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Today is my stop during the blog tour for Dreams in her Head by Clare Marshall. I’ll share my review of Dreams in her Head with you today. You can read my review of Stars in her Eyes (Sparkstone #1) here.

dreamsinherhead_01_600pxDreams in her Head (Sparkstone #2)
by Clare Marshall

Open the door.
Step quickly, step through.
Breathe in the darkness,
Until you are its master.

Ingrid Stanley is in more trouble than she knows. Ingrid’s dead friend keeps showing up in her dreams along with mysterious visions that feel all-too real. What’s worse is now the Collective knows that Ingrid is supposed to have superpowers. They’re waiting to pounce the moment Ingrid and her new superpower-wielding friends make a mistake.

When her family is threatened by Professor Jadore, Ingrid decides it’s time to take matters into her own hands. A little student protest can’t go wrong, she thinks. Not when her almost-boyfriend Ethan is fully supporting it. Not when her friends put an innocent student’s life in danger to make it successful.

Not when a powerful alien is waiting for Ingrid to inadvertently summon him into this world.

Everything’s going to be fine. Absolutely no one will get hurt this time.


Wrong, and wrong again.

My Review:
I received a copy in exchange for an honest review

After finishing the first book in this series I started the second book. In my opinion the second book is much better, there is less confusion and because the world is already established in the first book there is less world building that doesn’t make sense to annoy me. The focus is still on the story and I have to say I liked the story more then in book 1.

Dreams in her Head starts a few days after Stars in her Eyes ended. Ingrid is having weird dreams and it’s obvious these are about what’s going to happen at the end of the book. There is a bit more mystery in this book. The pace is still fast, but slower and more manageable then in the first book. I liked the direction the story took and I especially liked all the mystery surrounding this Campbell guy and how nobody seem to actually know him and on who’s side he is.

I started to like the characters a bit more in this book and there is more interaction and some drama going on between them all, which added something to the book. Although I still didn’t really like the romance between Ingrid and Ethan, there is a sweet scene with the two of them and I started to like him a bit more. There is also a scene with Misty that explains a bit of her behavior, although would’ve liked to learn more about now there’s hinted at her past. In this book we learn a bit more about each character and I was better able to form an image of their personality.

I am stil not a fan of the world building in this series, but this book focussed more on the Aliens and the mystery and I did like that. I thought the world building in book 1 didn’t make sense at times and left a lot of open questions, that’s still the case here, but the focus seems to be less on the world and the questions are more in the form of mystery in this book. So all in all I like dhow the author handled the world building in this book.

To conclude: Dreams in her Head was an enjoyable fast paced read. I liked it a lot more then the first book and am actually curious about how this series will continue in book 3.


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