Colony and follows Saffia and Micah once more.

In Colony on Fire Saffia again has a lot to deal with. She just bought a new mobile clinic so she can visit the remote city that’s a few hours away to visit the people there and do health check ups. It was fun how this book introduces some new plot points and new dangers for the couple to deal with. There are some insects that are causing problems as well fires in the forest. It all combines into an exiting read that kept my attention from start to finish and ended with a satisfying epilogue.

There were some parts that could be tough to read, the scenes with the fire was terrifying and it was quite tense to see how it all played out. I thought the aftermath was dealt with well too, showing the determination and spirit of the humans who lived there, but also the pain and suffering and trauma it caused.

I really liked reading more about Saffia and Micah, I like them as a couple and was happy to see how they’re doing now. They have some issues to work through like how to mix their lives together and how Micah can merge his responsibilities to his people and wanting his mate close by. I thought it all felt realistic and I liked seeing how they handled it. I was happy there wasn’t drama for the sake of drama and the issues they dealt with were well written. I felt that they grew even closer having to deal with everything they did in this book and I liked reading about how they handle things.

To summarize: I really enjoyed this sequel that follows the same couple as in the first Haven book. There are plenty of things going on in this book and it kept my attention. The fire was quite terrifying to read about and it was sad in places with all the destruction and death, but also showed the determination of humans as well as the trauma that comes from going through such an event. I liked reading more about Saffia and Micah and seeing them deal with everything going on as well as some relationship issues. Luckily it stayed low on the drama and the issues they have to deal with felt realistic and I liked how they handled things and resolved them.

4 Stars


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