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blog ahead

It’s the end of November already! This month I participated in Blog Ahead, my goal was to end with 5 more scheduled posts then I started with. I started with 15 scheduled posts, so I had to end with at least 20 scheduled posts. I did meet my goal! At the moment I have 30 scheduled posts and during this month I managed to get 25 posts written for December! I decided to make sure to end with 5 more posts scheduled as I was afraid I woudln’t be able to end with 30 posts more, but all in all I think I did well and I definitely surprised myself!

Posts I scheduled this month for december or later

  • Book Blitz: Click Date Repeat by K.J. Farnham – 1 December
  • Book Blitz: Slip by David Estes – 1 December
  • Review: Judgment (Debt Collector #16) by Susan Kaye Quinn – 2 December
  • Blog Tour: The Girl in Between by Laekan Zea Kemp – 3 December
  • Blog Tour: A League of Her Own by Karen Rock – 5 December
  • My To-Be Read List #4: Poll – December 6
  • Book Blitz: Inspired by Night by L.E. May – December 9
  • Review: Camp Forget-Me-Not (Camp Boyfriend #3) by JK Rock – December 10
  • My To-Be Read List #4: Chosen Book – December 13 (still need to make some changes to this post based on which book will win)
  • Blog Tour: Wearing the Cape by Marion G Harmon – December 15 (still need to add an excerpt)
  • Read Play Blog #5 – December 16 (still need to add recomendation and currently playing part)
  • Coyer Winter: Goal post – December 19
  • Review: The Aether Sea by Edward Turner – December 20
  • The Twelve Days of Christmas – December 26
  • Lola’s Ramblings: Best Books I read in 2014 – December 31 (still have to add any 5 star book I read in the rest of this year)
  • Lola’s Ramblings: Books you hate by authors you like – January 8
  • Lola’s Kitchen: General Cooking Tips – January 9 (still need to add some tips, banner and pictures)
  • Lola’s Kitchen: Hot Lightning recipe – January 17
  • Lola’s Ramblings: Household Chores – January 22 (still need to add a picture)
  • Lola’s Kitchen: Risotto Recipe – January 24
  • Lola’s Ramblings: Commenting Back – January 29
  • Lola’s Kitchen: Green Curry Recipe – January 30
  • Lola’s Kitchen: Peanut Pasta Recipe – February 6
  • Lola’s Kitchen: Chocolate Snickerdoodles Recipe – February 13
  • Lola’s Kitchen: Creamy Spinach Dal Recipe – February 20


6 responses to “Blog Ahead: Recap Post

    • Thank you for hosting this awesome challenge, it feels nice to be ahead! And I can’t believe I actually have posts scheduled for february already!

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