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Reading a book you don’t enjoy is never nice, but what can complicate this situation even more if it’s a book you had high hopes for because it’s by an author whom’s books you normally enjoy. I’ve had this happen a few times and I don’t like these kind of situations at all. I couldn’t describe the topic fully in the title, so that’s why the title is a bit weird.

What happens when you don’t like a book from an author you like

Usually it’s pretty simple you enjoy book A and B by author X and when book C is released you buy it and you probably enjoy that one as well. But what happens when you don’t enjoy book C?
Because you have read other books by this author, this led to certain expectations and when those expectations aren’t met you probably feel a bit disapointed. In my opinion disapointment is much worse then a bad book, it usually isn’t that the book was bad, but that the book was bad in comparison to your expectations. I don’t like expectations and sometimes I wish I could go into each book without any expectations, but that simply isn’t possible. When in the case of my example book C is a different genre or in a different series then book A and B, you might atribute not liking it as much to that fact, but there are also books which are in the same genre or even the same series to the books you did enjoy.

In some instances were this happened to me I was part of an author’s street team and when you write a less then favorable review of one of their books it just feels off. In most of those cases I left the street team, because I felt conflicted. The thing is I still enjoyed book A and B, but the negative review of book C seems to taint that. When it’s a series my overal opinion of that series might change because of how I felt about book C. And no matter how much I keep trying to remind myself that I did enjoy book A and B, that suddenly seems worth less because I didn’t like book C.

Book I didn’t like/ was disapointed from author’s I like.

  • before I wakeBefore I Wake (Soul Screamers #6) and With All My Soul (Soul Screamers #7) by Rachel Vincent. I really enjoyed this series up till book 5 and then the last two books were just meh. They weren’t bad, but in comparison to the earlier books I felt they weren’t as good as I felt disapointed. Now every time I think of this series I remember how much I enjoyed the first 5 books and how the last two weren’t as good. I can’t think of this series without remembering my issues of the last two books, which I think is really sad as I really enjoyed Rachel her books and the first 5 books in this series.
  • Recalled (Death Escorts #1) and Tirade (Heven and Hell #3) by Cambria Hebert. I enjoyed the first two books in the Heven and Hell series, then I read book 3 which wanst as good and then I started the first book in her new series which didn’t work for me either. After that I left her street team and didn’t read any of her new books, which makes me kinda sad as I did enjoy her earlier work. After that I haven’t dared to pick up another book by her.
  • Come (Dirty, Dark, and Deadly #1) and Follow (Social Media #1) by JA Huss. I really enjoyed JA Huss her Rook and Ronin series. The last book Guns wasn’t as good as I hoped, but overal I stilll had a good feeling about the series. Then I tried to read Come and DNF’d it and I read Follow which I didn’t enjoy. I also had mixed feelings about Clutch. So after finishign Follow and not liking it, I decided to not pick up any of her books for now. Which again just makes me sad as I really enjoyed her Rook and Ronin series.
  • Ghost Heart coverGhost Heart (PSS Chronicles #3) by Ripley Patton. I really enjoyed the first two books in this series, but the thirs book just felt disapointing. The author took a dare and did somethign diffeent with the series and went against some expectations and I think it’s good that she did, but it didn’t work for me. I expected a fast paced enjoyable book, but things happened that i didn’t like and I missed the fast pace.

In many of these cases I can’t really say if it was the author who changed or me, in most cases it was probably me though. or something the author tried in later books that didn’t work for me. I also don’t think those books are bad, but they just weren’t for me as I expected something different.

Basically not liking a book by an author from whom I have read books I liked mostly gives me a sad and disapointed feeling. It can even lead me to not pick up any other new releases by the author for fear of beign disapointed again or just not knowing what to expect from this author anymore. I like the feeling if you like an author’s work and you pre-order their next book and you just know it’s going to be good as well. Sometimes I like that safety blanket, if I want to read a book I know for sure I am going to enjoy, then I pick up a book by an author from whom I have enjoyed other books. If that doesn’t work it just leaves me sad and disapointed. I wish things like that didn’t happen.

What happens when you don’t enjoy a book by an author whom’s other books you did enjoy? Do you feel like one or two less positive books in a series taint your view of the series as a whole?

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42 responses to “Lola’s Ramblings: Books you hate by authors you like

  1. I do feel disappointed when I pick up a book from a beloved author and it turns out I’m not enjoying it. However, it could be that the book is a genre I don’t read often, or it’s simply because I don’t enjoy the storyline or the characters. I don’t expect to like every single book by an author. For instance, I love Cecelia Ahern, but I’ve two-starred a book before. Or Jodi Picoult – a massively gifted writer, but it really depends on the book for me. I’ve DNFed books of hers as well. I’m fond of many authors, but it will always depend on the book for me.

    I haven’t read many series, but it does affect my view of the entire series when I don’t like one or two books. Which is a shame, but they’re still part of the series.
    Inge @ Bookshelf Reflections recently posted…Review: Jackaby by William RitterMy Profile

    • There can be multiple reason why a book by an author doesn’t work for you, in most instances I mentioned above something happened I didn’t like or a twists that didn’t work for me. With JA Huss her books seem be either a hit or miss for me, it’s really difficult to decide whether I pick up another book by her or not.

      I think it’s interesting to see that even if we love a certain author it can still very much depend on the book. I think it’s the same for me that one or two books i didn’t liek get the view or the series down, although with the Soul Screamers series I still recommend it, while the last books didn’t work for me.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

    • It depends a bit on the author and how many of their books I like and dislike. For exmaple with rachel Vincent I view those Soul Screamers books I didn’t like as the exception and still buy everythign she writes. With JA Huss I am really doubting whether to buy her next book or not as I feel like the risk is higher I won’t enjoy it.
      Like you said it’s difficult to anticipate it!

  2. I’m having that same issue with Alyxandra Harvey’s Drake Chronicles. I loved the first four books in the series which were fast paced, full of the Drake family and with added humour. The fifth book was double the length, slow, boring in places, had less of everything I loved about the other books and had a lot I didn’t like. Book six was big and the whole first half was boring though it is getting better in the last third. The last two books have felt like a chore, not a pleasure and it has soured a great series.
    chucklesthescot recently posted…Book Review: My love lies bleeding by Alyxandra Harvey (Drake Chronicles #1)My Profile

  3. I think I feel doubly sad and disappointed if it’s a book by an author I love, Lola. And I actually haven’t even written my review for the last Soulscreamer book yet, because I really didn’t enjoy it, and I have no idea how to finish my review. I read the book in 2013…
    When and author I love releases a new book, I have certain expectations when it comes to the writing – not the characters or the world or anything else, that might all change – but if the writing is all different, or things just don’t make sense, I can’t love the book. And I think sometimes it’s my expectations that may be a little too high.
    Great topic this week, Lola!
    Have a terrific Thursday.
    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews recently posted…Up Close and (un)Conventional #11 – Freedom of SpeechMy Profile

    • I did enjoy the ending of Soul Screamers as it was wrapped up nicely, but the last few books just didn’t work for me, which is a shame as the I loved the first few books. Even though I stil rated them 3 stars because of the high expectations I still feel very disapointed.

      I think when you have read multiple books by an author you can come to expect certain things, the style or way they create the world or character. Ofcourse it can still happen that a character or such doens’t work for you, but when the general style changes that is worse.

      I agree that sometimes our expectation might just be too high and it’s hard to a sequel or new series to live up to that and because of the high expectations a book can often not meet those standards. I think disapointment is even worse then simply not liking a book.

  4. Interesting question, Lola! For me, a good example is Sarah J Maas’ Throne of Glass series. I absolutely loved her previous novels but Heir of Fire was a total miss for me. I don’t think it’s tainted my view on the series all that much. What can I say? I have faith that the author can do better next time.

    Lovely post, hun! <33

    • I actually DNF’s the first Throne of Glass books so I can not say much about that series, but I know lots of people love that series. Maybe your view of the series hasn’t changes because you enjoyed both the first two novel and it’s only one book you didn’t like? Let’s hope the next book is better again!

  5. It depends on how much I like the author. If I really REALLY like the author’s work, my first response would be “Oh no, what did I miss?” because I can’t believe that I wouldn’t enjoy a book by someone whose work I absolutely loved. If I like their work, then it’s more of a “Well, it happens.” kind of reaction. 🙂
    Ana @ Read Me Away recently posted…Talk To Me 53: Simultaneous ReadingMy Profile

    • Most of these authors listed are the 4 and 5 star kind, so the it feels really sad when you don’t enjoy their books. If the author is more one I enjoy or haven’t read as many books from it’s easier to deal with.

  6. Oh, I have a lot to say about this! I actually have a similar post scheduled (more related to the situation you had with the street team!), it is SO hard when that happens! I feel like I probably give the author TOO much leniency if I really like them, so if the book is bad… well, I may think it is me more than them. Which isn’t really true, and I don’t know why I do that. I mean, it could be that this particular book and I just didn’t mesh, or perhaps my tastes are changing, or even that the author’s writing style is evolving and we simply aren’t a good match anymore. But I am with you, it is so disappointing, especially when you really, REALLY love an author! I felt a bit that way with Allegiant. I had so adored Divergent and Insurgent, and I felt really, really let down. Not just the ending situation, but the whole book just fell very, very short for me. That being said, I will still give Veronica Roth another shot, because out of 3 books, I did love 2.

    Now, I had been a HUGE fan of Charlaine Harris. In fact, before I meandered over to YA, she was my go-to author. I bought literally every book she wrote, no exaggeration, and there were LOTS of them, at the time probably about 40. And then… ugh. The last few books of the Sookie Stackhouse series weren’t good, but the last book was one of the worst books I have ever read. And I was MAD. And THEN she published ANOTHER book in the series (after she swore the last book was the END) and I snapped! Now, I won’t read anything else she writes, because I feel like the whole thing was just to keep getting money out of the readers. That is an extreme case of course, but it can happen!

    GREAT discussion topic!
    Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight recently posted…Bookish Sins? You Decide.My Profile

    • I am looking forward to read your post about this topic! It’s not a topic that get’s talked about a lot and the situation with a street team is even more difficult. Like you I do feel that if there are more books I enjoyed then book I didn’t enjoy I still give the author a change. Or in the case with Rachel Vincent, I love most of her books and I hope the last Soul Screamers book were just the case of the books not meshing with me.
      I still haven’t read Allegiant and while I really enjoeyd the first tow books I haven’t had the urge to pick up the third book.
      I often feel like it’s because of me I didn’t enjoy the book, becasue for exmaple in the case of JA Huss most readers continue to enjoy her series, while I didn’t.

      I have read Charlaine Harris her Sookie Stackhosue series with the exception of the last book and the Harper Connelly series, which I both enjoyed. I never really was tempted to check out her other books for soem reaosn. It’s so frustrating when an author get’s popular and it feels like they are just writing more books in a series to get more money.

  7. I end up being deeply disappointed when this happens.Usually I go in with high expectations when I start a book by an author I really like. And when I don’t like the book,it makes me kinda sad.
    This is even worse when it comes to sequels.As a person who abandon series often,when a sequel isn’t up to my expectations,I really can’t make myself to continue it,even when I love the series and the author.Sometimes I really want to,but still I can’t do that:(
    Mishma @ Chasing Faerytales recently posted…What makes you cry over a book?My Profile

    • Just like you situations like this made me really disapointed. This is one of the reasons I often feel a bit hesistant to start a book by one of my favourite authors because of all the expectations. It would be nice to start a book without any expectations sometimes, because disapointment is the worst.
      Sequels are even worse then when it happens with a new series, in the last case you can still think it’s only that series you don’t like.

  8. Your post made me think of the series Kara Gillian, as much as I adore the beginning of the series, there was one book that was so weird I hated it. I didn’t know if the author was planning to write in a different style or heading to a different series – hell, I wasn’t even sure it had been written by the same author in spite of the name on the cover ! Fortunately, next book relieved me, it was great. But I was wary of it at first, so disappointed by the previous that I put off reading it for some time.
    I don’t think one book would have me stopping the series, but two bad books one after the other ? I would have given up.
    Red Iza recently posted…Review / Viola Rivard : Lost in winter – Kiss of Christmas magic boxed set, story #3My Profile

    • I still haven’t read the last Kara Gillian book and I think a new one is being released soon. I think I enjoyed all books so far, so I am curious which book you didn’t enjoy as much.
      I agree that one meh book still can be an exception, but after two i woudl most likely put down the series as well.

  9. Oh no! I’ve been putting of reading Before I Wake – just because I don’t want the series to end. I’m sad that you didn’t like it. And I’m sad you didn’t like some of JA’s books too. If you ever want to borrow the 2nd books in those series, I’ll lend them to you, Lola. I think you might end up liking the series.

    So, I haven’t yet read a book I didn’t like by an author I love. I’ve been putting off The Age of X though because I love Richelle Mead but lots of my blogging friends didn’t like it. I didn’t fall in love with her Bloodlines, though. But the second book pulled me into the story and I love the series. I suppose I’ll have to get back to you on this question. 🙂
    Bookworm Brandee recently posted…**Blog Tour Review ~ Here, Home, Hope ~ Kaira Rouda**My Profile

    • I didn’t like some of the things that happened and how Rachel broke one of her own world building rules in Before I wake. It was still a good ending to the series and I still gave both books 3 stars, it just wasn’t as good as the books before.

      And maybe I’ll pick up the rest of those JA Huss series once, thanks for offering to lend them! I am thinking of giving her new 321 book a try as the blurb made me think more of the style of the Rook and Ronin series, so I hope I’ll enjoy that one.

      I am a bit hesistant to start the Age of X series as well, although I have heard good things about it.

  10. I hate when it happens, but I can’t actually make myself like it either. I think I end up disliking the author, too if I try to sugarcoat my review or try to like it just because . I’ve come to the realisation that it’s not the author that makes me like the book, it’s the book itself.

    • I agree you can’t force yourself to like a book either. While the book itself is more important than the author I’ve found that usually when I like one book by an author I will like the rest as well, although sadly there are exceptions.

  11. I hate it! I have a few authors I love but as their style changed I just couldn’t go along with it. Or sometimes, nothing changed, just the books all became too similar and I lost interest. Not loving a book is always a let down but when it’s a favourite author, then the blow is harder. I don’t lose faith but I do check out future books a lot more carefully rather than just auto-buying them.
    Trish @ Between My Lines recently posted…My To-Be-Read List : Jan 15 WINNER!My Profile

    • Indeed often the author their style changed and I didn’t or I change and lose interest for some reason. And the blow is harder when it’s a favourite authors. Just liek you I will still buy the author their books, but be more carefull about it. I also depends on how many of their books I did enjoy and how many I didn’t, the higher the ratio of book I did enjoy the higher the chance I still give their books a try.

  12. Very interesting point, Lola! This has happened to me as well! I ADORE Stiefvater’s Raven Cycle but I had to abandon her Shiver series. Werewolves DO NOT work for me at all, and no matter how much I adore her writing, I just couldn’t stick with it when it was about the one paranormal creature that I disliked. And her book about horses. No just no. I’m not a fan of horses either and I knew that it would never work for me. But it kills me because her writing is just phenomenal.
    Jess @My Reading Dress recently posted…Seeking Saturday’s Read #20: Birthdays, Books and the Gift That Is Chris PineMy Profile

    • It’s just so sad when you love an author’s writing and then don’t enjoy another one of her series. I actually love werewolves, but I haven’t read the Shiver series yet.
      Lola recently posted…Sunday Post #108My Profile

  13. I don’t know that I’ve ever really come across a book by an author that I love which I didn’t enjoy. I have authors who are hit and miss like Stephen King and then I have authors who I have high expectations of but I don’t think I read enough by the same authors to ever have a problem with disappointments. I’d like to finish some series’ this year though so that might change.
    Charlotte @ Books and Baby etc. recently posted…Let’s talk statsMy Profile

    • I think it’s great that you haven’t had any big disapointments yet. It’s just so sad when it happens. I also have some hit or miss authors and after a few of those instances you know not to place too high expectations on their books. I hope you’ll be able to finish some series this year! that would be a good goal for me as well as I tend to start mroe new series then finish those I already started.

  14. What a great post! I always feel awkward when I read a book by an author I love – and probably communicate with – and then suddenly I don’t like a book they wrote (and probably gave me for review). It just sucks 🙁 It’s probably why I’m only on one street team – It would be awkward to have that happen when I’m on the street team!

    When it happens with a book in a series, it definitely taints my view of the series, as much as I wish it wouldn’t. I always think, “I liked the series UNTIL…” Such a bummer!
    Berls @ Fantasy is More Fun recently posted…Sunday Post | 70th EditionMy Profile

    • Thanks! It can be awkward as well, it feels so weird to love all their books and then suddenly not. It’s even worse when you on their street team, but often you cna easily leave the group and no one will notice (hopefully!).
      I agree I can’t help with have a bad aftertaste when I didn’t like one or two books. It still influences my feel of the series as a whole.

  15. This is a great post, this happened to me twice last year and I was so upset thinking can can I never read her books again! I guess some books regardless of who writes them work and some just don’t even if the author is someone you love.

    I also had to bail on a street team because of it and now feel like if she did offer another book to the street team maybe I shouldn’t take it so I left. However I will read her book when it comes out since I am sure it was just that one book….I hope.
    Michelle@Because Reading recently posted…I screamed with delight ~ WIR & TSPMy Profile

    • I always hope that if I love oen book by an author I will love the other books ro series as well and it’s just sad when that isn’t the case.

      My reasons for bailing the street teams after not enjoyeing a book were similar. I prefer not to have the pressure of being part of a street team and feeling like I have to enjoy it. I mitgh buy it myself eventually to give the author another change, but then the pressure is les and I feel liek it’s more okay if I don’t enjoy it. I a still part of some street teams and always am afraid I won’t enjoy one of those author their books.

  16. This has happened to me a few times, but never in within the same series. I have to agree that disappointment is indeed worse than not liking a book of which you had no previous expectations, but I do believe in making mistakes and second chances. I would definitely give the author another chance after said disappointment, unless I’ve been disappointed more times than not. The street team part is very complicated. I actually left a street team because it was too much pressure and I didn’t have all the time to read and review as many books as this author was producing. I mean, I like other authors too. But I don’t think I would leave a street team only because one bad review, if it is more than one, then definitely!
    Valeria @ A Touch of Book Madness recently posted…My Compulsive Need to Buy BooksMy Profile

    • Glad to hear it never happened to you within the same series, but even if it’s a different series it’s sad when it happens. I agree with your policy of giving an author another chance after said disappointment, unless I’ve been disappointed more times than not. Maybe that one series or book just wasn’t for you, but the other books are. Although with some authors I gave up on them after to liking their last 2- 3 books and felt it was more an issue of me not liking their style anymore or their writing style changing.

  17. Oh no! That’s sad to hear about the Soul Screamers books, I’m only on like book 3 maybe? But I was really liking them.

    It’s always a disappointment when an author you like or love, writes a book you can’t stand. If it starts being consistent, I become wary of that author. Borrowing new books from the library or friends before I buy it, just in case. But if it’s just every once in a while, or once in a blue moon, I just steer clear of the particular series that I had to DNF.

    Luckily, this has only happened once or twice that I can think of. And the author in question hasn’t been a DNF since.
    Silvara recently posted…How Do You Choose Your Next Book?My Profile

    • There are lot of people who did enjoy the later books as well, so maybe it’s just me and you will enjoy them.

      Borrowing books instead of buying them is a good way when you become warry of an author. And sometimes I just feel like I won’t like their future books either and just steer clear of that author.

      Glad to hear it only happened a few times to you 🙂

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