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I’ve always been interested in dreams and dreaming. It probably also helps that there still isn’t a clear explanation of why we dream and that is part of what makes dreaming so intriguing. Beside that I just have this fascination with dreams and even had this time in high school where I wrote down my dreams every morning and tried to figure out their meaning with the help of some dream explanation books. Nowadays I have given up trying to find meaning in my dreams, but I still like writing them down or talking about my dreams with my boyfriend and the differences in how we dream.
After waking from a nightmare I came up with the idea to write a post about dreaming. When I talk with my boyfriend about our dreams I am always surprised how different we dream. So I want to talk about how I dream and common themes and subjects in my dreams and then hear from you how you dream.

How do I dream?

The question mind sound a bit vague, but it was the best way to explain what I wanted to talk about, I want to talk about how I dream. What my dreams are like.

  • I dream in colour. I am not sure if this uncommon or not, but I usually dream in colour. I don’t think I’ve ever dreamt in black and white and if I did I can’t remember.
  • People play a huge part in my dreams. While I am not the most social person in real life, my dreams often seem to focus on people. I am with people, surrounded by people, going somewhere with people, people are after me etc. I hardly have dreams where I am alone, most of my dreams have people in them.
  • I can talk and hear in my dreams, but seldomly eat. I actually talk a lot in dreams as they usually seem to involve a lot of people. I don’t just know what they mean, I actually talk, just like in real life. My boyfriend says he usually doesn’t talk in dreams, but somehow knows what people mean.
  • My dreams are often pretty realistic. In my dreams things usually work like they do in real life. Sometimes there things that seem a bit off or differ from how thing works in real life, but the rules of physics still apply and there’s no magic. Things that apply in the real world also apply to my dreams. If there’s magic, it’s usually a storylike dream. photo SAM_8411-kopie_zps600e2ff4.jpg
  • I sometimes have “emo dreams” as I like to call them. I call them “emo dreams” basically those are dreams and when I wake up I feel almost emotionally drained. When I wake up from these dreams I feel like I’ve been through something very emotional. Usually the emotions involve anger, fear or sadness. I don’t feel rested when I wake from these dreams. I don’t like emo dreams and they are a difficult way to start your day. Usually these are dreams that I can remember pretty good when I wake up and I feel drained by them.
  • I sometimes have storylike dreams. These dreams are almost like reading a book and I often realize in my dreams that they would make a good story or book. Often when I wake up I usually realize they made less sense or would be a less interesting story then I thought it would at the moment of the dream. I often want to remember lots of details about these dreams as they can be kinda fun or interesting.
  • I usually can’t do awesome/supernatural things in my dreams. I can’t fly or do magic in my dreams. When I hear about people being able to do awesome stuff in their dreams I always feel a bit of envy as I can’t. I think the explanation is that I dream very realistic and in my dreams I believe it’s the normal world and I know I can’t fly or do magic. Yeah I’m a bit of a realist awake as well. The closest I come to flying is sort of hovering and then moving my arms in an attempts to get higher. Due to my fear of heights I never go very high, even if I can. But usually the highest I can fly/hover is till the top of the trees. I also hardly ever can do any magic or mystical. If I can do magic it’s very subtly or I have dreams where I know I can do magic, but in a truly ridiculous fashion I tell the bad guys I am blasting them with fire and they writhe on the floor and pretend to be hit by fire, but there’s no actual fire involved. And sometimes the bad guys don’t listen to me and just ignore my statements of how I am attacking them.
  • My dreams contain weird small things that differ from real life. While my dreams are realistic they usually do contain things that don’t fit with how things are in real life. Like in my dream I know it’s my house, but it doesn’t look anything like it. Or the rat travel cage has a water bottle attached to it, while that isn’t possible in real life. There are often these small things that just don’t fit or make sense in my dreams and when I wake up I can be puzzled why they seemed normal in my dreams.
  • I hardly ever have a pleasant dream. My boyfriend sometimes has dreams he calls fun or enjoyable, but I hardly have those dreams. My dreams often range from average to weird to nightmares and everything in between. But I don’t often have pleasant or funny dreams. It’s nice when do have a pleasant dream once in a while.
  • I can wake myself up from dreams if I realize it’s a dream. This most often happens with nightmares, at some point I want to escape from the situation and for a short moment I realize I am dreaming and can wake myself up. I wake myself up by forcing my real eyes open, it’s an unpleasant and difficult way to wake up and I usually fall back to sleep very easily, which I don’t want to. I try to get up and go to the toilet, so I don’t fall back into the same nightmare. I hate waking up like that, although I am always glad I woke myself. I try to stay awake as long as possible to make sure I don’t fall back into the same dream.
  • Sometimes I have roleplay dreams. For lack of a better word let’s call them roleplay dreams. In this dreams I am still me, but I am also someone else, like a character from a book or tv series. And sometimes my boyfriend is there too and I just knows it’s him even though he is someone else as well. These dreams often feature scenery or locations from said book or tv series, but the story is usually nothing alike. I once dreamed my boyfriend and I where aboard Voyager, but instead of a flying starship it looks like a big hotel. And when we had a meeting at the Bridge we sat at a giant wooden table. But in my dream it all made sense and I knew this was Voyager.

Next week I’ll talk about some common themes in my dreams. I had it all in one post at first, but I thought the post was too long then, so I moved that to another post.

So my question to you is:

How do you Dream?


12 responses to “Lola’s Ramblings: How do you Dream?

  1. Hey, how cool! I can wake myself up as well. I hardly ever meet people that can do that. I do the exact opposite though, instead of opening my real eyes, I close my dream eyes. And then I have to sit up or I’ll fall back to sleep and the nightmare continues.

    I do dream about realistic things (like school or work) but also about levitating or weird stuff. Often I’m not “myself” in dreams, but someone else. My dreams tend to be very bizarre generally, twisting things that happened in real life into something weird.
    Celine recently posted…Falling for Autumn: Bookish ConfessionsMy Profile

    • Indeed I don’t hear many people who can wake themselves, how cool you can do that as well! I’ll have to try your technique once, to close my dreams eyes, see if that also works for me. When I was younger I always rubbed my eyes in my dream and that helped wake me up. My theory is this works because your eyes aren’t moving anymore, thus disrupting the rem sleep.

      My weird things tend te be more in the direction of my house looking wierd or slightly strange things, but nothign too bizarre. Thanks for stopping by and sharing how you dream!

  2. Dreams are interesting to me too. I have heard when people take certain medications they can have crazy dreams. Who knew that meds could influence what we dream. I dream in color. I usually dream in first person. I have woken myself up before when I am having a bad dream that I don’t want to dream about. I also seem to dream about things that are happening in the real world. I usually don’t dream about things like unicorns or fantasy. I wish I did but it’s usually just real world stuff. Also… I don’t really like dreams. They are just so weird to me.
    Angie @Angela’s Anxious Life recently posted…Going Vintage by Lindsey Leavitt- ReviewMy Profile

    • I do have even weirder dreams when I am sick, but I didn’t know medications could also influence your dreams. And same here, I wish my dreams would involve more fantasy.

  3. Ooh, this is such an interesting topic, Lola. Thanks for sharing. Me? I never actually remember many of my dreams — or if I do, they fade from my memory before I have a chance to write the down/remember them properly. I’ve remember waking up a few times thinking, “Wow, THAT would make a cool story”, yet I can never really remember them properly. But for the most part, or the dreams that I actually do remember, they just… weird. Often I wake up, thinking that my dream was weird and strange, but never actually remember them. I don’t particularly like dreaming, though. Not that I have a lot of nightmares, I just prefer dreamless sleep. 🙂
    Kara @ Diary of a Teen Writer recently posted…Loony Blurbs (1)My Profile

    • Usually when I wake up and think it would make a good story the details already begin to fade, it’s a shame. Or there are so many plotholes it actually didn’t make much sense at all.
      While I am interested in dreams I can’t say I really like dreaming. It’s more the case that I find them interesting. Usually when I wake up and think about it I can remember a few dreams, but if I don’t think about it directely after waking up I probbaly won’t remember them. Sometimes something that happens that day can trigger me to remember a dream.

  4. Such an interesting topic to write about, I love it. Dreams are just fascinating, aren’t they? I can’t even explain this one but I don’t know if I dream in black and white or in colour. When I try to remember I can’t picture any images and this question has puzzled me for years.
    And now that you mention it, I can’t do supernatural things in my dreams either. That’s not fair! Even in my dreams, I’m not cool :O
    I think I have a mixture of happy and sad dreams. And thankfully I don’t have a lot of nightmares (maybe one every couple of years).

    • I wonder why I never thought to write about dreams before, they are fascinating indeed! The colour one is kinda difficult to notice sometimes. It’s usually not one fo the things you pay attention to in your dream itself.
      It’s kinda sad to not being able to do supernatural things in my dreams, although it sorta makes me feel better to know that I am not the only one.

    • I don’t think it’s weird, it really depends on the eprson how much they remember about their dreams. I always have been interested in dreams and that’s probably why I remember them sometimes, but even I have nights where I don’t remember any dreams.
      Dreams certainly have a tendency to be weird!

  5. Ugh, I hate dreaming. I have what I like to call “White Rabbit Dreams”…lol, as in Alice in Wonderland. I’m usually racing against a clock to get somewhere and I’ll always be late and panicking and gah! It’s SO exhausting. But mostly I don’t even remember my dreams. I just know I had them. I think knowing how to fly/swim/be awesome in dreams would be intensely cool! But, alas, me neither. 😐
    Cait @ Notebook Sisters recently posted…Mini Reviews || Noggin and Belzhar || Off With Your Head!My Profile

    • Those White Rabbit Dreams sound unpleasant, I hate dreams where I am late. I actually hate being late in real life as well, so I usually prevent it. I talk a bit more about which topics I often dream about in next weeks post and being late is one of those.
      It’s comforting to know that I am not the only one who can’t fly etc in dreams, although I wonder how we can read so much fantasy books, but not have fantasy dreams. It seems weird somehow.

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