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I got nominated for an award! This is the first time my blog got nominated. I got nominated by Orisi from the blog Orisi’s blah blah blah. So I already made the draft for this post, but never got around to finishing it, until I got nominated a second time by Julie from JA Belfields blog. So I am going to answer both of their series questions.

The Liebster blog award is an award for blogs with fewer than 200 followers. It’s a way of showcasing different blogs and more importantly discover new ones! And I totally copied this description from Orisi’s blog. I have heard about awards before, but this is the first time I actually got nominated.

So, I’ve gotta answer 11 questions, as well as give away 11 facts, and then nominate 11 blogs PLUS give them some questions too (11 to be exact)!

My answers to the questions from Orisi
1. Why do you blog?
I blog because I like sharing my opinion with the world. I love writing reviews and writing blog post and it is awesome to realize people actually read what I write. I also love being part of the blogger community and having contact with all kinds of awesome authors.

2. If you could become a character in a book for one day, who wouldja be?
I actually prefer to just be myself. I think it would be strange to be someone else. I do would love to walk around in some of the world of my books.

3. What is your favourite genre?
I am not sure if I really have a favourite genre, I also am of the opinion that in each genre there is a book I will like/love. Usually I prefer: urban fantasy, paranormal romance, dystopia and contemporary romance books. I am not a big fan of science fiction and horro, but again there are always exceptions.

4. Spring, Summer, Winter or Autumn?

Spring, I love how after a cold winter everything comes alive again and the world becomes greener again. I love seeing trees and flowers beginning to grow again. And while I think summer is way too hot, Spring usually is warm, but not too hot.

5. Do you have a favourite book? What is it and why?
No I don’t have a favourite book. Choosing favourites it is something I am terribly bad at. I just can’t choose between all the good books I have read.

6. In your opinion what makes a good book cover?
I love simple book cover that still give the reader an impression of what the story will be about. I do prefere covers to have a link with the story and actually share the feeling of the story, if that makes sense. I also love nature on covers and am not a big fan of big faces on the cover.

7. Look one-hundred years in to the future… what does reading look like then?

I can’t imagine what reading would be like then. I assume paper books actually get rare or even exstinct. I think most people will have an e-reader or maybe even have something put into their brain where you can see the whole book before your eyes and not even have to hold anything anymore. I am not sure if I want to know how reading will be changed.

8. Do you love or loathe movie adaptations of your books?
I loathe them usually, although it is nice to see what they come with. I always prefer the books and having to imagine everything myself.

9. Where is your favourite place to read?
On the couch in my living room. I also love to read in the train, there is something really nice about reading whikle you travel and you know you only have to stop reading when you finally arrive at your destination. My mom almost lives as far away from me as possible while staying in the same country and it takes 3 hours by train to get there. I always see up against the travel, but when i am actually in the train I love it and all the time I can read interrupted.

10. Where in the world have you visited?
I haven’t been to many places as I hate travelling by boath and am too scared to enter a plane. I live in the Netherlands and I have been to Belgium, Germany, France, Engeland, Scotland, Hungary, Austria, Sweden, Danmark, Liechtenstein, Italy and Switzerland.

11. If you could explore one culture in the world and ask all the questions and not offend anybody which culture would that be?
The US culture. I know that most of my followers actually live there, but I have never been to the US and after reading all these books that take place in the US I have gotten this sort of obsession about the US.

My answers to the questions from Julie
1. What is your favourite genre to read?
See answer to questions number 3 from Orisi

2. You’ve just won a competition and the prize is any pair of shoes in the world of your choice. Describe them.

3. Which fictional character would you most like to meet and why?
I would love to meet Maya from The Darkness Rising series, because I think she is an awesome character and I would love to her in her cougar form. Or Perry or Siena from the Country series, because perry is just totally awesome and Siena is one of the best and most real characters I have read about, she has faults and makes mistakes, which makes her character feel real.

4. The zombie apocalypse is upon us. Undead beings are beating at your door, slobbering over your freshly-cleaned patio windows, and you’re barricaded into your living room. Sticking to truth, what’s the most useful item you have to help you swing your way out of this somewhat precarious situation?
O_o I think I have two fake katana’s lying around somewhere and pocket knife. or maybe I could just run to the kitchen and use one of those large knifes we have there. O wait I am barricaded in the living room, then I wouldn’t be able to get to the katana’s or pocket knife, the kitchen is connected to the living room so I hope I can still get to the kitchen knifes then. Else I have no choice buyt to trow my television to the zombies or the scrtaching post of our cat. Really I think I am pretty doomed in that scenario.

5. I’ll never understand why mashed potato is considered a signature dish for a certain chicken restaurant in the US, so if you couldn’t have both, but had to choose, which way would you swing? Chicken or mash?
Well I am a vegatarian so that choice is easy I would go for the Mashed potato. Also I love mashed potato!

6. What is your most favourite accent in the world *cough* British *cough*?
Now I have to go and admit that I have no idea, because I haven’t heard that many accents yet beside British and Scottish. Which both sound nice. But for the sake of answering this questions (and not angering Julie:p) I will gow ith British.

7. If you could visit any fictional land (created world/situation/etc) from any book of your choosing, which world/situation would choose to play witness to and why?
Really I hate questions tat make me choose between too many option.

8. Slippers or socks? No, they’re NOT the same!

9. Favourite James Bond actor? Why, what’s so special about him, then?
O_o I haven’t seen any of the James Bond movies, so I can’t answer this question.

10. Best (in your opinion) special effects for a werewolf film to date? (to the US folk out there, film = movie. 😛 )
Now I have to go and admit I don’t watch that many films or movies (did you know that the dutch word for movie/film is also film?). So again a question I can’t answer

11. And last but not least: Head into your mobile (mobile = cell phone *snicker*) scroll through your ‘favourites’ list of numbers, find the number that you dial the most … Who is it? Can I have their number? ‘Cause they must be pretty cool if you ring them all the while, right?
I actually think my phone doesn’t has a favourites list *goes to check mobile*. Nope couldn’t find it, I have an old mobile which doens’t even have internet and I actually don’t call that often with it.

11 Random facts about me
1. I love tea, but I hate coffee.
2. I am scared of so many things it’s not even funny anymore, like: dogs, orca’s, heights, elevators, airplanes and cable car lifts to name a few.
3. I absolutely hate lying or other people telling lies
4. I am a very rational person and I always try seeing things from different perspectives.
5. I love nature and one of my biggest dreams is being able to love somewhere surrounded by nature.
6. I hate crowded spaces
7. I have something weird going on with my ears, making them sensitive to sounds and in certain situations the make crackling noises like they are a defect machine. It’s really strange and the on time I went to the doctor to investigate it, they said it was something I had to learn to live with.
8. I play D&D with my friends, which is a nerdy roleplaying game and it is so much fun.
9. I am very interested in social media and have read quite a few books on the matter
10. I am a vegetarian
11. I love baking and eating cookies, but usually am too lazy to actually make them.

And now comes the part I have to nominate blogs, right? Well I have no clue which blogs to nominate, so if you want to get nominated, just drop me a comment and I add you. I think I only know of one book blog with actually less than 200 followers so at least I can nominate 1 blog ;).
1. Boekenzee

My questions for these blogs:
1. What is your favorite time of the day?
2. When/ where do you usually read?
3. What is the worst book you have ever read?
4. Which things can’t you stand in a book? (things like grammar mistakes or love at first sight)
5. Which country would you love to visit one day?
6. What is your biggest fear?
7. What hobbies do have, except for reading?
8. Which book character would you love to meet?
9.The zombie apocalypse is upon us. Undead beings are beating at your door, slobbering over your freshly-cleaned patio windows, and you’re barricaded into your living room. Sticking to truth, what’s the most useful item you have to help you swing your way out of this somewhat precarious situation?
10. Tea or Coffee?
11. What is your favourite dessert?

Okay so that’s it for this post. I hope you all got to know a whole lot more about me 🙂


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