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I’ve been reading a lot of sci-fi this year and I thought it would be fun to list some things I want to read/ see more about in this genre. Some of these things I actually have read about and thought were fun and want more of and others are things I haven’t read a lot about or can’t find books that have that, but would like to read about.

What I want to read more of in science fiction

  • Alien aliens. I like reading about aliens, but so many of them are basically humans with a small twist and I would like to see more alien aliens. I think it’s fascinating to read about creatures that are different than humans, how they act, how their culture is and also how those differences influence things.
  • Space Stations. For some reason these don’t seem as common or at least I haven’t read many sci-fi books with space stations. I remember a short story I read that took place on a space station and I thought it was quite fun, so I would like to read more books with that. Star Trek deep Space 9 took mostly place on a space station and it was interesting.
  • Space Elevators. I recently played a game that had a space elevator in it and I realized I rarely see that in books. I think it would be fun to read about that.
  • Living aboard a spaceship or space station. I would like to read more books where the characters live aboard spaceships and space stations. I actually have read a bunch of books where they live on spaceships and a few where they live on space stations and I simply think it’s fun to read about and it adds a different type of living conditions.
  • Space cruise ships. I have to blame Veronica Scott for this one. Some of her sci-fi romance books take place aboard a cruise ship and I always thought this was such a fun setting to stage a story. I would love to read more books that do something similar.
  • Pets or alien pets. The Pets in Space anthologies did such a great job introducing pets and alien pets into science fiction romance stories and I want more of this. I like reading about pest in general, but in most other genres they seem more common and I think sci-fi lends itself so well for having pets as well. Or alien pets! There were a few stories with alien pets in the Pets in Space anthologies that were so well done.
  • Futuristic technology or futuristic hobbies. I like reading about how technology or hobbies have changes in the future or when humans go to space. I have read some stories that did this well and I think it’s interesting to see how every author has their own vision or ideas about this. I remember a fencing like sport in Athena Grayson’s Scions of the Star Empire series and one of the pets in space stories had a team sport I remember. I think it’s fun to see how in sci-fi books technology, hobbies and sports are different. And many books still seem to stick with pretty normal things, but with a futuristic flavor, so I would like to see more of this and more “weird” or different things.
  • Alien cultures and cultural differences. This one ties in a bit with the alien aliens one, but I like reading about different cultures, whether it’s other cultures on earth or alien cultures. And with alien cultures it has the benefit of being able to be totally different than what we already know. Bonus points when the alien culture and such makes sense give how their society or planet develop. I have read a few books that handled this so well and I want to read more of that. It’s also fun and fascinating how those cultural difference can cause fun misunderstandings or even conflict. There is so much potential with this.
  • Reverse Harem. Reverse harem is getting really popular lately and I have read quite some reverse harem books, but sci-fi Reverse Harem books seems to be a bit rarer than other genres. And I would like to read more sci-fi reverse harem books as the ones I read so far were good and I think the sci-fi genre has a great potential for reverse harem stories as with different cultures/ aliens and future changes there are a lot of potential explanation why such a relationship might be normal or more common. Although it’s also fun to read when the relationship isn’t as accepted at times, I think it’s also fun to read stories where this type of relationship is more common or makes sense given the culture/ race developments etc.
  • Normal People/ everyday life. While I like reading about heroes, people living dangerous lives and rebels, sometimes I just really want to read about more normal and everyday life, but then set in space. I have read a few books which handled this really well and I think it’s fascinating to have stories about normal people or everyday life in space or other planets. I just like having a bit smaller scope sometimes or more contemporary romance or cozy mystery type of stories, but then set in space.

What would you like to see more of in science fiction? Have you read books with any of the things I mentioned here?


10 responses to “Lola’s Ramblings: What I want to read more of in science fiction

  1. Ooooh, I love your list a whole lot! I’m going to give you RH sci-fi, hopefully in January, so at least that’s coming. I used a space elevator at the end of Released to get everyone up to orbit to leave. Aliens is just not something I do because I don’t think I could be creative enough! But I do like the idea of more stories taking place on a space station.

    You really need to read THESE BROKEN STARS as that starts out on a space cruise ship and it has an alien twist.
    S. J. Pajonas recently posted…Featuring HOT TEA AND COLD MURDER By Angela C. BlackmooreMy Profile

    • I am so excited that you’re writing a RH sci-fi :)! I can’t wait to read that one. I can’t believe I didn’t remember that Released has a space elevator. Guess I have read a book with a space elevator then.

      It is really hard to find well done and creative aliens, I do understand it’s much easier to stick close to human, but I would really like to see some more alien aliens. The Orville tv series had a minor side character that was a slime alien, which was so fun and you got to see how such an alien alien still functioned aboard a star ship.

      I’ve read These Broken Stars, indeed that one did start on a space cruise ship.

    • I would totally recommend the Pets in Space anthologies, although the ones from previous years are unpublished by now I think, most authors republished their stories, so you can still get them. I really enjoy science fiction stories and have been reading quite some of them this year.

  2. Very nice list! I’ve read a few that would meet your criteria. My favorites are definitely the alien- alien types though I still get a big thrill out of the war between races types or when there is some political intrigue or mystery in an alien culture.
    Sophia Rose recently posted…Book Bargains!My Profile

    • I really like it when an author writes well done alien-aliens. It’s so fun to get to know their culture and habits etc. And some political intrigue or mystery added in, can be great too!

  3. The Hyperspace Trap by Christopher Nuttall is on a passenger cruise spaceship liner, which works really well. And Elizabeth Bonesteel’s cracking Central Corps series has her main characters living and working on a spaceship. David Brin’s Uplift series has some really interesting aliens featured that are quite different, as does Alan Dean Foster.

    As regards space stations, my first book Running Out of Space starts in the bowels of a space station and throughout the trilogy, she finds herself revisiting this particular space station as it plays a key part in the plot. And in the final book, she arrives on Earth via a space elevator, which she doesn’t enjoy all that much…

    • Space cruise ships can be such a fun setting. Thanks for the recommendations! I’ll look them up.

      Good to know your book also deals with space stations and a space elevator. I have book 1 and 2, I just need to find time to fit them into my reading schedule :).

  4. Okay, I’ve got a really good recommendation for you: Sanctuary by Caryn Lix. LOVED THAT book, it has a space station and alien monsters. You should definitely check that out! Oh and the kids have superpowers too 😉

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